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  1. Oof. I mean, at least there's some news, but as a Switch owner who also has a ps4, this isn't the news I wanted to hear. I haven't even gotten a contact email for my physical items yet (tshirt, poster, etc) and now I find put I'm probably waiting at least another 6 months to play it... It beats hearing no news at all, though.
  2. I've been waiting since I first pledged for VIP status in the kickstarter. I intend to get it for both Switch and Ps4, since it will allow the use of the same save data. I'm just unsure how long the wait will be.
  3. I've been wondering the same thing (I pledgedat the same tier), but I believe the physical rewards will ship when the Switch version releases, or so I hope.
  4. Yup. I've said the same myself. DD2 was not a perfect game, but it had a few moments. I also miss a few of the defenses. Some were horrid, I'll never miss Weapon Manufacturers. But poison dart towers, earthshatters, sky guards, elemental chaos (those were in the vanilla version, I'll never not be salty they were axed), and a bunch of others. I don't get why we couldn't get the best of both. Instead it looks like a shift towards the exact same meta we had for dd1.
  5. I can get behind that. Permanent daily gifts. It's basically a part of the game now. Also yes, please, ditch the stupid candy weapons. I used to save any legendary ones I got, now I scrap even those ones. And yes, lack of replay value for those not resetting or those who have already done things like finish Mastery is one of the main reasons so much content is basically dead for late game players. Mastery sits there, unplayed and unloved. And low level Onslaught floors have almost no draw for us high level players, as we are guaranteed reduced rewards.
  6. Yeah, can't honestly say I'm expecting any further updates, either. I know they said they weren't done with it, but they also said christmas wouldn't extend all the way to April yet I just collected a nice, festive August christmas present.
  7. I'm all for skipping it. Tower buffs in general being a meta requirement just doesn't do it for me. DD1 was a great game, and I'm glad I had the chance to play it, but man, once you hit that late game content, you had to build just such a way. This is why I was so disappointed that none of DD2's positive changes made the cut. That game was far from perfect, as anyone who has played it knows, but there were still positive aspects in there. I went into this thinking we'dget the best of both worlds, but with things as they are progressing now, it looks like we're being pushed into the same meta as DD1. I'd rather a new and unique defense than just another absolute requirement for progression, but it looms like that's where the game is headed.
  8. I just want the game to come out at all, lol. DD2 just isn't as fun anymore.
  9. EV will most likely be on all platforms. The devs have made no indication that the console versions won't have all content, at least not yet. We just have to wait indefinitely for the console version.
  10. I was hoping they'd have brought more of DD2's positive influences into the game. Sure, DD2 has flaws. Big ones. But it had a lot of cool ideas and improvements, too. The Huntress's Poison Dart Tower (I will forever miss those, and was extremely sad when I learned they didn't make the DDA cut), Weapon Manufacturers (an amazing idea, but balanced in such a way that the original intended weapon was obsolete. If it could be balanced to either use the weapon itself, such as in the form of a manufactured turret that fires it, or to have the weapon be worth picking up, it would be a fun and unique defense that would be super fun to play with), Earthshatter Towers, Sky Guards, and a bunch of other awesome defenses that would have been great mixed in with some of DD1's defenses. Instead, everything seems to just be a carbon copy of their DD1 versions, which just doesn't feel satisfying. Why bring back the same meta that people had already mastered? This was an opportunity for a new meta, a new balance... but alas.
  11. I feel ya. I was looking forward to being able to sync my Switch and PS4 profiles so I could play DDA on the go and at home using the same data. The radio silence was the worst part. The delay is annoying, but honestly understandable (considering Nintendo's demanding policies regarding third parties, AND the fact that COVID has caused just about everything to slow down), it's the lack of any sort of mention that was most concerning of all. I just want some tidbit so that I can keep being hopeful until the day comes I can finally play.
  12. Thanks! That's literally all I wanted. Just an "it's still happening". I started to have concerns when I saw new characters and such being added before I and others even had a chance to touch the base game. It helps a lot just to hear a dev say "we haven't forgotten", and that's all I was asking for, for now.
  13. Is there anything to speak of? We're approaching a year from the initial promised release date, and I haven't heard a peep about it since April. I was extremely excited for that version, and it's the reason I backed the game. Even went the extra mile and pledged enough cash for VIP status. But today I got an email talking about a new patch, and I read through the whole thing. I saw new content, even a glimpse of Captain Dreadbones, which actually looks pretty sweet. But then, not so much as a whisper of console support. I had a lot of faith in this title, but I haven't seen anything alluding to the Switch or ps4 releases in months. I want to stay positive, but it is becoming difficult to do so. I dropped a lot of money on that kickstarter and now it feels like us console players are being ghosted. For over a year how I haven't had any rewards other than some cool gold skins on DD2. I have some physical rewards, too, but those havent been shipped yet since again, no word of release date. Even just a blurb saying "don't worry, we haven't forgotten, but we're still working on it!" would be lovely. Maybe an email to us backers giving a progress report of some sort. Is it almost ready? Did you hit a roadblock? Do you have an actual progress report? Please. Something, anything, so that I know my faith and my money weren't misplaced. And don't underestimate the value of an email sent to backers with similar concerns. A lot of us would feel extremely relueved to know we weren't forgotten. We don't need constant updates, but maybe a monthly email about the current status of that release would be nice. We've been watching people playing DDA for months now wondering when we'll finally get a chance to get our hands on it. Please, don't keep us in the dark.
  14. Yeah, that's about my experience on it, too. I made a DPS EV2 specifically for that purpose about a year ago, and was mortified when I discovered that it doesn't have an effect on siege rollers. About the only use for that particular character now is killing bosses that are stuck way back in the spawn, because charged shots ignore terrain and the spawn forcefield.
  15. Unfortunately I have never heard news of this being changed or reversed. What *should* happen is that a reroll upgrade should be accepted automatically, but I suppose this is a way to prevent the use of macros to get 10/10 servos of any variety. Unfortunately, clicking past your 10/10 mod reroll won't get reversed by the devs. I totally feel your pain on it, because I've done it once, myself. Just make sure to take a second after each reroll that you're not clicking the button on reflex. I once rolled past a 10/10 Frostfire Remnants for that reason.
  16. That's exactly it. It's at its worst when they roll with Headstrong, so you can't even knock them off. It can be brutal if that happens somewhere important, like Drakenfrost Keep.
  17. That is actually brilliant. I'd say you would have to be standing pretty close to the dummy in order for it not to be super imbalanced, though.
  18. Yeah, they were not well implemented. I have never considered them to be a positive addition to the game. I have learned to tolerate their presence, but as an actual game mechanic they are awful. Literally the only way to be immune is to use a specific ability on the Barbarian, every other character has to tolerate their constant stabbing. And to make matter worse, on higher floors, this means you're going to get killed almost every time, because they usually get one good stab in before your defenses knock them off you. Sparkle Party can knock that first one off you, but if there are more waiting in the sidelines... let's also not forget that Shackled only works on the first attack, and also only has a *chance* to work. The fact that assassins won't be there in the endgame (or as close as we have to an endgame on release), at least at first, is one of the things I most look forward to in DDA.
  19. This one was disappointingly easy. I build primarily using Earthshatters, and even though they can't target the Eye of Cthulhu, there was still nothing of note when it comes to difficulty. It was not satisfying. Felt like it should have been in an earlier stage of Primes.
  20. Before you read: I am a ps4 player, and as such I do not know how bad the lag is on the pc version. What I do know is that it's an absolute nightmare on ps4. Heyo. I waited until I had beaten all 6 to say anything. Please be aware before you continue reading that I am not looking to have any actual difficulty removed from any of the missions. I do not want easier Primes. I would like to get that out of the way. Most of my suggestions are to help combat Etheria's greatest foe: lag. Anyway, here's what I think should be done. Just a few minor tweaks, nothing that should require a redesign. I know you guys are working on DDA, and probably won't be doing any redesigning. It's not really until Prime V that I suggest anything substantial, anyway. I'll approach this on a case by case basis: Prime 1: All 3 Incursions are in a good place when it comes to playability. My only suggestion might be to make Griblock's Horde a little harder. It's not much of a jump over c7, and those weapons are an awfully good reward for such an easy map. Prime 2: Same here. Nothing to complain about. This one is nice due to the super powerful bosses in Forest Poachers serving as a wall to players who have been coasting by on weak towers. Having 6 bosses with 700m health spawn at once requires actual planning and tower synergy. Prime 3: Malthius is fine, but in Power Surge the tower buff doesn't seem quite as hefty as it used to. This map always seems to end with trees everywhere, and everyone just using DPS. I might suggest making the surge tower stat buff a little more powerful, but honestly wouldn't be too chuffed otherwise. Prime IV: nothing of note, except that I actually feel Bastille Master's time limit is too high. There's not really a sense of urgency. Even taking my time to build, carrying 3 people, there's usually 8-10 minutes left on the timer. Maybe knock 5 minutes off the limit, and perhaps cause the build phase timer to start automatically in case you end up stuck with AFK leeches. Prime V: Revenge of the Yeti was fine. Maybe a bit on the easy side, to be honest. Maybe knock a few little guys pff the roster and have a few more Frost Orcs spawn. As for Altar, I despised this one, due to my love of Earthshatter towers, and the fact they built every last one of the other incursions with little issue. But that isn't anything that needs a rebalance, that's just Thorg being stubborn and not wanting to use reflects and protons. Physically destroyable towers don't fare so well there. I managed with an explosive trap build, in the end. Very underrated, those are. But the Incursion itself is fine as is, except I might suggest spawning less of the tiny enemies and more of the larger ones like lady orcs to help with the lag. Anyway, I digress. This next one is where I believe the most urgent attention is needed. The lag caused by the sheer number of enemies in Spectral Assault is game breaking. This culminated in a horrible match with The Amazing Reviving Ogre. The incredible lag in the final wave was so intense that not only was an entire lane able to waltz past my defenses completely unharmed, but an Ogre among them was killed by myself and the good gentleman who ran that incursion with me not once, but twice. I'm talking visible, on screen death. The ogre then, after a small lagspike, spawned in front of the crystal and immediately destroyed it, with a completely full health bar. As I said, Etheria's greatest nemesis is not The Old Ones, but the very concept of lag. Only after several tries were my friends and I able to overcome this lag. My suggestion to fix this is quite simple: pull out the cannon fodder. The issue in that map is that there is simply so much going on at once. 8-10 bosses a wave, hordes of tiny enemies, giant floating specters, etc. I suggest adjusting the lane schedules to not include small, cannon fodder enemies like goblins and kobolds, and instead add a smaller number of stronger enemies. 4 lady orcs are a bigger threat than, say, 30 kobolds any day, and would produce significantly less lag. If I'm going to lose, I want it to be because I screwed up on tower placement or accidentally let Tuskar run past because I wasn't paying attention. I don't want it to be because of lag so profound, the enemies didn't even register the presence of my towers. Prime VI: Let's face it, blood moon is too easy. I lost my first match because I forgot about the lane of skeletons that spawns up in the caves (hey, I hadn't played that incursion in years, gimme a break!). I'm honestly not sure how to fix it, either, because just a base level increase wouldn't solve that problem. Maybe a few frost orcs in the mix? Honestly, idk how to fix it without a redesign, and as I mentioned, I'm not expecting one. As for Betsy, I actually enjoyed this Incursion, with the sole exception of the sheer number of assassins that spawn in that final wave. There are enough assassins in that last stretch to cause lagspikes (they're one of the worst offenders of causing lag, I find) and prevent our group from properly DPSing Betsy. I built it twice, the first time we ran with my own Starfall Dryad and 2 Nuke Monks, and poor Betsy didn't know what hit her. But the second time, I built for a random lobby, and neither of the other two had proper dps, so once those assassins spawned, we had to wait until my massive pile of skyguards finished her off, which took some time, because we were all too busy screaming "bad touch!" while getting dogpiled by assassins. This problem could be fixed by giving us just a few more seconds (how about 30 instead of 10?) to readjust our defenses to account for the massive lane shift Betsy causes in the final wave, or by lowering the number of assassins that can spawn at once. Anyway, that's all. Again, not looking to have any actual difficulty removed, just a few tweaks to make it more playable.
  21. I could understand wanting a carry for a few floors, but really, ArchaicLotus makes a great point. Floor 36 is still at the point in which the game is easy. You can push all the way to floor 100 without paying much attention to mods, even. Slap defense rate/destruction/deadly strikes on a few auras, maybe a PDT, Earthshatter, WM, etc, throw on a few appropriate 2/10 mods (placeholders till you get the good stuff), and you'll find yourself being able to push to around floor 100 without too much difficulty. Its not until past that point that perfect mods and such start to become important. As an almost entirely self taught builder, I can confirm it's possible from personal experience.
  22. I took a look at your screenshot, I can confirm your complaint. Ive had those exact players do the same to me. Got kicked out of my own lobby by them, when I was farming the demon lord prime incursion, twice. I figured I'd leave it on public for the extra loot (I can solo the map easily, so even if people don't have much to contribute, it makes no difference) and they booted me once on the final stage, and again a short time later during the build phase. This is why i have always held a strong belief that kicking privileges should be solely left to the host, and that you should not be able to kick past the third wave (right around when it stops people from joining).
  23. I think it's because his answer was too definite. He basically said that there was for sure more end game content coming, but I think DD2's fate is much less certain. At least we know that the devs *want* there to be more content.
  24. That's why you deal in coins only if you don't know the person. Don't have to worry about them taking off with your loot.
  25. Yeah, I'd love to do away with the need for trees, she just doesn't work because of that. Which is a shame, because Bees and Nimbus could still be usable were it not for the mandatory 20 DU required to also place trees. It also makes her unusable for most of Mastery. At 30 and 60 du respectively, they would be fine, but that extra 20 makes them too expensive. THAT would be the ideal way to fix the Dryad's towers, imo. The only thing the trees themselves are good for at the moment is slowing down enemies in prime power surge. Also, there was a short time during Nightmare when Lavamancer WAS the best character. Originally, volcanoes had significantly higher DPS than most other towers, and by putting 4 in your hero deck, dropping them in the middle of a map, putting up a couple fissures, and spamming eruption, you could annihilate any map even faster than pre-nerf PDTs. They wouldnt even make it out of the spawn gates. Also a short time during early protean, before they made fissures function as a proper aura, they could be stacked almost on top of each other and couldn't be stunned. They were broken as hell for a bit.
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