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  1. I could understand wanting a carry for a few floors, but really, ArchaicLotus makes a great point. Floor 36 is still at the point in which the game is easy. You can push all the way to floor 100 without paying much attention to mods, even. Slap defense rate/destruction/deadly strikes on a few auras, maybe a PDT, Earthshatter, WM, etc, throw on a few appropriate 2/10 mods (placeholders till you get the good stuff), and you'll find yourself being able to push to around floor 100 without too much difficulty. Its not until past that point that perfect mods and such start to become important. As an almost entirely self taught builder, I can confirm it's possible from personal experience.
  2. I took a look at your screenshot, I can confirm your complaint. Ive had those exact players do the same to me. Got kicked out of my own lobby by them, when I was farming the demon lord prime incursion, twice. I figured I'd leave it on public for the extra loot (I can solo the map easily, so even if people don't have much to contribute, it makes no difference) and they booted me once on the final stage, and again a short time later during the build phase. This is why i have always held a strong belief that kicking privileges should be solely left to the host, and that you should not be able to kick past the third wave (right around when it stops people from joining).
  3. Hard to say if anything will come of it. Nintendo is pretty strict, though, so it's hard to say if they'll allow it or not. And if Nintendo won't allow it, then the cross saves and potential future cross play may be an obstacle to official mods. That won't stop people from modding, of course, but I wouldn't get my hopes up for official mod support.
  4. While I like the idea that Pure Strategy is back, I also feel I must echo that the drops should be lesser than those of other modes. Pure Strategy is basically for little more than testing out builds and going AFK. I think the rewards *SHOULD* be less than other game modes. The mode that most encourages not actually being present during gameplay is the mode that should offer the most stunted rewards. If the rewards were worth grinding for endgame players, then AFK would become the new method of play, and I just can't get behind that. DD2 already has a problem with a lot of the "top tier" players using macros to grind. Having good rewards in pure strategy would just exacerbate the issue.
  5. Perhaps you could get in touch with some of the people who purchased kickstarter bundles with multiple codes and work something out with them? I can't think of much else without biting the bullet and buying the early bird pack, now that the kickstarter is long since ended.
  6. I think it's because his answer was too definite. He basically said that there was for sure more end game content coming, but I think DD2's fate is much less certain. At least we know that the devs *want* there to be more content.
  7. That's why you deal in coins only if you don't know the person. Don't have to worry about them taking off with your loot.
  8. Yeah, I'd love to do away with the need for trees, she just doesn't work because of that. Which is a shame, because Bees and Nimbus could still be usable were it not for the mandatory 20 DU required to also place trees. It also makes her unusable for most of Mastery. At 30 and 60 du respectively, they would be fine, but that extra 20 makes them too expensive. THAT would be the ideal way to fix the Dryad's towers, imo. The only thing the trees themselves are good for at the moment is slowing down enemies in prime power surge. Also, there was a short time during Nightmare when Lavamancer WAS the best character. Originally, volcanoes had significantly higher DPS than most other towers, and by putting 4 in your hero deck, dropping them in the middle of a map, putting up a couple fissures, and spamming eruption, you could annihilate any map even faster than pre-nerf PDTs. They wouldnt even make it out of the spawn gates. Also a short time during early protean, before they made fissures function as a proper aura, they could be stacked almost on top of each other and couldn't be stunned. They were broken as hell for a bit.
  9. When you mentioned them becoming an aura with a minimum distance thing, I assumed you meant they would lose the ridiculously high range they currently boast, which would require trees being placed much closer than normal. But if you're implying that they should keep their absurd range while still being an aura, then even with a damage cut, they could resume the domination of the meta that they had for quite some time. All a player would have to do is not equip any range boosting abilities, place a crapton of them, and then equip all the appropriate range boosting gear after they've been placed. That same trick can already be used to stack more auras or WMs than should normally be possible. I like that they're a unique tower, and I don't even mind the 3-bees-per-target rule they currently observe. I think fixing them as opposed to repurposing them is the way to go. They're still great at single target DPS, anyway.
  10. I disagree. While I STILL haven't gotten the rifle I want, I don't think the drop rate being increased is the answer. These weapons are something that would normally cost 6 c8 amps, 250 gold ingots, 600 pristine motes, and 9.5m coins to upgrade to from chaos 7. I am perfectly fine with them being difficult to obtain.
  11. That would remove any viability they have remaining, though, since in high floors, the trees would have to be placed closer to the enemy spawns, and towers die if a kobold so kuch as sneezes once you start getting up there. They're still viable as is in the low hundreds, changing them to an aura would make them virtually unusable beyond chaos 7.
  12. That explains why it wasn't present on ps3. I don't recall the ps3 version ever getting any DLC characters.
  13. Oh, if you want one just for the hell of it, you can take it. I don't need an amp or anything. However, this is assuming you're on ps4, because if not, I can't help you. If you're on ps4, I have the same username as here. Just mention the dd2 forums so I know it's not some rando adding me,
  14. I'd be happy to, if only they didn't revert back to c7 upon being traded.
  15. Yeah, the c8 weapons are only from reward chests. Seems to be about a 1/6 chance to get one. And with 4 different weapons, thats about 1 of the one you actually want in 24 runs. Heaven forbid it has a bad shot type or secondary stat. The ones like the rifles and bows are fine since theyre locked to a specific projectile type, but the monk and mystic weapons can be super annoying since they can have any number of randomizes shot types. And yeah, the burnout is real. Barely a reason to play them once you've gotten the weapons and hyper shards, too. It makes it seem like as soon as the incursions are over, itl be back to Onslaught as usual. I'll admit I'm still excited to fight a version of Betsy and the Eye of Cthulhu that will actually provide a challenge, though.
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