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  1. I'm not a fan of straight up genderswaps, I'd rather see an entirely new character. How about an Amazon that wields two handed spears?
  2. I haven't gotten mine yet, but I'm assuming they're sending out emails one tier at a time. I'd guess everyone will get an email within a relatively short time.
  3. Sadly, no. Just keep count. But don't let your guard down, either, as 10/10 rerolls seem to occur in about 1/150-200 rerolls. You won't always have to wait all the way until #286, and it's very easy to accidentally click past it. At the moment, I'm at exactly 217 rerolls, so im guaranteed a 10/10 within my next 79 rerolls.
  4. I'd be happy with most of that. I'd also like it if an auto sell mechanic was implemented for the loot you don't autocollect that is left on the ground during a match. An auto sell mechanic in the inventory would be nice, but also not having to deal with leftover drops and them being taken care of automatically would be beautiful.
  5. If I'm in a rush, a quick stir fry is my go to. Soba noodles only take a few seconds to make, since they tend to come pre cooked. Toss some veggies in a pan (a quick stir fry doesn't need meat, but if you have it handy, add that, too), add some garlic and ginger (I keep the paste handy, it comes in little tubes that last for ages), heat your noodles, add them in when the veggies are mostly cooked, add sauce, cook for a minute or so, and boom, 5 minutes of work for a decent meal. You can customize the sauce based on your mood, too, so it's different every time. Want something sweet? Use Teriyaki. Want spicy? Use Sriracha. Want something plain but still tasty? Just use soy sauce.
  6. The material exchange was never intended to eliminate the grind and cash drain. It was meant to reduce it. And that job has been done remarkably well. I'm afraid I simply can't agree with you. This is a massive improvement over what we had before. Would you rather still be paying absurd amounts for plain motes? I recommend rolling with only one tower upgraded each reset, and a few others equipped with random drops. I was able to hit 20 AP pretty easily using only PDTs, and this was months ago. It would be even easier now if you just throw a random relic on your Earthshatters and petrify the heck out of everything.
  7. Yes, at least in my own experience, the pity timer still functions if you start rerolling a different mod. I had this happen a while back when I was farming rerolls. I got the mod I was initially trying to reroll as a drop, and when I switched to a new mod, the pity timer still activated at a total of exactly 286 reroll tokens used.
  8. Non useless vendors? I can get behind that.
  9. You may not have been active, but next time scroll down. Even on the first page, as I type this, I see three other threads on the topic. Now, as has been said, they are working to get the codes out as soon as they are able. It'll probably still be a while. Bear in kind they have other 10000 backers with a variety of different pledge tiers, each of whom is going to need a seperate email based on their tier. The code reward will likely be out within another month (possibly a tiny bit longer) and the physical items such as t-shirts will probably be given out closer to the release of DDA itself. Have patience, young padawan.
  10. Not getting a 5 is just bad luck. Keep at it, or maybe test the waters with some rerolls (5/10 is pretty common). Though I do feel the need to ask, why Drain Aura? It's not "meta" at all. It's about as far from the meta as you can get. It does low preset damage once per second, which cannot in any way make up for the loss of DP boost from using a better mod. I can at least keep an eye out for a 5 on your behalf, though that is dependent on which platform you play on.
  11. Disagree. The host of a match should always have the option of kicking. There are times that people can abuse the privilege, but it is far outweighed by people having the ability to kick leeches, AFKers, or folks with severely underleveled gear who insist on dropping towers. That being said, DD2 currently uses a vote kicking system, the option to trigger that shouldn't even pop up in two player, and if it does, that's a sign they should remove vote kicking and just use normal host priviliges. But, as I mentioned, the final say in kicking should always belong to the host.
  12. Uh, what? What about none of them? I was merely agreeing with Jaws_420 that I'd like to see ALL of the DD2 characters make it to DDA. I never implied anyone said none of them, either.
  13. As much as the idea would be handy, I think it brings more bad than good. Especially due to it easily enabling the use of bots and/or AFK farming. Such levels of detachment would make it very difficult to keep players engaged in the game, since it would minimize the actual human input required to play. I would rather that drop rates or other resource grinding was adjusted to eliminate the need for afk farming, rather than the ease of afk farming being increased.
  14. I second this notion. The more characters, the better. I love having lots of options.
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