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  1. That's all we wanted to know. We didn't need the specific details. Thanks for saying as much, though it would have been nicer to hear that earlier, as soon as it the decision was made. My problem was that I learned about the exclusivity from IGN before I even got an update email. Y'all need to keep us posted more.
  2. The delay isn't a big deal to me, but I recoiled a bit at the whole timed exclusive thing. I'm not about to demand a refund, but I do feel slighted, more because I had to find out from outside sources like IGN, and then from Chromatic Games almost as an afterthought. I'd really like it if the dev team here was just a bit more open with us.
  3. There's a section on the forums for asking questions like that, titled "players helping players", but yes, 1.8m is far too much. A stack of c7 amps is about 500k at most.
  4. Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but I believe this was mentioned in one of their update posts during the kickstarter.
  5. My main problem with such features is that it openly discourages playing with others in regards to loot farming because you'll suddenly be getting less loot due to the fact you've now got to share it. I would prefer a method of loot scaling that encourages actually playing with other people as opposed to multiple controllers on the same account. Especially since DDA's loot will be instanced, and you don't have to worry about whoever happens to be closest to the drop site ganking that one great item.
  6. Just go into the title list and hit x over the title you want to have equipped. Works fine for me, and I'm also a ps4 player.
  7. The issue with frost lanes is Frost Orcs and their frost debuff to nearby towers. I tend to deal with those lines by dropping PDTs, Fissures, and Ramsters. Ramsters don't upgrade well, but they have the advantage of being able to crowd control an antire frost lane without ever entering the frost debuff radius. I run anti frost/anti orc (I'll switch with melee once I get a good one)/lingering hellfire. Since hellfire now attunes ramsters to fire for that sweet double damage to frost enemies, it's actually worth using.
  8. Nothing wrong with power levelling people. It doesn't break any rules, unless you're trading actual money. I let people tag along with me all the time for that reason. I get extra rewards for having others around, why not let them get in on it?
  9. I tend to use US east or even EU servers on occasion due to lag issues on US West, but I haven't seen a problem quite to that extent. Did it just start doing that recently?
  10. You're going to have to be more specific. I'm a ps4 player, myself, and I've encountered some minor problems, sure, but the game plays just fine for the most part. It's far from unplayable. If you're having an otherwise unknown or at least uncommon issue, I think actually specifying what that issue is might go a long ways towards getting your problem fixed.
  11. Yeah, I'm always for more customization options. I really do miss the interchangeable crystals.
  12. Yeah, I'd love to see an ascension rework. I don't even really have a problem with shortening the grind at this point, either, considering DD2 is pretty late into its lifespan. Another one I'd like to see dealt with would be the wasted points. The only character who won't start losing every third ascension point within a few hundred ascension levels is the Barbarian, as it is now. Seeing a big chunk of points just collecting dust like that bothers me.
  13. Yup, got the email earlier today. Said update e ail also mentioned that there will definitely be another progress update next month. I don't remember all the details, but I was too excited about seeing bumper blockades making a comeback.
  14. Hmmm... if you're going to terrorize the mortal realm on behalf of a bunch of imprisoned elder gods, might as well look good doing it.
  15. That seems like an issue to contact Chromatic about directly, since those hero skins were awarded only to backers who paid a lot of money. My gold skins worked just fine, but I didn't have the cash to pledge enough for crystalline. You sure it's not a typo when entering your codes?
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