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  1. The worst thing I've noticed about these crashes is that, while they always seem to occur in the last few waves of Massacre/Survival/Rifted/Hardcore, the crash doesn't appear to have anything to do with enemy activity. I've had a good half dozen crashes at that point, but half of them have been during build phases when I'm upgrading or repairing defenses.
  2. Yes, as was mentioned in the comment above, the difficulty just needs to be as high as it can go. Your map needs to be Hardcore/Rifted for the highest odds, and set to the difficulty of Lycan King. There is no bonus wave for the Keep because the keep already IS set to the Lycan King, but as a result, offers the same loot scaling as any Lycan King bonus wave on the boss wave.
  3. This is a visual bug that only effects the displayed xp. If you've actually earned enough to gain a level, you still will. The issue is that, at higher levels, you need to ramp up the difficulty, do act 3-4 maps, and add hardcore/rifted mode onto your maps, or you're not going to gain enough xp in order to level up. But the xp you earn is still granted to you. I had that same problem when I was trying to level my characters, too, where I thought I wasn't gaining xp. It turned out I was, I just had to keep grinding. This problem is especially bad when you're about level 78-83, sin
  4. Hero stats are now tied to weapons, offhands, and pets. As for pets, they've all (even the melee ones) been given a huge range increase. Tower stats are tied to armor and accessories.
  5. They literally explained that your flag is due to having hacked heroes. It sounds like you're mistaken and you did, in fact, use it to cheat. If you insist on using a cheat program, you shouldn't even have it loaded onto the same system you're using to play online, anyway.
  6. Can confirm, I was trying to farm for a good pair of fused guard gloves in the ancient mine, and it popped a primitive helm with a 105 requirement. I was alone, and although I had it set for a Lycan King bonus wave, it popped just from completing wave 25.
  7. That little cutscene bit is exactly what I was thinking about, actually. And the little dialogue bubbles from the heroes during the build phase would be nice, too. It could offer hints on how to build against them. It would really make a difference, since for some reason you still cant message other players on the Switch (Nintendo needs to work on that...).
  8. Yeah, the hordes of low tier monsters can be especially dangerous in mixed mode, when you get the little skeletons that keep reviving when low tier monsters are killed.
  9. Same. Beaming blooms render fireball towers situational, the only tower from the Apprentice I still use regularly is the Deadly Striker, and even then, only in huge maps like The Summit. I've tried to learn to avoid using Wisps whenever possible for that reason. They cost 4 DU but defend like an 8 DU tower.
  10. Advance warning, before any comments, I AM LATE TO THE PARTY. I backed the Switch version, and therefore did not get to try it out until that version finally came out. Some points may be relevant in other versions, too, though I'm unsure how buggy the other versions of the game are in comparison. Anyway, before I made any suggestions or comments, I wanted to really get a chance to enjoy and try out the bulk of the game, and get to, or at least close to, the endgame content. I've gotten every character to at least level 97-98, have beaten all the Campaign maps on Massacre mode, and have dabbled
  11. Wow, that's a pretty big, meaty update. Gonnna give it a try after work today.
  12. Oof. I mean, at least there's some news, but as a Switch owner who also has a ps4, this isn't the news I wanted to hear. I haven't even gotten a contact email for my physical items yet (tshirt, poster, etc) and now I find put I'm probably waiting at least another 6 months to play it... It beats hearing no news at all, though.
  13. I've been waiting since I first pledged for VIP status in the kickstarter. I intend to get it for both Switch and Ps4, since it will allow the use of the same save data. I'm just unsure how long the wait will be.
  14. I've been wondering the same thing (I pledgedat the same tier), but I believe the physical rewards will ship when the Switch version releases, or so I hope.
  15. Yup. I've said the same myself. DD2 was not a perfect game, but it had a few moments. I also miss a few of the defenses. Some were horrid, I'll never miss Weapon Manufacturers. But poison dart towers, earthshatters, sky guards, elemental chaos (those were in the vanilla version, I'll never not be salty they were axed), and a bunch of others. I don't get why we couldn't get the best of both. Instead it looks like a shift towards the exact same meta we had for dd1.
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