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  1. Non useless vendors? I can get behind that.
  2. You may not have been active, but next time scroll down. Even on the first page, as I type this, I see three other threads on the topic. Now, as has been said, they are working to get the codes out as soon as they are able. It'll probably still be a while. Bear in kind they have other 10000 backers with a variety of different pledge tiers, each of whom is going to need a seperate email based on their tier. The code reward will likely be out within another month (possibly a tiny bit longer) and the physical items such as t-shirts will probably be given out closer to the release of DDA itself. Have patience, young padawan.
  3. Not getting a 5 is just bad luck. Keep at it, or maybe test the waters with some rerolls (5/10 is pretty common). Though I do feel the need to ask, why Drain Aura? It's not "meta" at all. It's about as far from the meta as you can get. It does low preset damage once per second, which cannot in any way make up for the loss of DP boost from using a better mod. I can at least keep an eye out for a 5 on your behalf, though that is dependent on which platform you play on.
  4. Disagree. The host of a match should always have the option of kicking. There are times that people can abuse the privilege, but it is far outweighed by people having the ability to kick leeches, AFKers, or folks with severely underleveled gear who insist on dropping towers. That being said, DD2 currently uses a vote kicking system, the option to trigger that shouldn't even pop up in two player, and if it does, that's a sign they should remove vote kicking and just use normal host priviliges. But, as I mentioned, the final say in kicking should always belong to the host.
  5. Uh, what? What about none of them? I was merely agreeing with Jaws_420 that I'd like to see ALL of the DD2 characters make it to DDA. I never implied anyone said none of them, either.
  6. As much as the idea would be handy, I think it brings more bad than good. Especially due to it easily enabling the use of bots and/or AFK farming. Such levels of detachment would make it very difficult to keep players engaged in the game, since it would minimize the actual human input required to play. I would rather that drop rates or other resource grinding was adjusted to eliminate the need for afk farming, rather than the ease of afk farming being increased.
  7. I second this notion. The more characters, the better. I love having lots of options.
  8. I assumed they were going to be delivered by carrier pigeon.
  9. Super bummed to find out that poison DOT is currently not working (and as a result, the petrify elemental combo), nor are crafting materials currently tradeable.
  10. For reference, this is on ps4. Some bugs may not apply to the pc or upcoming xbox versions. With that in mind: There are two crucial gameplay issues as of right now. I may add more if I encounter them, but the rest of the game does seem to be functioning as intended, for now. First, for whatever reason, crafting materials such as c7 ampoules and shiny ruby clusters are not currently tradeable. The item itself greys out, in much the same way as a shard, upon entering the shop edit screen. It cannot be selected as an item to be traded. Trading resources is a crucial means for progression for those who want to continuously push the endgame content, and is a healthy way for money to circulate from player to player. Poison damage over time abilities aren't merely bugged out... they're completely gone. For a player like me whose favorite tower is the PDT, this is absolutely brutal. It also completely prevents the use of the new elemental combos, which for all intents and purposes are basically not in the game right now, and it entirely kills the functionality of Poison Darts and any other defense or ability that would otherwise use or benefit from poison. These are both crucial game aspects that need to be fixed ASAP.
  11. Can't wait to try out the new elemental combo with poison. PDTs and Earthshatters are already one of my favorite combos, so now it sounds like they'll be even more useful.
  12. I wouldn't mind something like that as a risk/reward option. An increase in xp/loot as one decreeases the build cap could be highly useful, especially if that means that players will be encouraged to try new things instead of capping the DU with a ton of towers that turns the map into a boring AFK run.
  13. And the next time I opened a crate, I got an RNG miracle. One of the few rekaining skins I'd like to get (Plexus Dryad) popped out of my present today.
  14. I'd hope for something similar, too. The only reason I've got a generous stock of customization items is because I've been making sure to collect my winterfest gifts as often as possible. I'd love to be able to drop a few bucks to get the last few I'm lusting after instead of hoping for an RNG miracle.
  15. Hi. I AM a die hard DD2 player, and I completely disagree with you. I play dd2 in spite of it's flaws. If they are willing to try a new approach in a way that both the devs and most of the fans (sad to say this, but you are definitely a minority) want, then power to them. I would be perfectly fine if DD2 received no further updates after DDA's release. It's not a bad game, but it is fundamentally flawed enough that, even if a worst case scenario happens and DDA flops, I'd rather they tried another approach instead of renewing focus on DD2.
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