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  1. Hi I have the full DLC pack, and I cant join or host Aquanos (I've tried both). I do have the DLC, I cleared my cache and defragmented my files etc. Still doesnt work. Other campaign maps do work tho. Help would be appreciated.
  2. Some people are never happy, nothing we can do here.
  3. The lower tier items are visually different, look at them carefully and you'll see ;)
  4. No one is thanking them because when the fixes are done, they are all 2 busy playing the game xD. But yeah, overall in my gaming experience of 25 memorable years, I have never seen a dev put so much work into a title and listen to its community this much. Bravo!
  5. more trap HP is better, makes the gas traps last longer, reset time is needed so they cant be despawned and thats pretty much it.
  6. a LOT of stuff changed... 2 new types of items (mythical + transcendant), being able to start on any wave you beat on survival (was just added^^), new heroes, new mobs, etc.
  7. Yeah, I am 100% positive the 30% buff was added with the tower upgrade buff. I'm pretty sure it was after the first UMF got released with the first batch of super loot, but just before or when misty went live.
  8. Kinda like all the whiners going "OMG I'M A BETTER PLAYER THAN EVERYONE BECAUSE I LIKE THE CHANGE THAT MAKES EVERYTHING EASIER!" eh? Oh wait.. That's right, it only goes one way.. *eyeroll* Must suck to be so deluded and self-righteous. The funny part is that I never ininuated I was a better player, nor any of the rest of the crap you said, really. Learn to read. Easier =/= less time consuming.... People can only start on high waves if they got there before. I for one, do not agree with having to waste 2 hours JUST to get a chance at getting new items... Holding a hand would actually make
  9. It's always been this way. It's so you have to make an active decision whether you want to play with strong towers, or a DPS char. And it's to lightly encourage people not to solo, as well, I imagine. This is not true, It was added at some point, cant remember when though. It's not a 30% debuff, it's the other way around. You get a 30% bonus added when you play with your build because he contributes less to overall DPS.
  10. Or Pets should be awarded after clearing 10 waves, regardless of what wave they started on. That would fix the pet farming problem.
  11. Too bad :(. Do not worry tho, the girrafes are pretty bad xD
  12. I'm 100% sure it was 24 ogres on wave 12, 5 on wave 13 is possible tho
  13. it was 18-21-24 for waves 10-11-12 before. than it started at 6 again, gaining 1 each wave IIRC.
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