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  1. At this point it's EV2 in my opinion. But all that can change tomorrow as the patch is coming.
  2. All of them are converting to them. Every sphere.
  3. As i said with my reply to TMTrainer's reply. I said I could redo this whole thing but make it a ninja though, but there already is a ninja forum post on it sadly..I just personally want to see a stealth like character in the game, so yeah a ninja would also be suitable.
  4. I can see what you're coming from with the bear traps. but what if it scales to level and stats? Maybe having it recharge is too OP I might think of something to replace that entirely. And really bear traps don't even settle in the whole rogue idea and or ninja idea also. For the Shuriken Shooter I thought also somehow having acid damage or somehow coating the shurikens with some other type of substance like acid, but long be hold I kinda put too many things with bleeding and acid damage so that might be too much of an overkill. I'll think both through, the bear trap and the coating on the Shuriken shooter. Cloudy barricade i went too overboard thinking about it. DPS is what the hero should really only be. I could redo this whole thing but make it a ninja though, but there already is a ninja forum post on it sadly..
  5. I feel like a rogue hero would do good in DD2 just from how they play out in other MMORPG games, so I decided to make this to see how people would react if there was a rogue hero in DD2. Please leave recommendations and changes in the comments I would love to change whatever I went so wrong on. WeaponsPrimary: Daggers (light weight)Secondary: Shurikens (fast and reliable, will be like the monk's secondary attack)Both drop randomly and not needed to be farmed. AbilitiesStealth - An ability that transforms the hero into a invisible form lasting for only X amount of seconds (X can be upgraded). This also switches the abilities out for the ones in stealth. (just like dryad's corruption form which alters her powers)Shard 1 : Vanished - Upscales the amount of time Stealth is active by 10%Shard 2 : Where am I Now? - Stuns time increases by 5% and damage while in the Stealth form gradually increases every second you are in it. 2. Shuriken Toss - An ability in which the hero throws a shuriken at the foe which not only hits one enemy but if the enemies are lined up in a row it will pierce through the 1st foe and will continue on till there is no more enemies in that line. Shard 1 : Double Down - Adds in a second shuriken and which deals more damage than the first. Shard 2 : Poor As A Joke - Reduces Ability Mana cost 3. Slash - Charges towards where your cursor is and strikes 3 times and hits foes that are lined up side to side. Shard 1 : Angry Slashes - Strikes the target 5 times instead of 3, but only will happen within a 15% chanceShard 2 : Not Tired Yet - Reduces cooldown time by 5 seconds 4. Meditation - When in meditation the hero's health regenerates and displays a shield around him for 3 seconds. Shard 1 : Mastered Healing - Heals x1.5 quickerShard 2 : Inpatient- Reduces cooldown time by 5 seconds Stealth Abilities 1. Backstab - Teleports the hero behind a selected enemy (by mouse cursor location) and stabs him/her in the back causing critical damage and also stuns him/her for X amount of seconds (X can be upgraded) Shard 1 : Rupture -Critical damage increases by 20% Shard 2 : Blinded -Stuns the target twice as long and adds on a 5% chance it'll recharge another use of Backstab 2. Fury - The hero goes insane causing him to strike repeatedly really fast on any surrounding foes and leaves them bleeding, for 10 seconds. Shard 1 : Adrenaline Rush - Bleeding damage does twice more damage for only 5 seconds of the 10.Shard 2 : Addicted - Ability costs less by only 8% 3. Nightblade - Finishing move that inflicts the target with shadow energy, dealing 500 shadow damage over time of a max of 20 seconds. Shard 1 : Deepening Shadows - The shadow energy has a X% chance of multiplying to be used twice as efficient (X is upgradeable) Shard 2 : Shadow Dance - Shadow damage spreads to nearby foes which then inflicts them with shadow energy. 4. Fan of Knifes - Sprays out knifes at all targets within a radius. Shard 1 : Combat Expert - Radius gets bigger by 5 yards.Shard 2 : Lubricated Knifes - Knifes pierce through the target into the next one behind it. DefensesDefense 1) : Cloudy Barricades - 20 DU - A cloudy like barricade, it's animation consists of a moving dark thunder cloud. When a target touches it, the barricade has a X% chance of lightning striking the enemy. (X can be upgraded) Shard 1 : Weather Expert - Chance of the lightning strike is greatly increased by 30%Shard 2 : Securing The Objective - Barricade health improves by adding on 25,000 more health Defense 2) : Shuriken Shooter - 40 DU - Just like the Poison Dart Tower, but It shoots out Shurikens, and it has a X% chance of coating one of the shurikens with a f liquid which ignites on contact. (X is upgradeable) Shard 1 : Sharpened - Shurikens overall do more damageShard 2 : Coating Expert - The flames will spread to nearby targets and deal critical damage for X seconds. (X is Upgradeable) Defense 3) : Bear Traps - 30 DU - Setting a bear trap down will instantly kill any foe (not bosses) that happens to step on it. When upgraded the size of the Bear Trap gets bigger and it'll manage to be able to kill multiple targets at once. When a boss stands on the trap it'll also make the boss lose 20% of his/her health. Shard 1 : Gobu Trapper - Trap now has unlimited uses, except for bosses.Shard 2 : Ain't No Stopping - Trap recharges faster by x2 Defense 4) : Clone - 50 DU - Clones the hero at a selected location with their weapons. This clone is like squire's training dummy. The clone will sit there and if there is a enemy that dares to come close to it will be slaughtered by the clone's own set of daggers. Shard 1 : Slice and Dice - Clone now strikes twice as fast with more damage! Shard 2 : Discounted! - Instead of 50 DU it's now 40!
  6. wouldn't that be classed as stealing? if people have 16 bags with original pet bags, and people have 16 bags with 2-3 upgrades on there pet bags but they all come out with the same numbers of slots and no refund, isn't that virtual theft or is it classed as "early access" IF your statement is untrue? Oh I actually didn't think of that. I must've not added in the upgrades on the pet bags. What I was saying was he purchased bags and in total he had 16 regular bags, if those were 32 slotted they would be transferred to 64 slotted bags. Then adding on the pet bag with The Upgrades would equal more that what I calculated. So yeah a refund should be issued then if without upgrades right?
  7. Pets will be transferred to your new 64 slot bags, adding on with the ones you bought with gems. Pretty sure you won't get a refund. Math time: 16 bags with 64 slots instead of 32 = 1,024 slots1,024 slots + 64 slot pet bag = 1,088.In total you would have doubled your original bag size :D Went from 568 to 1,088. Correct me if i'm wrong though :D
  8. #burn LOL, I Actually didn't even think of that being a roast. I was just saying that others really don't put their time in these threads as much as you did. So in that case it was eloquent.
  9. Terraria Weapons and Wayfarer The weapons are still in the game, but the way you acquire them is something we’re still discussing.The souls of night might be used for something else other than the weapons in this new patch. As they wont make it so you can buy the most OP weapon with souls of night if you already farmed them. They'll make it more difficult. So i'd say its your choice to spend them or not as they wont be used for really anything in next patch unless the weapon scales to the new update with better stats then cool that would be useful. If not then it's not worth it to waste the souls of night if they will be put into the game in a much different way than this patch's way.
  10. The report player option is a no go for me +1, I fully support it. Those idiots who don't drop mana for you even though they don't build anything so they just hog the mana. And those players who are AFK and always don't ready up when told to because of that one issue. AFKness Please Trendy put this to action!! The commend player part is good for making friends and socializing and that's just only one of the things TE wants to see happen, so I bet this would also be put in :) I gotta say, great threads you're making for suggestions.
  11. Yes! I would love this.. So what I am thinking is this Escort the payload before the time limit has been reached, but have the maps be huge which will give you more time and more foes will try to attack it to damage it, then explosion. KABOOM! ~ bling king. Anyways, that's just one thing you can do in the game. Next thing shall be the exact opposite. Having those pesky little goblins push the cart filled with bombs and explosives, and if it gets into the crystal's radius it will damage or explode the crystal itself. Problems are, you would have to have defenses always on it and you would need some supportive ones doing down the line of where the goblins either come in to stop you and your teammates from pushing the payload. Same way for the goblins pushing the cart full of explosives into your crystal. Need defenses to mow them down. Unless you're always focused on the cart/payload. But you're thinking, "of course we need defenses for the other places of where the enemies come from" Yeah yeah, I guess you're right. Anyways, I think this is a great feature and should be implemented in the game.
  12. I guess that could do good with in the game.
  13. Like said above you could just press G really fast, ending the warmup so when players join on build phase they don't get the mana from the chests. But something like this feature being put into the game would be cool and it'll help somewhat in my opinion, it's not nessasary but it'll do some good
  14. I agree myself, I really don't see a purpose of having it if you can just do the same things you can in that in your inventory. Like arrange stuff, equip, sell. Like you said they could also just implement it so where it could actually have a use, maybe be an upgrader somehow so you can upgrade gear faster with gold or medals.
  15. I think everything looks great and it should be implemented greatly into the game, but one thing.. I feel like there also should be a tower kinda like a PDT, it would shoot out Shurikens and maybe somehow there can be a way to upgrade it so the shurikens are covered in acid or something that will burn/hurt the foe overtime. Maybe having too many scrolls is unnessasary, like I really love both but it might not be viable and useful as much than another tower. The dummy could be replaced with this tower as the dummy I guess could be a wall of some sort. Really this is just my opinion so please don't take it seriously.
  16. I guess this can come in handy for those competive players always trying to be ahead of each other.
  17. Oh? I never have know that, so it's on campaign normal right? I'd love to level my monk up with it :D doing it on hard campaign mode gets you 600 = exp. it's 120,000 exp per round i believe got apprentice from 43 to 50 in 1 1/2 play thrus on hard mode assault on throne room solo Woah, okay well thank you for the information. hopefully this doesn't get patched if this is somehow an exploit.
  18. Would be useful but this could cause issues, say what if someone else also wants to build their setup but you already put down yours, I feel like it would cause a lot of augmenting of who's defenses are better.
  19. 1) Friend/Party chat will be very useful. 2) Emotes aren't that necessary but they would be cool 3) Blocking players, I don't see a need for it personally but yeah that should be implemented. 4) I don't think this is necessary also because it's just wasting space in a game if you know what I mean?
  20. This is something I can agree with at first, like for the incursions I just never have been able to finish even one of them because of my poor teammate's skill level. Anyways, I agree somewhat on they should be based on ipwr. But you could easily just join a nm4 lobby and grab the gear drops, equip them and then you will shoot up high on ipwr. THat's just a really lazy way though..
  21. You probably already know the date but it's Feburary 28th.
  22. I Literally have no problems with Siege Rollers, except one little thing.. grr it makes me mad, the rockets. How I take my rollers down is I just go behind it, use my huntress or apprencice to strike it down on the weak spot and it only really takes 10-20 seconds for me.
  23. You're banned for even trying to make the mistake
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