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  1. Greetings Defenders,

    If you have any C8 items, for the time being, avoid upgrading them. We're running into an issue where upgrading C8 items can reset them back to C1. If you have ran into this issue, do not upgrade your C1 item at all, as we may have a retro active fix for this as well.

    We're working hard on knocking this and a couple other issues out and patched by the end of this week. Stay tuned!

    For Etheria!

  2. @Nigiri_Toro quote:

    Also to be fair I kinda skimmed over this thread before responding so I missed the part about this not addressing private/public game issues so my bad :)

    RUDE! <3

    We completely get that communication is lacking, and want to make it substantially better. Just requires enough investigation to find the best solution.

    As for the toxic behavior, we are somewhat addressing one of the more "trolly" behaviors. For instance, getting to last wave, and the builder leaves, and causes you to fail. While that sucks, with replay from wave, you only deal with a slight time delay of their toxicity, and can get back into the game.

    Our goal is to curb as many of these instances as possible. We'll have more to come over time. :)

  3. @Nigiri_Toro quote:

    The party changes discussed here dont address that so the reality is the majority of experienced players will still just make private games, leaving newer players to deal with that toxicity.

    They're not supposed to. As has been said multiple times, the party system changes are to make parties better. Not public games.

    To repeat, again, we hear the feedback on public games. We're adding a Play Now option and need to see how this system functions on a larger scale before we make any sweeping control changes to public games. It would be very cavalier to do so, leading to much larger problems.

    That said:

    @Nigiri_Toro quote:

    I expect them to drop mana and let me quickly build. I dont need them in the party to complete the content, they are only there because I made a public game to help them.

    If players are afking, or hording their mana, or building crap builds in lanes and wasting DU it affects the entire party and gets toxic quick.

    We want to help other players, but on our terms. If i am going out of my way to slow down my play to help others then let me control games I make. Give us the tools to do that or we will continue playing private games and this game will still look dead everytime you seach for public games (common complaint of new people thinking no one plays currently).

    There's a lot of issues here. You want to help someone, which is great, but you're not helping them become better, just carrying them through content. A major point of feedback currently is that players receive a lot of spam demanding carries. Offering an avenue to carry even more without increasing skill, causes players to continue, as you said, "building crap builds in lanes". This leads to them getting to end game content, not prepared and somewhat lazy, leading to more hording mana, afking, and building/upgrading poorly.

    The inverse of this is that a player wants to learn, sees a game listed by a veteran, and joins. They build in lane, the veteran doesn't like their "bad" build, and kicks them without a word (feedback we've received happened quite a bit in DD1). This then leads to them having a negative public experience, either going into private games themselves, or too afraid to contribute in fear of getting kicked, leading to a negative experience and quitting. Toxicity can be on both sides.

    This'll be my last point on this topic. There is a good middle ground to be found, regarding varying controls, systems to prevent toxicity, and ways to communicate what certain public games contain (leader who wants to build, looking for builders, etc). The party system changes are not that.  They're to address a ton of feedback we've received about party inconsistencies on all platforms, and getting a group of players from A -> B faster and more effortlessly. That's it. We're constantly monitoring our public game behaviors, and are going to continue to develop them. It just takes time.

  4. @Nefhith quote:

    @Dreizehn quote:

     you were faster

    I'm too used to hearing this :'(

    Jokes aside, sorry, I completely misread your post. Still, this is what many people has been saying about the game. Trendy has been building *on top* of already existing mechanics, instead of fixing previous ones and building parallel to them. The game has slowly started to become a rabbithole of features to make the end game deeper and deeper instead of actually adding features you can find as soon you start the game, which leaves new players with the game as it was several years ago besides a few tweaks/fixes.

    We are developing new systems, of course, but I disagree wholeheartedly with the sentiment that we are not fixing/improving previous systems and building parallel to them. Just a short list:

    • Mods added to gear from the beginning of the game, to the upper echelons. Give gear meaning and make it more interesting for all players, new and veteran.

    • Crafting system allowing players to keep the gear they like.

    • Upgrade system allowing players to help get over difficulty bumps they may encounter, at all levels.

    • Shortening campaign to get players into other game modes, providing adventures as an alternative if players aren't ready for Onslaught/Expeditions.

    • Bank system added via Vaults (players received at least one, if not two, for free).

    • Adding Expeditions for more choice/freedom.

    • Player shops available to all players.

    • Buyback system created to benefit all players.

    There's even more that could be listed, and much more to be expanded upon, but I wanted to keep it shorter for the sake of brevity. These were big system changes that weren't focused on making the end game deeper. 

    The changes coming to parties, Onslaught, new maps, and new enemies are also not aimed to making the end game deeper. Adding deeper end game stuff than what we currently have is a goal, of course, but we want to make sure that we continue to address and add features for as many different types of Defenders as we can.

  5. @Nefhith quote:

    Which adds to my point. Nothing against you, by far, but is it fair for players who play everyday to have their forum posts dismissed while a player who hasn't played for (months? you didn't specify, but I will assume so, correct me if I'm wrong!) a long time has more powr than them in the future of the game?

    Your feedback was never at any point in time dismissed. It was said that it isn't the majority of games, and that we're still taking all the feedback we get on public games to find a good middle ground for any future changes. You or Dreizehn are both equally valued when it comes to feedback. 

    As for your suggestion(s) offered, I presented a counter point that plenty others have brought up (including a post you responded to). That's not dismissing your pain points, just that the suggestion doesn't necessarily change things for the better, and could potentially lead to more problems for more players.

    The original response I made to this thread addressed the main point, being that changes to one system are not going to be the remedy for another system. Even the current title still points that out. Party system changes are not meant to primarily address public game systems.

  6. @Nefhith quote:

    Anecdotal evidence, or even posts on the forums, don't account for the majority of how players play DD2. Surveys are a fantastic source on feedback en masse from a community, but it's not our only source of feedback, and is silly to think that it's what entirely sways any decision. We actively track how players interact with every level of the game, get feedback from our QA team, RQA team, and RPG testers, and much more. 

    When you say something is "not true", you are basing it off of your personal experience, which if it has been negative, we apologize, but from everything we've gathered, it is not how the large majority of games usually go. We've even received a lot of feedback that suggestions made in this thread made public games in DD1 absolutely terrible experiences, leading to a lot of trolling and exploitation. We don't take that feedback as "well that negates that feedback", we accept it all and go from there.

    There's probably a good middle ground to be found, and for this thread, I'll repeat it again, we are not done with these systems. Getting mad that one system is getting improvements and assuming others are not going to get the same attention is going to lead to pointless frustration. Stuff takes time. We're not even close to done yet.

  7. Hey All,

    Just wanted to chime in real quick. There's a lot of hyperbolic statements that are made as facts, which they most definitely are not. If you want to have complete control over a game, look for parties in hubs or Discord, and you can have all the control you want.

    Public games are not owned by anyone. You're not hosting it, and honestly, it can cause some very toxic interactions when one player has all the control over 3 others, far worse than what's been outlined here. We have been putting out massive surveys and have received thousands of responses. The total feedback we got is that:

    • Defenders want to build towers in the majority of games.
    • Very few want to only use active heroes when playing.
    • A lot of Defenders give mana out quite a bit if they don't want to build.

    While what has been pointed out here as negative experiences, on the entire scale, this is the minority of interactions. With our "Play Now" option we're introducing, giving host controls to players hopping in a game and getting kicked by the first person who got the session going would feel downright awful. Same with the majority of players who WANT to build towers, but get matchmade into a game where the first person to join decided they wanted to be the only builder for the whole map. We're opening up the ability to play with others and make it easier to get into the game and go. All of this said, even after this update releases we are working on:

    • Additional features of making multiplayer games feel better. 
    • Help reduce instances of toxic interactions.
    • Make it easier to focus on the main point of the game:  having fun by destroying hordes of enemies. 

    The big focus of these party changes is to SPECIFICALLY address community feedback on parties. If you think that this is the end-all-be-all of multiplayer interaction updates/changes, then you're dead wrong, and you'll probably just end up getting more frustrated over nothing. There's a lot more coming, it just takes time. The goal of this post is to point out the stuff we're adding in this update for parties is to make specifically the party experience better. The significantly greater majority of the games played in DD2 are multiplayer parties, which was a big motivator to improve that experience. Pointing out the things it doesn't do (public game control was not presented as a feature being added in this update) or us wasting our time, and stating that as factually bad, is both unfair to yourself and us.

    Have a great weekend everyone! :)

  8. @Okielos quote:

    So i know they are dropping onslaught to 1 map each floor. The difficulty is ramping up faster and lower floors then will be equivalent to higher floors now. Have we gotten an answer about onslaught drops? Specifically the floor 80+ mods and c8 amps. Will those start at lower floors then, or will they stay where they are? And I'm sure anyone who hasn't gotten the flairs yet would also be curious about those.

    All the drops and rewards will be scaled accordingly, and not left at their current floors. :)

  9. Greetings Defenders,

    We finally concluded voting in studio on your amazing Memes For Marcos submissions! There were a ton of submissions to go over, but we were finally able to pick two favorites and one random wildcard.

    The Winners:





    Blum - Wildcard


    These three winners will be receiving a new wing flair coming in our next update — it's real decor from Etheria's best family restaurant!

    A big thank you to all of you who entered submissions, there were so many great ones that we all loved. It's awesome seeing Defenders rallying together to celebrate such a crazy achievement.

    Thanks everyone!

    The Dungeon Defenders II Team

  10. Greetings Defenders,

    Are you obsessed with Dungeon Defenders II? Do you want to be a part of meaningful changes and additions? Do you want to see content before it’s released?! Then you should check out our Remote Playtester Group and Remote Quality Assurance teams!

    These teams help test upcoming content, features, and changes to help us ensure we make Dungeon Defenders II the best game possible! Here’s an idea of what members of each team do:

    Remote Playtester Group (RPG)

    • This group tests the bigger releases and features — helping us polish, fine tune, and balance upcoming content before it’s released. RPG members spend a few hours each week with no fixed time requirements helping us improve our major content releases.

    Remote Quality Assurance (RQA)

    • This group is concerned with testing every release, from small hotfixes to major content patches. Each day there is something new to test. RQA members spend a few hours each weekday to hunt bugs, catch issues very early, and provide early balance feedback.

    We have a few requirements that we require (before you apply):

    • Are 18 years of age or older.

    • Are able to test on a PC.

    If you have a PC that can test the game, but you play on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, the rewards can be earned through PC testing and applied to your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One accounts!

    If you are interesting in joining or have any questions, please e-mail our RPG and RQA Lead:

    For your help in making Dungeon Defenders II greater, we offer unique rewards for testers. New testers that join up are able to receive the tester exclusive Betsy White pet!


    It’s a thank you to our testers for being friends and confidants.

    For returning testers, you will be able to earn a new Tester-exclusive flair of Parrot Wings!


    These wings are not required to sail the high seas of Etheria, but it definitely does make you look more epic doing so!

    For Etheria!

    The Dungeon Defender II Team

  11. Greetings Defenders,

    Hotfix 3.2.2 is now live on all platforms!  This hotfix is to address a few crashes that players have run into, squash some bugs, and also apply some Multiplayer Bonus changes based on the feedback a lot of you have provided. Let’s get into it!

    Multiplayer Bonus

    In our last patch we added in Multiplayer Bonuses that added a scaling amount of extra gear into the victory chest. This design was looked into based off of survey feedback a TON of you provided, which was awesome to receive! However, there were some pain points that came with these changes, specifically that there was a lot of pressure on your inventory, and getting a blue or green chest made these bonuses feel not great.

    We now made it so that instead of getting a ton of extra loot, you’re guaranteed to get additional legendaries when playing multiplayer. Here’s how it’s going to look:

    • Two Players:  Two additional legendaries guaranteed, with a chance at a third!

    • Three Players:  Four additional legendaries guaranteed, with a chance at a fifth!

    • Four Players:  Six additional legendaries guaranteed, with a chance at a seventh!

    With this change there is now less strain on inventory, guaranteed better loot drops, and since they are all legendaries, guaranteed additional chances at getting some perfect "Qualibean" mods! Since you're getting less total items when playing multiplayer now (when compared to before the hotfix), we increased the sale prices on items to compensate this change. We also added in some additional goodness to multiplayer bonuses as well. Now when playing together, you’ll also receive more experience points:

    • Two Players:  33% additional experience points!

    • Three Players:  66% additional experience points!

    • Four Players:  99% additional experience points!

    To note, these increases in legendary loot and experience are not in Campaign and Adventures, but are available in every other game mode. We’re currently finishing up improvements to our party system that are going to be coming in our next update! Our goal is to make multiplayer feel great to play all around.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue on Xbox when transitioning to the Town from another map in split screen would often cause a crash.

    • Fixed a different issue on Xbox where bringing in a split-screen user would often cause a crash.

    • Fixed an issue where Xbox players would crash when attempting to load the same profile on split-screen. This should now give you an appropriate error message.

    • Fixed an issue with Liferoot Forest in Campaign that could cause a crash.

    • Fixed an issue with PS4 crashing when trying to clear data.

    • Fixed an issue when replacing stacks in the Material Vault that would remove materials.

    • Removed some of the old weapon filters that no longer apply.

    • Lowered the difficulty of Greystone Plaza in Campaign slightly.

    • Replaced the Adventure Pirate Lady with the Colonel. Where has she gone off to?

    • Fixed an issue with the amount of experience earned for map completion.

    • Fixed an issue with gamepad focus being changed in the Summary Screen.

    We’re always listening to your feedback, and a lot of you do a great job of making sure it’s constructive and provide plenty of great ideas. Keep it up, we love reading it and it helps us mold Dungeon Defenders II into a better game.

    To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest information:

    The entire team has had a blast making this content, and we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon!

    For Etheria!

    The Dungeon Defenders II Team

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