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  1. Removed the images as we do not want that kind of language being visible on the forums. If you are running into any issues in particular with other players, please submit a ticket to our Community Support team, and they can take a look into it for you.
  2. The freaking BEAST is always at it. Changed forum title to reflect this.
  3. Greetings Defenders, Hotfix 4.3.1 is now out on Steam and PlayStation 4, with Xbox receiving it later this afternoon. We were able to snipe in some important back-end fixes, as well as sneak in some bug fixes. Let’s get into it! Bug FixesFixed a major issue with PlayStation 4 users crashing due to memory problems. Fixed an issue with fire damage from buffs not affecting torches on Drakenfrost Keep for some players. Social DefendersTo get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch Stay tuned for more info soon! For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
  4. There are a multitude of reasons. One is players have been asking for new enemies/minibosses/bosses for a very long time. Making it an incursion makes it a one and done event, and players were asking for more than that. Another is players wanted another map that was like Lost Temple, but wasn't Lost Temple (specifically Onslaught climb made that map not feel special/hard to encounter). The list could go on, but we have countless feedback that supported making these decisions (on top of our internal design direction). It's also been out for one day. Things can be tweaked, changed, and made to feel better if they overall don't feel great, which is not what we're seeing currently. Stating that we're factually working backwards is misguided, as it's a personal opinion, and that's fine, but it's not something we're seeing on the large scale. Players want engaging epic moments with cool rewards, and this is a step towards trying to provide more of them.
  5. don’t think anyone would sell their materials since they are probably rerolling their shards as well since the rates are so low in getting a mod level that is better than the one being rolled. I'm on the other side of the fence, where I would potentially capitalize on the market of players wanting it, and start selling them off in bulk for a premium price because of how new they are. Then when the prices got lower over time, use all the gold that I had accrued to buy as many as I needed from the players who rushed and got all their mods. (That's just how I play games myself) However, we don't have to worry about guessing and thinking. We are able to track in-game sales on these items, and we know for a fact that there are a TON of these materials being sold. We expected these items being sold at a much lower rate initially, but they surpassed our expectations. That's the fun with player economies, they'll almost always catch you by surprise.
  6. Couple of good points made here. Also remember that you can buy the reroll material from others, which can get you that 10/10 quicker.
  7. The Heroes of Etheria have arrived at Drakenfrost Keep and explored its grounds. Throughout their exploration they unlocked a hidden chamber shrouded in runes around a mage who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep an ancient evil at bay. The seal has been broken, and the Drakenlord lives again! Held at bay for many years, kept alive only by fables, this menacing evil seeks to take back his keep, raise a dragon army, and set out to conquer the lands of Etheria. It is up to you, Defender, to send this juggernaut back to the underworld. Greeting Defenders, We unleashed a beast in Patch 4.3, which is now out on ALL platforms! The Drakenlord has come to terrorize the citizens of Etheria, we took a pass at some additional Mod Reroll quality of life, bug fixes, and more. Let’s get into it! The DrakenlordSoaring through the skies of Etheria, the Drakenlord is trying to take back his domain, Drakenfrost Keep. He’s a new boss type that will require you to create unique strategies to take him down, unlike any other boss you’ve fought so far! With his arrival, he may appear in other maps as well. He is now ready to fight you in Expeditions! Drakenfrost Keep is also now a map that appears in Onslaught. Starting at Floor 39, Drakenfrost Keep appears every 10 floors as a capstone floor (similar to The Lost Temple). This means at Floors 34, 44, 54, 64, etc., you have to defend the Lost Temple, and on Floors 39, 49, 59, 69, etc., you conquer Drakenfrost Keep. The Drakenlord provides new rewards every week! There are a slew of new weapons AND Mods for you to obtain by slaying him and protecting Etheria. A costume for the Squire is now available on the Emporium, where you can BECOME the Drakenlord. We’re excited to see how you handle what he has in store for you, and the great rewards that await you. Mod RerollWe’ve been all about adding Mod quality of life changes, and here’s another one. Previously we doubled 10/10 drop chances, then last week we ensured that you run into a 10/10 after actively playing for ~10 hours, AND we added a new Mod Reroll material (that can be stored in the Material Vault). A lot of people have enjoyed these adds, but we thought we’d take it a step further. Mod Rerolls allow you to target specific Mods into becoming 10/10. Some players target farm lower tiers to try and get better luck on a 10/10 dropping for a specific lower Mod (*cough* Tenacity *cough*). We want you all playing content you find engaging, so now Mod Rerolls after a while will guarantee a 10/10 roll. The amount of time is greatly impacted by the ability to buy this material from other players. This change means you can keep climbing or playing content you want, and are guaranteed to eventually get a 10/10 of the Mod you want. Diminishing ReturnsThere were a few issues with Diminishing Returns upon release. Most of these problems were related to towers/abilities that could apply a stun more than once a second (i.e. Weapon Manufacturer and Protons). These towers were causing a large spike in diminishing returns that was not intended. On top of that, because of the fast attack rate the drop off of diminishing returns was halted. Three major issues caused this, Stuns reapplying themselves and adjusting their initial duration each time. This caused initial stuns to a lot last less than intended, which was fixed in today’s update. Second, all Crowd Controls (CC) were adding to the same tenacity pool instead of separated by type (for instance, stuns and slows). This was causing a much higher overall tenacity than expected, which was also fixed in today’s update. The final issue, which we are still working on, is related to how the tenacity fall off is calculated. This is causing some enemies that start at a higher base tenacity when playing with four players to have enemies be nearly immune to CC after their first stun. This is not intended and we are actively looking into a fix to allow players to use theirs stuns as intended. CommunitiesThis is a feature that we are testing on PC/Steam. There’s a lot of information that we’re going to be gathering with this specific feature, so we want to communicate that there may be times where it’s not working correctly, and it may require game restarts to get it functioning correctly, but will not affect your gameplay specifically. Communities provide a way for you to gather with up to 30 like-minded Defenders and talk across games and lobbies, invite to party, and more! You can be in up to 5 communities at any time, and are able to create communities whenever you want. Here are some of the functionalities that Communities offer: Give them a unique name (don’t worry, the name filter is working) Give them a three or four letter acronym of your choice. By using “/c1”, “/c2”, “/c3”, “/c4”, and “/c5” you can quickly chat in each of your communities. (You can also use /<insert acronym here> to chat with them as well). Invite players to join your parties in the Town or Private Tavern. Use different ranks (Owner, Officer, and then regular members). Invite and recommend users to join a Community. There’s a lot more functionality and we’re looking at ways to add more and improve the current setups. We’re looking forward to your constructive feedback and will be doing everything we can to make these Communities great. Hero ChangesAbyss Lord Towers Skeletal Orc The DU cost is now 30, was previously 35. Dryad Towers World Tree The DU cost is now 20, was previously 25. Lavamancer Towers Fissure of Embermount The overlap is now 35% of the max range, was previously 50% (for reference, flame aura overlap is 50%). Squire Towers Training Dummy The DU cost is now 20, was previously 25. Bug FixesFixed an issue where a small group of player’s pets had invalid stats tied to them. Fixed an issue where Boom chips were functioning incorrectly. Fixed an issue for PS4 users getting kicked to the main menu, and having to restart the game to continue. Fixed an issue with inspecting items on the ground while playing splitscreen for PS4 and Xbox. Fixed an issue when inspecting defenses, it showed the stats of other defenses. Adjusted billboard focus size to make them easier to read. Destructive Pylon and Destruction interaction match the Destructive Pylon tooltip and no longer stack. Fixed an issue when going through incursions and getting put against Malthius. Updated drenching strikes to be affected by electrocute for the correct duration Fixed an issue with pathing in lanes that had translucent objects. Fixed an issue where water chip was sometimes not drenching enemies. Adjusted Vampiric Empowerment to show the correct stat boost on the individual tower inspect screen in the inventory. Fixed an issue where restarting Drakenfrost Keep produced one less core alive. The Haunting Shard now shoots ghosts on secondary attacks. Fixed an issue with Ogres teleporting on the far east lane of The Lost Temple. Fixed an issue with non-leader members of a party get a bad error message when matchmaking. Changed the schedules on Drakenfrost Keep on Chaos VI and VII in Expeditions. Boom mods should now work on everything they’re equipped to. Fixed a framerate drop on Xbox when interacting with enemy schedule billboard. Fixed an issue on PS4 where the menu level music played during the video intro. Fixed an issue on comparing/inspecting items in the inventory if they are not equippable for the current selected hero. Removed an Auto Sort checkbox on the Tinkering UI. Tweaked the VFX for the Accumulator Servo to show the AoE effect. Fixed an issue on Sacrificial Warden adventure when using a controller/gamepad. Fixed an issue for a very small subset of users that caused an issue when coming back from a long break that had them temporarily stuck on Greystone Plaza. Adjusted how Diminishing Return buffs were calculated with different types of debuffs. Adjusted the difficulty of Forest Crossroads, Liferoot Forest, and Betsy during the campaign to be easier. Added elemental effects to weapons dropped during the New User Experience. Adjusted the pickup radius for Primary Reroll and Mod Reroll materials. Fixed an issue on gamepads/controllers with focus while rerolling Mods/Primary stats. Known IssuesSome sources of fire damage from Shards/Mods are not lighting torches correctly on Drakenfrost Keep. If you are not able to use Communities, restart the game to get back into them. Consecutive Win Bonus and Replay From Wave can fail, currently getting a fix ready. Replaying from Wave on Drakenfrost Keep and winning can result in not receiving the special Frost weapons. Social DefendersTo get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon! For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
  8. I have only visited the Tree on our live build, and I got a monk staff too! Because of this post and my experience, I sat down with the beast of a designer Petire, and we both verified that the four weapons all have an equal chance. There's still a ton of time for this event to go, so you have plenty of chances to get them to drop (or get them from player shops/trade with friends).
  9. There's a couple of PS4 issues we're aware of. One of them has to do with Proton/WM and the water servo, the rapid application is doing some wonky stuff on PS4. Another is a backend issue. We're working towards getting them taken care of.
  10. We've got a middle ground coming, a phase 3 (though it's smaller than phase 2), that should sate both of the desires from users on both ends of this topic. :)
  11. Some of the stuff you are saying here are not intended interactions (short stun durations on initial stun for example, that don't give you long enough to deal with the enemies). We'll have more word out on this soon, but there's stuff with DR that we're looking into. :)
  12. We've got a buff coming to fissure in our next patch. The "map being covered in snow/ice for the secret" feedback is completely understood and is on our radar. It's a more involved process to change this, but we completely get where a lot of you are coming from.
  13. If this is the case, it looks like we have a Scrooge in our midst. If this is actually happening, then I believe it was setup as a vendor (similar UI), and it had to have a not 0 value assigned to it. Or it's a secret Scrooge. I'm going with secret Scrooge, final answer.
  14. If anyone disagrees, they might be an Old One in disguise. Fissure we're looking at (a ton of great feedback on it), can't comment on the rest currently. "Rock solid" feedback ;)
  15. I'd ask you to really reconsider what you're saying here. I try to be as active on all of our social platforms answering as many questions as possible and addressing any feedback that warrants it. You can see my post history and who I respond to, which is pretty much everyone that raises a concern in a constructive way (some people posting for the first time on the forums, or having very few posts at all). Taking an approach of (this is paraphrased) "they won't listen to me, I'm not Juicebags, dumb garbage changes", you probably won't be met with a lot of openness and communication. We'll investigate the pain point that you're conveying, but it's not healthy for the community and us to approach and encourage that kind of feedback process. We are reactive to the needs and wants of our entire community, and we take all the feedback we get very seriously. However, the community is a large group, and just because we make a change or add something that you don't necessarily enjoy, doesn't mean others don't. We're not a group of evil people looking to make people suffer, we want the game to remain healthy and for players to have fun with what we make. We have the humility to admit that we may not get it right the first time, but give us constructive feedback, and we'll try our hardest to get things into the most enjoyable state possible.
  16. This is something we'll be sure to investigate for future events like this. We're unable to change it this time around, but the event will be going for quite some time, past December.
  17. The drop amounts are the same as before the update, sounds like some small sample RNG. We've seen some people getting Mods much faster and seeing 10/10's withing very few rerolls. The only change we made was to ensure that there were no more crazy extremes without seeing any for prolonged periods of time.
  18. Definitely some solid feedback, it'll take some time to investigate the possibility of this, but we will look into it. :)
  19. We are 100% about this. We've been soaking in everything that players are saying and are going to be taking steps to polish these changes even more. :)
  20. We fixed this issue, the tooltips on the flairs was wrong, it correctly shows that it unlocks at 40.
  21. That's a Drake helmet flair from Defender Packs on the Ebonfire Warlord Squire skin.
  22. The Quickstart Pack will not be coming back. It was causing issues with players who already owned all bags. However, bags are 50% off, with the sale lasting past December.
  23. There are DLC's available, if you do not see them, try restarting Steam. One thing that we noticed a while back was players wanted new DLCs to purchase, so we've been consistently updating them. The packs are going to be available at the very least until our next update. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
  24. Greetings Defenders, The cold winds from the west are here, bringing Dungeon Defenders II: Drakenfrost with them to Steam and PlayStation 4, with Xbox coming later today! We put out a Dev Log showcasing some of the work that’s gone into the update, as well as a Dev Stream debuting some of the goodness coming. In this patch preview, we’ll be talking about those systems a little more in-depth to hold you over until the Update Notes are released. Let’s get to it! Drakenfrost Keep Drakenfrost Keep has recently been re-discovered by members of the intrepid Etherian Explorer’s Guild. The Explorers were guided to its location by a tattered scroll discovered in the Mages Council Library. The scroll alluded to an ancient sealing ritual used by the early Council to seal away the powerful Generals, commanders of the armies of the Old Ones. The scroll detailed the Keep’s location with cryptic hints about “requiring the ultimate sacrifice” to seal away evil’s essence into “a vessel unlike the Eternia Crystals”. This is the newest map to Dungeon Defenders II. Some old school Dungeon Defenders fans will notice a lot of similarities to the Royal Gardens map, but don’t get comfortable, as there is a lot more danger to this map to take on. We’ll touch on this map more overtime, we’re excited to see the different builds that arise to take on the challenges that wait. Drakenfrost Keep is available in a new Adventure that includes Drakenfrost Resort (previously known as the Hotspring Map) AND in Expeditions. Winterfest is Here Head to Town or your Private Tavern to take part in Winterfest! Visiting everyday gives the opportunity to take a present from the giant festive tree located next to the Scavenger in Town, and next to your vault in the Private Tavern. This tree contains one of three gifts: Epic Gift Contains one of four holiday themed weapons for the Squire, Apprentice, Monk, and Huntress. Mythical Gift Contains one of four holiday themed weapons for the Squire, Apprentice, Monk, and Huntress. One regular Defender Pack One random Shard container (1 Shard) Legendary Gift Contains one of four holiday themed weapons for the Squire, Apprentice, Monk, and Huntress. One Mythical Defender Pack One random Shard Pack (5 Shards) In order to obtain the items, approach the tree and hit the appropriate button that appears to receive your wonderful gift! The weapons that come from these gifts ARE tradeable, and follow the same rules as any other tradeable item (they cannot be traded if they are upgraded in anyway). These items also scale to your champion score up until the Chaos VII 6/10 upgrade level. For the season of Winterfest there’s also a pretty amazing sale going on. Inventory bags are going to be 50% off and the Material Vault is ~33% off. The Material Vault now holds 9,999 instead of 999 for each slot, and it also includes both new reroll materials, these changes are applied to currently owned Material Vaults as well. Supplies aren’t limited, but this sale isn’t going to last forever! Winterfest is going to be on for quite a while, lasting past December. This gives you plenty of chances to get all four weapons and some nice Shards and Defender packs along the way! Oh, and of course, don’t eat the yellow snow. Elemental CombosElemental Combos received a lot of attention in the Drakenfrost Update. We spent a lot of time making all the debuffs in the game more uniform so that they all applied the same effect. For instance, all oils now work the same, previously some slowed certain mobs, some didn’t. Oh also, ALL water damage now drenches, including water mods (both chips and servos)! This is our first phase on improving this system, something a lot of Defenders have asked for a very long time. We’re only able to add this system because of our Diminishing Returns system. Diminishing ReturnsThis is a new system that we’re adding to the game, something that is a staple in a lot of different types of RPGs. A lot of players really LOVED the Weapon Manufacturer’s Mod “Shocking Revelation”, it brought a really awesome stun and a good chunk of damage with it, and a lot of Defenders immediately set off to get it. Eventually we had to nerf it a little bit to bring it in line with other Mods, but we loved the allure it provided for players. If we wanted to do anything further with Mods like this, we needed to implement a system that didn’t make stun crowd controls negate all future content and negate any future Mods/features that weren't a stun with a different color (because anything less would not be as good). Enter Diminishing Returns. This system allows you to crowd control enemies, but after using it back to back the effect loses its strength. After a short while of not being affected by crowd control effects, enemies are able to be crowd controlled again at 100% efficacy. We’re able to buff up blockades during this update as well, and potentially give them even further functionality in additional updates! We’re going to be very responsive to feedback on this, but it allows us to do a lot of cool stuff in the future. That means new Mods, any new heroes, and MUCH more we can’t talk about just quite yet can now have a lot of epic moments and crazy amounts of power without worrying about it not being as cool as strong as a 100% stun up time or so strong that it disables every enemy that has existed, currently exists, or will ever exists. This opens up the doors for some amazing things! Mod ImprovementsPreviously we talked about Mods receiving changes in phases. In Phase I we more than doubled the drop rate of 10/10 Mods, as well as buffing all 6/10, 7/10, 8/10, and 9/10 drop rates. This means that 1/10, 2/10, 3/10, 4/10, and 5/10 Mod drop rates were lowered. We promised a Phase II with this update, and we are delivering! Perfect 10/10 Mod drops before the update on average appeared within about 4 hours of active gameplay. We’ve received a lot of great feedback from players enjoying this change. However, it really stinks to be an outlier and it take a very long time to get a 10/10. The first change of Phase II is that it now on average takes about 10 hours of average play to get a GUARANTEED 10/10 Mod. If you play with more players, because you’re seeing more Mods, the amount of time this take drops significantly, taking almost half of the listed times. Mod Rerolls are available in the following areas: Expeditions Drakenfrost Maps drop 2 Reroll Materials Onslaught Drakenfrost Maps drop in the following amounts Floors 28-35 drop 1 Reroll Material on Drakenfrost Resort Floors 35-59 drop 1 Reroll Material on ALL maps, and 2 Reroll Materials on Drakenfrost Resort Floors 60+ drop 2 Reroll Materials on ALL maps, and 3 Reroll Materials on Drakenfrost Resort We provided ways to farm them outright for the Defender who may want to take it easy in Chaos VII, or while progressing so even as you’re climbing Onslaught you’re able to take part in this new material and are even rewarded for taking on harder challenges. Inventory ImprovementsThese are things we’ve had in the works for a long time. This portion of the update has A LOT of quality of life improvements that get you out of your inventory faster and into the action. The changes include: Auto Sort Auto sorting now sorts your bags by actually moving all the items, previously provided a visual update only. The sorting goes by item type and Gear Score, but is a big update to the previous system Shard Sorting Shard sorting logic has been updated. It now prioritizes the following. Sorts by Defense Shards first, and then by Hero shards After sorting between the two types, Shards are sorted alphabetically. Mod Sorting On the “Filter By” tab, the right most tab in the inventory, there is a new icon for Mods. This filters your best Mods first. This makes long play sessions easy and quick to check if there are any of those GLORIOUS 10/10’s just sitting in your bags. Numbers on the bottom right correspond to what the highest Mod quality is on the item. Numbers are white intentionally to make it easier for colorblind players to see what the number is. Mod Inspect By holding down Shift, you can now see the highest Mod quality of an item in the bottom right. General ChangesVicinity Targeting This is a new way to interact with players. This allows you to target other players, keep them targeted, and choose to do a variety of things: invite them to party, inspect their shop, and more interactions when Communities are implemented. Material Vault Changes We received a bunch of feedback regarding the Material Vault. Previously it allowed you to store 999 of specific materials in each slot. Now you are able to store 9,999 IN EACH SLOT! That’s not all, the Material Vault now also has spots for the Primary Reroll Material and the Mod Reroll Material. So much space for activities! Social Menus There's been a social menu added next to your abilities and towers on the main HUD. This brings a bunch of quick functionality when interacting with others! Enemy Spawning We took additional passes at enemies getting stuck in spawn, but also fixed a big issue where enemies were going underground for a while and coming out of the ground later on in their path, bypassing blockades. We’re going to be keeping a vigilant eye on this, so please provide feedback on this if you see anything! Console Voice Chat We have now provided an option that allows you to disable voice chat in social hubs, Console player rejoice! You can now opt in to hear all the great music choices of your fellow Defenders. And by great, we mean potentially terrible. It’s usually terrible. Victory Chests Tired of waiting for your legendary loot to come out of that chest as you’re playing with other Defenders and getting so much more? Well that wait has been significantly reduced. When you open the Victory Chest, all your loot comes shooting out all at once. When playing with three other Defenders it looks like a legendary shotgun explosion. Oh, and before we forget, if you don’t open your Victory Chest before moving on, all the items inside are sent to your inventory. If your inventory is full, then it goes to the Scavenger. Never miss out on Victory Chest loot again! CommunitiesThis is a feature that we’re also wanting a lot of feedback on. We’re releasing it initially on Steam, almost as a beta test of the feature. It’s a system that allows up to 30 people to be in a structured group, and you can be in 5 Communities at a time. These groups can talk to each other regardless of where you are using the chat system, invite one another to groups, and more. We’re wanting to build even more off this system, but it’s something you’ll have to get your hands on and see. Communities are coming later in this patch after we've given it a little more polish. Balance ChangesAbyss Lord Towers Colossus Health scaling increased to 600, was previously 430. Skeletal Orc DU cost lowered to 35, was previously 40. Apprentice Towers Arcane Barrier No longer allows enemies to pass through it while exploding. Shards Frost Power Defense Power scaling changed to (9 + 1 per level) from (10 + 2 per level). Max gilded is now 33%, previously was 58% Dryad Towers World Tree DU Cost lowered to 25, was previously 30. Lavamancer Towers Maw of the Earthdrake Defense Unit costs reduced to 50 DU, previously was 60 DU. Defense Health Scaling increased to 300, previously was 200. Fissure of Embermount Adjusted overlap to match that of similar towers (Flame Aura, Weapon Manufacturer, etc.) Mystic Towers Viper’s Fang Upgrading the Viper’s Fang now allows you to bubble up to 5 enemies. Squire Towers Training Dummy DU Cost lowered to 25, was previously 30. Bug FixesFixed an issue where the first bag in an inventory would visually not load. Fixed an issue when selling items that other items would be put in their place. Fixed an issue with Dryad’s Angry Nimbus that caused it to target enemies within the spawner. Fixed an issue with Dryad’s Hornet’s Nest not dealing elemental damage when using an elemental mod. Fixed a VFX issue when killing Betsy while she was breathing fire. Fixed a variety of DPS tooltip calculations Fixed an issue where Floor 40 Onslaught flairs were labeled with the wrong floor to attain them. Fixed an issue where Replay From Wave refunded Level 1 Tower mana if they were upgraded. Fixed an issue with gamepad focus moving when buying the last item from a shop. Fixed focus issues with Pet Stat reroll UI for gamepad. Fixed an issue with the Initiate, Gunwitch, and Huntress’s stat changes via various Ascension talents. Fixed an issue with Favorable Winds mod proccing off any kills, not just primary attack kills. Fixed an issue with the amount of XP given from Drakenfrost Resort in Expeditions. Fixed an issue with the Dark Arts Arcane Barrier not displaying properly. Adjusted tool tips for items on the ground when using 4K settings. Fixed an issue on Xbox where Defenders would get stuck on the main menu. Adjusted the Vanguard’s collision so that it better matches his shield. Fixed an issue in Assault on the Throne Room where destroyed subcores would not spawn enemies. Fixed an issue with Ancient Life Steal only healing for 5% when at 5+ points. Adjusted the difficulty of Forest Crossroads and Wyvern Den. Fixed an issue with UI layering issues when purchasing or creating a hero. Forest Ambush now has less amount of kobolds blowing up your lanes.’ Fixed an issue with the My Deck button going gray after deleting a hero. Betsy’s overall damage reduced. All Adventures difficulty lowered across the board. Fixed a visual issue with the Harpy’s blinking animation Fixed an issue where EV2’s Buffer Chip worked on other heroes. Known IssuesIf chat is gray, deleting your ini will fix it and give you colors. Keybindings were reset with this update because of Communities being added. On PlayStation 4, when in-game and quitting to the main menu, you may run into issues logging back in. Just restart the game and you should get back in. The following Elemental Effects' durations are not working the correct length: Onsen Bath, Maelstrom, Water Chip/Servo, Freezing Rain, and Drenching Strikes. DPS Tooltip for Hornet's Nest is showing debug stats (get it, because they're bugs). What’s Next?There’s a lot we’re experimenting with in this update to make the future of Dungeon Defenders II as great as possible. We’re welcoming all the feedback that you can provide on it, but of course make sure it’s constructive, it’s the best way to ensure we can make the best changes as fast as possible. Social DefendersTo get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon! For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
  25. Rerolling to get a 10/10 Mod is going to take quite some time. Exglint's number is not the actual amount, but he's right with the general thought. We want to help players work towards the ones they want, but it's not going to be just giving them away every other map. There's still that moment of "Oh hell yeah!" when you get a perfect Mod through rerolls, because it's going to be a journey, just one with multiple paths to take.
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