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  1. Just to clarify, there is zero money taken out of your account at the time of your pledge. It only gets taken out after the Kickstarter campaign accomplishes it's goal.
  2. We'd be dummies if we didn't! Both games have flaws, and both have very great things in them. We're wanting to continue to evolve the series by combining the great things to make a great game. Just overall, for this thread and any others like it, if people like DD1 or DD2 better, that's perfectly fine, but it'd be a HUGE waste of time to try and argue which one is better, because it comes to a matter of preference and taste. Don't try to poke and troll one another, because we're not making a game just for one group of our players, we're trying to make a game for all of our glorious Defenders. Also Defenders aren't trolls, because trolls are in league with the Old Ones army. If you're a troll, you get a bouncing blockade tossed at you, knocking you into a geyser trap, and you take off like team rocket blasting off again. Be good to each other.


    Our bare minimum goal is PC and Switch. We're going to release on Xbox and PS4 regardless, it just might come a little bit later. The Kickstarter provides resources for us to make it happen faster so they can all release at the same time.
  4. You could if you back the kickstarter :)

    Hotfix 4.3.5

    Greetings Defenders, This morning we released Hotfix 4.3.5 for PC, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One receiving the hotfix in a later larger update. We'll be monitoring the result of this hotfix carefully to watch how it affects performance. Bug Fixes Made back end changes to improve general performance and connectivity. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch Stay tuned for more info! For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
  6. We want as many platforms as possible, and aren't locked to any one currently.
  7. Kickstarter controls all payment options. We'll plan on having a backer-specific shop after the Kickstarter ends that will offer ways to back us if you were not able to during Kickstarter.
  8. I'll go through and do a quick answer for each of these, though there's a decent amount that there's not an answer we're ready to put out yet, and everything answered here is more or less subject to change (doesn't mean it will, most likely won't): Inventory accessible wherever you are during build phase, or in your tavern. N/A N/A For online multiplayer, potentially. No microtransactions. Exploring options. Pets in DDA like in DD1 is the plan. Not currently planned See above N/A If it’s in DD1, it’ll most likely be in DD:A. N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A No Like DD1, better understanding of stats. N/A N/A We have plans on eradicating this. Examples like Monster Hunter and even what the CDT guys have implemented are similar to our plans. N/A
  9. You can still apply and we'll look into it! :)
  10. Bigger post can now be seen here!
  11. It will be nothing like DDE.
  12. LAWLTA


    That's our projected release date, things can potentially change, but we'll be very transparent about any changes. Realistically though, that's our plan.
  13. This is a bit too early to be answering a question like this. It's stuff we want to do for sure though! :)
  14. LAWLTA


    Just to clarify, our release date is planned for October (unless we get a TON of funding, we'll need a lot more time to make everything that hasn't even been shown yet), the beta would be before the release date.
  15. We have a press release and some articles coming out that should help answer these questions. A (kind of) shorter answer is, it's a mix of Trendy devs, new devs we've brought on, with a new mindset and a lot of new opportunities and freedom. We want to get back to the roots of the original Dungeon Defenders (and still plan on supporting DD2). There will be a lot more info coming, but this is just day 1. That means updating all of our accounts, emails, websites, portals, launching kickstarter, responding to tons of inquiries (like this one :] ),etc. There's a lot of work still be done, but we're hard at work and will be giving updates as we progress! :)
  16. We have plans for DD2 still, and are currently working on an update alongside all this announcement! We are open to potential CDT inclusion, just have to see where we end up. :)
  17. Timing it is the best way to measure it, but not the most accurate, because if you play with others, especially in a group of four, you DRASTICALLY reduce the time to see one.
  18. I can almost 100% promise you that you haven't hit the threshhold yet. It's not 10 hours playing. It's 10 hours actively playing. That means killing enemies constantly and winning the majority of the time. This can get skewed by load times, being in tavern/town, etc. That said, it's not affected by acquiring 10/10 through buying or rerolling.
  19. That'll disappear over time. We have any old links go directly to the front page because otherwise we'd have to do a 1:1 manually to every thread brought over (no way to reference properly), and to quote a wise old meme, aint nobody got time for that.
  20. Post DD2 memes, or go to another thread.
  21. We're still adding a bunch of functionality, we just wanted to get everyone over first. More is coming!
  22. I just tested it on (in order) Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Vivaldi (all fresh installs), and here are the results: As you can see, the scrollbars are all white. Yours may have a different theme, but because of this post, we tested it with Vivaldi on 4 different machines, and they all produced the result seen here. Our forums specifically are not affecting browser scroll options as far as we can tell.
  23. New forums, time for some shoes. Also there's a gif search Also I did this on mobile. What a world.
  24. We've got more functionality coming. We're knocking out some of the bugaboos that may be around, and then even more functionality!
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