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  1. Defenders! We've been out at GDC and have knocked out goals, which thank you so much for all of your support. We were wanting to wait until we got back to get this out, but we're putting it out now! Since we're on the go, I'll be posting on Mark's behalf (he said someone only with superb wisdom such as myself could do so): Hey Defenders, While all of the Kickstarter awesomeness has unfolded (and it keeps climbing, which is awesome because it gives me more design work <3), we’ve been pouring over the feedback that we’ve gotten on our brand spanking new forums. I’ve been looking for an excuse to make my first post on here (haha he's not making it, but it is me, Lawlta), and luckily, there was one particular thread that caught my eye on the other day. A lot of defenders continue to have a rather lively conversation about loot acquisition for DDA. I thought I might take a moment and share my thoughts with all of you. Tower defense is the soul of Dungeon Defenders, but loot is its heartbeat. It serves as a catalyst for creativity, a reward worth chasing, and a means to push towards new and exciting adventures. We’ve learned a ton from the approaches that DD1 and DD2 took with loot, and I wanted to offer you a glimpse of our guiding principles that are helping shape DDA’s loot acquisition: The steps to get a piece of loot is clear and attainable. You are able to set a goal for yourself and intentionally target the loot you wish to obtain. Targeting loot DRIVES you toward the most exciting content available to you. You are not forced to replay content that you’ve out-leveled and no longer find engaging. DDA contains pieces of loot that are incredibly special. These items inspire you to partake in a long-term journey across the entire game. They are a reward for the most skilled defenders with the wherewithal to conquer some of the toughest challenges of Etheria. This special loot empowers you to take on the most epic fights that the Dungeon Defender universe has ever seen. These fights are an intense crescendo that let you take full advantage of the loot you earned and reward you for your mastery, effort, and dedication. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for the future, and how humbling all of your support has been thus far and in the future! Dungeon Defenders is starting a new chapter and I can’t wait for what’s to come, not only as a developer, but as a player who loves Dungeon Defenders with all his heart. We are still having active discussions on much of the game’s design and are using your feedback to help drive us forward. Please keep it coming and know that it shapes all aspects of DDA. Love, Mark Telfer Lead Designer
  2. Greetings Defenders, We’re getting closer and closer to the next Dungeon Defenders II update! Our focus is on taking big strides to make this update as player-centric as possible, with even more player-centric changes coming out in future updates. Currently we’re working on Dungeon Defenders II and Dungeon Defenders: Awakened (check out the Kickstarter here), so we’ve been super busy and working at 385% (real metric). We have a lot to go, and this intro is long enough, so let’s get into it! Shard Vendor We’ve seen so much feedback on Shards for so long, and we’re able to now do something that makes it easier to receive them and farm for them however you want. Our primary goal was trying to get the vendor into an easily navigable menu while easily seeing as many shards as possible. Here’s what you can expect to see: We went through a lot of ways to figure out how to make them easy to get. We looked into shard dust, but then you’re still limited to farming a specific chaos tier to actually be able to earn a specific shard. We looked into ways of converting shard dust into different versions, but the ability to make that easy to do was very messy and hard to use (very frustrating), created a ton of technical difficulties for us, and ended up requiring more inventory management. Eventually we ended up landing on making them purchasable with Defender Medals. We currently have an RPG test going (contact dani.moore@chromatic.games if you want to join the test, are 18 or older, and can sign an NDA) testing this specific feature, but we do not have a specific price set yet. Going with Defender Medals allowed us a way to provide players a concrete way to earn them in multiple ways. If you want to farm a specific tier, you can still do that to maybe increase your chances a little more; but if you want to keep progressing while playing engaging content or just do dailies, you are now able to do those things while working towards a specific reward. Oh, and one last thing. This badboy has search functionality in it as well. It’s pretty dope. Chaos VIII Shards We’re bringing back Chaos VIII Shards. These are a slew of shards that will be obtainable through higher floors of Onslaught (similar to Chaos VIII Ampuoles). Because we want these shards to feel special and rewarding, they will not be purchasable with the launch of the Shard Vendor, but will be making a debut at a later date. We have some veteran Defenders who have held onto these for a long time, and the majority of these Shards are going to be re-enabled. There are two Shards that we are removing as they cause either tech issues (making mobs get stuck, lowering performance, etc). They are Harbinger’s Exile and Elemental Chaos. We’ll have a comprehensive list of these Shards with the update notes. New Mod — Poison Mod! We’re keeping good to our word and adding in Poison damage! There are certain towers that have Poison damage, and there is a Poison Damage Chip as well that can be applied to weapons. There may be a new weapon or two that comes with it by default… Also what would elemental damage be without any kind of combo? We’re currently adding our first Poison interaction. This one is pretty awesome. Combining poisoned enemies with earth damage now petrifies them. It’s like turning your enemies into a work of art. New Weapons We’re adding a slew of new weapons that you can earn while playing through Onslaught. At various tiers within Onslaught, you have a chance to receive an additional treasure that contains a random new weapon from that tier. Some of these weapons a few Defenders have seen before, but we’ve got a ton of new weapons that players have never seen, here’s one: There’s a lot more info on these drops and when you get them (you do get guaranteed drops), but we’ll have more information on these new weapons in our update notes. Campaign Gating Currently we’re working on changing up some of our campaign progression. This is to focus on letting Defenders play together as soon as possible. Our focus is to make this process feel as good as it can be. With what we’re able to do here, this could affect different areas in the game for future updates. More! There’s more coming as well, but this is a sneak peek, so we can’t talk about everything. We’ve been hard at work, so give us a little longer and we’ll get a quality update for you, our GLORIOUS Defenders! Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon! For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
  3. If there's no pizza in it, then what's the point?
  4. Please avoid leaks. However, since it's out, we've got two series we may or may not be working on: Initial D-fender: For the trailer, click here. the other series is a sitcom called "Don't Talk To Me Or My Dragon Son Ever Again":
  5. There's an easy way to solve this: just make all stats 0. It evens out, easy peasy. :)
  6. There's going to be tons of enemies, and there's no limit to the names that we can add. As for the skins, we'll be getting a preview out for them soon (the Crystalline one is pretty amazing)! Also, from a dev stand point, the one thing we want to communicate is that we're super grateful for any and all support you guys have put out. It's seriously been a big boon for us!
  7. We're taking a radical approach and using pizza as a currency. Pineapple pizza is negative currency and explodes your wallet/bank.
  8. The current idea is that you don't get any gear until the third DLC, then you only get one piece of random gear, and it can be traded up to 7 times. Welcome to my TED talk.
  9. He's the chief crab people engineer as well, which requires a coat and hard hat.
  10. I'm Lawlta in the picture, my arms are as big and strong as a programmer's head.
  11. That fix actually should be live now, let me know if you run into again.
  12. Since we're 100% driving the direction internally, I can say what it won't be: Not a live service. We're providing offline gameplay, up to 4 player splitscreen co-op, and peer-to-peer online. Not free to play Not a DD:E, it's based off the original Dungeon Defenders, it's not a remade Dungeon Defenders. It's not going to be a MOBA, BR, or any other FotM/Y. It's going to be a Tower Defense RPG. There are people who like the DD2 model and we're going to continue to support it. That said, there are also people who want something more based on the original Dungeon Defenders, and we're using all the great things about DD1 to make this Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. If you doubt us even after us explaining these things, that's perfectly fine, but as a developer, I would go kicking and screaming if we changed our course that we've presented to people to trust us and back us this early.
  13. It's something we're working on a fix for, but they are correct, it's just not showing up (they are actually there). I'll keep you all updated if we have a hotfix coming out for this (and a few other things).
  14. LOL, the next update will not be 300 MB, it'll be much bigger than that. It was a second round of the same hotfix that was pushed out previously (for PC only, being applied to PS4 and Xbox with our update), back-end changes, and the ability to additional ways to measure performance and where things could be improved. As for the update itself, our current goal is to have it out the first half of April. We're getting almost everything into an RPG testing state for this week and then we'll go through their feedback, iterate on it, fix any bugs that are discovered, rinse, and repeat. GDC is also next week, and a handful of us are going to be out for that week (got to make sure DD:A is going to have all the sweet advancements it can). This is all while we're also doing DD:A work, we're really putting in the hours to make sure both projects are getting love.
  15. We greatly appreciate any support, any backing is HUGE to us! The support that we've received from Kickstarter, alongside the incredibly kind and encouraging comments we've received has us working in 7th gear. All together it goes a very long way. <3
  16. Defenders! We recently made the announcement that we'd be able to do a release for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. This means it is NO LONGER a stretch goal, and if we meet our goal DD:A releases on all four platforms guaranteed. For more information, check out our Kickstarter Update here! For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Team
  17. We're not commenting on anything specifically being final as of now, but we have a lot of improvements planned! :)
  18. Just to clarify, there is zero money taken out of your account at the time of your pledge. It only gets taken out after the Kickstarter campaign accomplishes it's goal.
  19. We'd be dummies if we didn't! Both games have flaws, and both have very great things in them. We're wanting to continue to evolve the series by combining the great things to make a great game. Just overall, for this thread and any others like it, if people like DD1 or DD2 better, that's perfectly fine, but it'd be a HUGE waste of time to try and argue which one is better, because it comes to a matter of preference and taste. Don't try to poke and troll one another, because we're not making a game just for one group of our players, we're trying to make a game for all of our glorious Defenders. Also Defenders aren't trolls, because trolls are in league with the Old Ones army. If you're a troll, you get a bouncing blockade tossed at you, knocking you into a geyser trap, and you take off like team rocket blasting off again. Be good to each other.
  20. Our bare minimum goal is PC and Switch. We're going to release on Xbox and PS4 regardless, it just might come a little bit later. The Kickstarter provides resources for us to make it happen faster so they can all release at the same time.
  21. You could if you back the kickstarter :)
  22. Greetings Defenders, This morning we released Hotfix 4.3.5 for PC, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One receiving the hotfix in a later larger update. We'll be monitoring the result of this hotfix carefully to watch how it affects performance. Bug Fixes Made back end changes to improve general performance and connectivity. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch Stay tuned for more info! For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
  23. We want as many platforms as possible, and aren't locked to any one currently.
  24. Kickstarter controls all payment options. We'll plan on having a backer-specific shop after the Kickstarter ends that will offer ways to back us if you were not able to during Kickstarter.
  25. I'll go through and do a quick answer for each of these, though there's a decent amount that there's not an answer we're ready to put out yet, and everything answered here is more or less subject to change (doesn't mean it will, most likely won't): Inventory accessible wherever you are during build phase, or in your tavern. N/A N/A For online multiplayer, potentially. No microtransactions. Exploring options. Pets in DDA like in DD1 is the plan. Not currently planned See above N/A If it’s in DD1, it’ll most likely be in DD:A. N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A No Like DD1, better understanding of stats. N/A N/A We have plans on eradicating this. Examples like Monster Hunter and even what the CDT guys have implemented are similar to our plans. N/A
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