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  1. The drop amounts are the same as before the update, sounds like some small sample RNG. We've seen some people getting Mods much faster and seeing 10/10's withing very few rerolls. The only change we made was to ensure that there were no more crazy extremes without seeing any for prolonged periods of time.

  2. 44f86f397e7443c7e4ebef25d7cde201.png

    There are DLC's available, if you do not see them, try restarting Steam. One thing that we noticed a while back was players wanted new DLCs to purchase, so we've been consistently updating them. The packs are going to be available at the very least until our next update. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

  3. Rerolling to get a 10/10 Mod is going to take quite some time. Exglint's number is not the actual amount, but he's right with the general thought. We want to help players work towards the ones they want, but it's not going to be just giving them away every other map. There's still that moment of "Oh hell yeah!" when you get a perfect Mod through rerolls, because it's going to be a journey, just one with multiple paths to take.

  4. @interval quote:

    Remove gear resets with AP reset and start adding new contentto the game, right now you guys just keep adding new systems to the game. That’snice but without new content it gets old fast. Make the game so we as a playerhave to push forwards and not always backwards and make it rewarding for theplayer.

    New chaos levels “8 threw 14 maybe”

    New bad guys

    New bosses

    New maps

    New story

    New heroes


    Just because we talk about one system being worked on, doesn't mean the other aspects of the game are going to be neglected. Of the list, the thing we're not going to focus on is new Chaos levels, as it creates a larger gap in our player base than we currently feel is needed. However, the others are definitely BIG focuses.

  5. Greetings Defenders,

    We have sent out instructions to Wikifenders we've accepted. The majority were sent through Discord, but for those without Discord, they were sent through Forum private messages. There's an initial setup phase and then changes should be starting shortly.

    We want to extend a thank you to everyone who applied, we are so proud at how many wanted to help make the community a better place through education. The team put together now is not final, as we'll need to make sure the amount of work done is manageable by the size of the group.

    There's more coming soon, we're excited to get things moving!

    Community Manager

  6. In our next patch, which is actually very close.

    @super_slayan quote:

    @Kambien quote:

    When is the town and inn going to be update?!? :D :D :D  We're a bit beyond halloween ;-)


    probably by the time it’s almost too late lol.

    gonna be out like days before christmas and stay until summer

    Well for you, we can create special instances to ensure this if you'd like. :)

  7. @hailminion quote:

    do we have an approximate date for the system update? santa.pngmaybe as Christmas gift to players 

    @LAWLTA quote:


    If we say we're looking into something, especially of this scale, there's no way we'd get it out within a few weeks. Being that it's something that potentially effects the economy, ancient power, and progression for all players, we need to be very careful and put in the time.

  8. @Luxuriia quote:

    From the Isle of Dread 4.0.2 post

    • Prestigious “Prototype” weapons (EV2) shard slots are now working properly.


    No way to fix it. unequipping the weapon and reequipping does nothing, doesn't fix itself going into a map, and relogging doesn't fix it either. 

    Unfortunately the change did not affect items retroactively. We are looking into ways to do so without causing issue. Any newly acquired Prestigious Canisters will work correctly. We've received reports of players getting them and all shard slots are active.

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    Meanwhile, the pervert walk to the Kindergardern where little Aliens insidiously gobles cupcakes from the Trump's wife stomach, researching poop texture discovered Putin's secret strategy, which was shockingly inbreed, but roblox sucked more...diesel? As it had suck fever it intimidated Bob BONNY as a grangus

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