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    The Defender-Centric Update is now live on PC and PlayStation 4 (we're currently working to get it out on Xbox as soon as possible)! This update contains a whole lot of love to a lot of foundational systems within Dungeon Defenders II. These changes are based off of feedback many of you have provided, and as Chromatic, we wanted to really give our GLORIOUS Defenders something that demonstrated how much we value our community. Without further ado, let's get into it!


    Shards are such an integral part to Dungeon Defenders II when it comes to empowering your heroes with great strength to take out the waves of enemies constantly thrown at you. Currently there is a lot of RNG regarding which shards you get, and to help cut down the randomness, farming lower tiered content is the easiest way to go.


    We don’t want that. We want you playing content you find engaging, while being able to acquire the Shards you want. With this update, you can! We're adding in the Shard Shop, a service that the Gran Ma'ster now offers. Visiting her allows you to purchase Shards directly from her, from Campaign to Chaos VII. There is also search functionality so you can search for the Shard you want and cut down the hunt!


    Chaos VIII Shards are a new tier of shard, that some of you may have snagged before. We went through and found a way to make these shards feel like a good reward for climbing higher Onslaught, and have them compete with similar Shards. You can get them after a certain point in Onslaught, similar to when you start receiving Chaos VIII Ampoules.


    We want players enjoying Ancient Power as much as they can, and our big goal was making sure that Defenders could play content they found engaging, while working towards a specific goal. Enter Material Conversion. Material Conversion allows you to take a Pristine quality material and convert it to the same type of material of a lower quality. This makes it so that if you are climbing Onslaught, or playing higher Chaos, you're always gaining usable materials to acquire Ancient Power.


    That's not all though! As you play Chaos VII and above, you can take your Chaos VII Ampoules and convert them into CHAOS VIII AMPOULES! We want players upgrading and getting Chaos VIII gear, so this is a step towards making that process feel good and not entirely beholden to RNG. We’ll be using this as a basis for any additional changes/additions made to Ancient Power.



    One thing that we love is the ability to customize the heroes in Dungeon Defenders II. Weapons are part of the epic-ness (or silliness) that can really show off your own personal taste. This update provides over 30 NEW Weapons that are currently unobtainable. These weapons are gained by climbing through different tiers of Onslaught. The higher you go, the more epic the weapons become! These weapons scale upon opening the gifts to your progression (to a cap, like Chaos VII items). There's a ton to hunt down, and if you happen to get the same weapon repeatedly, no worries — you can trade it to your friends!

    Poison Mods in the form of Chips are coming with this update. This Mod can be find in Lost Temple for now. Poison can be applied to weapons to give them an additional damage over time effect. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! If earth damage is dealt to a poisoned enemy, they now become PETRIFIED, freezing them in place, turning them to stone, and causing their fellow enemies to attack them!

    We understand that a lot of Defenders that come to Dungeon Defenders II want to start the game off with their friends. This update includes the ability to complete the New User Experience (the first three tutorial levels) with friends. The flow has also been adjusted so that new Defenders get to town faster and instead of having to complete the tutorial maps first.





    • Towers
      • Hailstorm Tower
        • Increased damage scaling to 4.7 from 4.5 (5% BUFF)
    • Abilities
      • Arc Lightning
        • Increased scaling to 42 from 40 (5% BUFF)


    • Abilities
      • Two at Twice the Price
        • Increased scaling to 5.5 from 5 (10% BUFF)
      • Broomvault
        • Increased scaling to 37 from 35 (6% BUFF)
      • Broom Swarm
        • Increased scaling to 12 from 10 (15% BUFF)


    • Towers
      • Poison Dart Tower
        • Now deals Poison damage by default. This provides the same rules as other elemental damage towers, where Mods cannot apply a second form of elemental damage, but Shards can.


    • Abilities
      • Draining Strike
        • Increased scaling to 27 from 25 (8% BUFF)


    • Towers
      • Maw of the Earth Drake
        • Defense Unit cost reduced to 40 from 50 (20% BUFF)
        • Defense Health Scaling reduced from 225 to 175
      • Fissure of Embermount
        • Increased scaling to 2.2 from 2.0 (10% BUFF)
      • Oil Geyser
        • Health scaling increased to 0.2 from 0.1 (50% BUFF)
      • Volcano
        • Increased damage scaling to 9.51 from 9.31 (3% BUFF)
        • Increased range scaling to 1.5555 from 1.3334 (15% BUFF)
    • Abilities
      • Eruption
        • Increased Tower Defense Power scaling to 1.3 from 1.2 (8% BUFF)


    • Towers
      • Sand Viper
        • Increased damage scaling to 6.975 from 6.875 (2% BUFF)
      • Snaking Sands
        • Increased range scaling to 0.1534 from 0.1334 (15% BUFF)


    Abyss Lord

    • Power of the Knight (Gloves)
      • Increased damage boost scaling to 5 from 3 per level (66% BUFF)


    • World Tree McBufferson (Relic)
      • Increased shield bonus to 15 from 10 per level (50% BUFF)


    • Broomnado Power (Boots)
      • Increased damage scaling to 3.5 from 3.0 (17% BUFF)
    • Scatter Power (Chest)
      • Increased damage scaling from 3.5 to 3.0 (17% BUFF)
    • Snipe Critical Strike (Weapon)
      • Increased Critical Chance to 3 from 2 per level (50% BUFF)


    • Crumbling Stone (Relic)
      • Increased damage multiplier to 1.5 from 1.0 per level (50% BUFF)
    • Shattering Stones (Boots)
      • Increased detonation damage to 45 from 40 per level (13% BUFF)
    • Volcanic Might (Relic)
      • Increased stun chance to 2% from 1.5% per level (33% BUFF)
    • Volcano Mega Rock (Relic)
      • Increase Defense Power scaling to 200 from 150 per level (33% BUFF)


    • Lashing Power (Chest)
      • Increased damage to 3.5 from 3.0 per level (17% BUFF)
    • Split Vipers (Relic)
      • No longer removes ramp up damage (BUFF)
    • Debilitating Madness (Gloves)
      • Increased damage amplification to 3.5 from 3.0 (17% BUFF)



    • Fixed an issue with Pristine Motes not dropping correctly from Victory Chests (now drops a stack of five).
    • Fixed an issue with Shattequake triggering Mod effects based off the heroes equipped weapon.
    • Fixed an issue with poison sometimes not applying towards the Controller Burn mutator.
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed users to generate infinite mana with the Dryad.
    • Adjusted error messaging when players were pushed to the main menu from the tutorial maps.
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed users to generate unlimited defense mana.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed defense effects to stay after being sold.
    • Adjusted the messaging from the second tutorial map.
    • Adjusted messaging that indicated a map had not been unlocked yet.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to get infinite help.


    • Shattering Stones, Explosive Poison, Snake Bomb, and Explosive Finale shards are not working correctly.
    • Poison damage is not procc'ing correctly on Target Dummies.
    • The Wayfarer is still in his winter clothes, we’ll get him a new pair of clothes in our next patch/hotfix.
    • Poison Dart Tower does not have an attunement icon.

    To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

    The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon!

    For Etheria!

    The Dungeon Defenders II Team

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  2. 11 hours ago, Crombell said:

    I've "heard" that there's been difficulty getting surveys ready, but not from any official source

    Have they actually commented on anything regarding this post-funding, and if so where should one go to see this?

    I don't want to sound impatient, just been excitedly checking my email, the kickstarter page, the forums and the discord 'news' page this past week

    I don't know where you heard that, there's not difficulties (i.e. issues), it's just making sure our surveys encompass everything the Kickstarter rewards entail for every tier and validating the information needed per (i.e. it wouldn't make sense and would confuse people at the $20 tier if we asked them for their t-shirt size and when they'd like to fly in to design a weapon). We'll be getting a post-Kickstarter update out today to give people a heads up, we've just been busy running at 200% to get stuff done! :D

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  3. We did not know there was an issue with purchases until yesterday, and then we didn't know where the problem was. On our end we did not receive any confirmation of the purchase (the "keys" act as sort of a communication/validation bridge for purchases), but we also did not know there was an expiration with keys.

    With your ticket, for the quickest turn around, providing a receipt or proof of purchase speeds the process up, so if you can include that, it's very helpful (also make sure to include all relevant information, like your Xbox Gamertag).

  4. The issue is that we recently changed over to an Xbox Partner Program, and our original key (unbeknownst to us) had "expired" over the weekend. For people who have put in support tickets, with a receipt or some sort of proof of purchase, we have been getting them their packs while we work with Xbox to get this sorted out.

    That said, our support is not 24/7, their work hours are throughout the day EDT, and may take up to 48 hours to respond M-F. We spent a good portion of the day trying to figure out what was going on (alongside all the DD2 and DD:A work we're doing), and were able to get to the bottom of it late yesterday.

    We're a small group of developers who want to do our best to provide a good experience in all facets of the game as much as we can. Yesterday I had not seen this thread, but we're usually very quick to respond to issues and explain what is going on. It's very disheartening to think that the first reaction to this issue is that we're trying to "steal" money or "threaten" to sue us before we get a chance to respond, when our goal has been to be as transparent and player-friendly as possible.

    If you haven't yet, submit a support ticket, and your purchases will be applied as soon as possible while we resolve this issue.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Batophobia said:

    Not saying they will all be welcome additions, but I suspect the following DD2 features to show up:

    - A hub map instead of joining random taverns
    - Premium currency shop (generally cosmetic items)
    - More of a tutorial
    - Pet eggs
    - Auto-collect features for drops
    - Elemental combos
    - More customization options (such as skill spheres and tower skins)
    - Better loot drop visuals (colored light pillars from the items)
    - Daily/Weekly challenges

    Also likely to appear are some new maps/defenses/weapons/modes/etc from DD2.

    - Maybe?
    - No
    - Less text than DD1 tutorial, for sure.
    - Probably not
    - Maybe?
    - Maybe?
    - Not planned.
    - Maybe?
    - Maybe?

    We're focusing on the getting the core done first with new visuals, and then building, designing, and iterating on that. Get the foundation right with core features, then focus on the extras outside of that.

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    Tomorrow, March 29th at 3PM EDT, we're going to have a Live Q&A session on Twitch for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened! In order to get questions answered easily and have prepared answers, we're asking any and all of you to post any questions you may have here.

    Make sure to read all the posts before yours so that questions aren't repeated, and we'll do our best to answer them during the stream.

    We're excited to discuss more of what we've been working. :)

    For Etheria!

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  7. 3 hours ago, hailminion said:

    I will come out as an example. I got banned and not allowed to post yesterday 03/26/2019, so apparently whatever I said couple days before yesterday (03/24 - 03/25 ? I guess?) was  seemed as "bullying" and "harassing" users by regulation. 

    For whoever is interested, I believe you can click into my profile and read what I posted for the last couple days. Use me as the line, and don't cross it. Hope this helps :)


    umm, apparently the message - when I pinged MEA, and said "daily mastery challenge is a great idea"-got erased as well, you can still see it when MEA quotes me again, but my post is erased. So my hunch is, the regulation's key word is "aforementioned"? I'm just guessing cuz they don't really tell you the reason or sentence when they restrict you from posting. 

    I actually was the one to undo whatever was done to your account. You got accidentally included in a clean sweep of bots. I talked to the person who initiated that sweep, and they said they had no idea how you were included, but there wasn't any specific reason you were flagged as far as I'm aware.

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  8. Greetings Defenders,

    Our expansion, Power of the Ancients is right around the corner. As a game and studio we are constantly evolving, and are trying to provide the best experience for our players and community both in-game and out. To not only keep the forums as a place to share with one another and provide great feedback, we want to make sure it only gets better as our community grows. This means we are updating our guidelines slightly to maintain a constructive, welcoming, and awesome atmosphere. Let’s take a look!

    Posting Guidelines Update

    1. Courtesy and Respect - Our game is full of a wide variety of people with various backgrounds. There is zero tolerance for insults directed towards sex, sexual orientation, race, spiritual background, disabilities, language barriers, handicaps, preferred platform, skill level, or anything used as an attempt to degrade another user.

      1. Users - Harassing or bullying other users will not be tolerated. This is a place for people to share their experience in-game, and come together as a community. Disagreeing or not liking a particular user does not turn the forums into a platform for the aforementioned.

      2. Dev Bashing - As developers in an ever-changing game, we are susceptible to making mistakes. We’re people, just like you, making a game that we hope you enjoy. Sometimes things don’t turn out how you may particularly like it, sometimes we overlook something. We see every post, and constantly encourage constructive criticism. The majority of the changes we make to the game are based off this feedback, and we’re thankful for your support in making the game better wherever we can. That said, we’re human, and prefer to be treated as such, so insults and talking-down will not be tolerated and promptly removed.

    2. Posting Standards - We want the forums to be a social hub where people feel welcomed and come to converse or inform one another. You all do a great job of helping others when asked, or informing them of ways they could improve if they are running into a wall they can’t quite get over. They are active discussions, and they are wonderful to see within the community. To have the forums continue to be a welcoming platform, moderators will remove posts that are: rants/rage-based, misleading titles, advertisements, spam, discussing closed/removed threads/posts, or any other inappropriate material.

    3. Privacy - Posting real life information of yourself or another user will be removed. Personal information will be removed regardless of the format it is provided in, and focuses primarily around name, address, e-mail, account information, IP addresses, or any other identifying info.

    4. Game Data Leaks - Within our ToS we discuss that you should not be datamining any information, along with sharing protected information. If we see this information posted, we will remove it without discretion. Things change with a live game, and we want to avoid misinformation or specific expectations being set that would not be met.

    5. NSFW material - This is anything that includes gore, pornographic, or otherwise adult in nature or offensive content.

    6. Trolling - Baiting users and belittling one another will not be tolerated.

    7. Anything skirting the line as inappropriate behavior under the discretion of CG or Moderators.

    If there is a failure to meet these guidelines (as well as our rules and guidelines posted here), we will at minimum execute the following:

    • First Offense - Private Message Warning

    • Second Offense - Two Week Suspension

    • Third Offense - Permanent Suspension

    The first two offenses will fall off after a year from when they were initially issued. The moderation team will be able to track this information easily, so if you receive a warning and want to inquire about them, reach out to us. You will be notified of any warnings/suspensions.

    Sometimes we may not be the first to see something that may be against our guidelines. If you happen to see anything that concerns you, feel free to reach out to me or any of our moderators:

    These changes will not apply to the vast majority of our community, because you all tend to be pretty amazing and know how to present yourselves as such. We’re just making sure that we can continue to cultivate a growing community where people like you will feel welcomed and enjoy their time here.

    Stay awesome, Defenders!

    The Dungeon Defenders II Team

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