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  1. I believe I answered your question in Discord, but currently, we still don't know, and won't for a little while. We've got to get the game pretty much finished before we lockdown anything. When we find out, you find out is the approach we're taking.
  2. If anyone else is having trouble with this that may not have got a survey (i.e. our BackerKit backers), you can write to preorder@chromatic.games and request the change (as long as it's from the e-mail you used for backerkit).
  3. We're going to have a big update this Friday that outlines EVERYTHING we've been working on and how we've evolved as a studio. We agree that we've been silent for a longer time than we'd want, which we'll explain why in our update. While we're not probably going to be providing weekly updates, we are going to have a lot more stuff to show off in the coming months. We'll be showing the actual hero concepts this week, and then ramping up the stuff we're showing off more and more.
  4. It's a new hardcore mode where if your hero dies, it gets deleted from your account. If you only have one of those heroes created, you have to acquire them allllll over again. Or it's not that at all. It's probably not that at all.
  5. We've provided the options that are available. If you would like to lower your tier to another tier and receive a refund (or an entire refund), send an e-mail to preorder@chromatic.games .
  6. If there was an option on Backerkit to allow the refund directly, we would have set it up. However, it requires us to make the change through Kickstarter directly.
  7. If you lower your tier and don't plan on spending any credits on additional copies or merchandise, contact preorder@chromatic.games to do so, letting them know which tier you wish to lower it to, and they will refund the difference. Doing it through Backerkit provides funds so that people can lower their tier and potentially purchase another copy of the game (which is why the credit is applied).
  8. There are not going to be any gems in DD:A and we are not going to transfer anything over. The options provided are the best options available.
  9. We send the keys out in a weekly batch (usually on Mondays, this week it was delayed to Thursday). So if you haven't received your keys, send an e-mail to preorder@chromatic.games if you bought it over a week ago and still have not received your keys.
  10. We haven't sent out ANY physical goods. Those won't be coming until much closer to release. Sounds like your friend might be fibbin' it up.
  11. The initial Dungeon Defenders 2012 Complete collection codes have been sent out. DD2 codes will be sent out after our next patch (which contains said costumes). Any Dungeon Defenders: Awakened digital rewards will come with its release.
  12. She won't be part of the base game, but she's definitely someone we want to add down the road! :D
  13. Assuming I'm looking at the correct threads (since you linked them), it looks like they removed by AutoMod due to reporting. Regarding any kind of refund regarding the shipping costs, please contact our support through BackerKit, and they will begin to process either the shipping cost or a full refund for your pledge.
  14. We're working on it now, when it's ready.
  15. The plan is in the next patch, these costumes will be added to the game, and shortly after codes for those costumes will be sent out.
  16. We're looking to get the Dungeon Defenders 2012 codes out ASAP after we get the surveys back (shouldn't be much longer). If that changes and they come out sooner, we'll let people know. We'll be sending them out in a batch to save us time, and then we'll be getting them out in weekly batches as orders as we have to approve and lock them before we can get them sent out. As for DD:A and DD:A-related goods, those'll be upon release. :)
  17. Russia is on the list now. It's a manual setup (that has had some wonky save/update settings), so if a country is missing that falls within what we outlined, let us know, and we'll be sure to get it added.
  18. DD:A — Not on release. No guarantee, but definitely not with release. DDIII — That is too far down the road, as we haven't even started work on that project. One at a time.
  19. You don't need a survey because you were not part of the Kickstarter backers. The transaction and information needed should already be completed (a valid e-mail address). Once these goods are sent out, they will be sent to the e-mail address you listed on your account.
  20. Specifically because of the shipping issues we ran into with other products is why we're not offering specifically the Joy-Con vinyl covers. That's why in the description for that item, it explicitly states where it is available: Because we have fulfillment setup for the T-shirts, the T-shirts on the store follow the same shipping rates that our Kickstarter backers receive, and are included to be shipped to the same locations. The postcard is treated like a postcard, so we handle the very simple shipping on it. Everything else on the store is a digital good, so shipping is not something that is a part of the transaction.
  21. For any further discussions on the shipping cost, please use the megathread outlined here. In regards to the shipping costs added onto the vinyl JoyCon, we're only shipping to continental NA for those. BackerKit does not permit us to restrict it from appearing to only certain region, and their official recommendation is to add a severe shipping cost as shown there. If you are getting that increased cost in the continental US or Canada, please let me know. Otherwise, that is by all means intended.
  22. Defenders, We’ve been receiving and pouring over the feedback about the additional shipping fee that our international backers are having to cover in order to receive physical goods at various tiers. Last week we outlined what the options available were, which we put up as soon as possible while we investigated everything going on. The options provided are still the options we have, but we wanted to provide more background info as to why this happened. Our goal at Chromatic is to be as transparent as possible, and this is an opportunity for us to do so. Originally when we created our Kickstarter campaign, in our setup we were told that shipping fees are included in the information collection stage (surveys). The guidance we had received from the fulfillment company we were going to use insisted that this was the best practice, because based on the success of the Kickstarter, shipping rates could vary because of the bulk of the order, and we’d be charging customers unfairly. We ended up not going with our original fulfillment company, as the prices were incredibly steep and included a higher shipping fee added, something we learned a little too late into the process. During our Kickstarter campaign, we had to then pivot and get setup with BackerKit very quickly. We ended up working with a local company to do fulfillment and decided to soften the blow of having to pay for international shipping by eating a portion of the shipping cost. This is why US shipping is free, and international shipping is at $30. It is much higher than that, but the more we start to cover, the entire order for us starts going into the negative. This means our options would be to cancel certain orders, or provide an opportunity to still get the goods ordered. We went with the latter, and provided two options in a post we listed last week. The options provided here are still the options that we have available to us, with an additional one as well. However, we want to try and make things right to the best of our ability. So here’s what we’re going to do in addition: For any international backer that pays the shipping fee, we are also going to provide a redeem code for 3300 Gems in Dungeon Defenders II. We are going to provide a redeem code for 1100 Gems in Dungeon Defenders II for international backers who pay the shipping fee and then put in a ticket to have the shipping fee refunded, to compensate for the fact that you are not getting a t-shirt/poster (depending on your tier). Downgrade your pledge below the $40 (USD) pledge tier that does not have any physical goods. You would miss out on any higher pledge digital bonuses, but this would give BackerKit credit, allowing you to use any excess funds to be spent toward other goods (such as an additional copy for a friend or another platform to play with cross-saves). This would not require any additional shipping fees as there are not any physical goods to receive. Refund the entire pledge. For any option that requires a downgrade or refund, please contact preorder@chromatic.games . We want to make sure that our supporters are taken care of and happy, without making others feel left out. This is what we want to do to help make an unfortunate situation into a better one. We’ll offer clarity where we can, and to keep things concise, we’ll be moving any further discussions on the topic to this thread so that it’s easier for information to be disseminated. We’re currently manually working through all the support tickets that we’ve received ourselves instead of BackerKit support, as we want to make sure that every bit of support is appropriately handled, so it might take a little longer, but we believe we'll have a better outcome as a result. Moving forward, we’ll do our best to avoid things of this nature. We’re still working hard, and will have some amazing stuff to show for DD:A over the next couple of months. For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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