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  1. The way she's doing it is the superior method of playing trains. It's how Rick Trevithick meant for trains to be played/simulated. Glad you're enjoying the changes, we've got a ton more coming! :)
  2. This is the reason (on top of us confirming what we figured players wanted, which this more or less has so far). In Management, sure. In Marketing/Sociology you'd focus on getting an accurate answer, in this case what people want. Everyone will most of the time want everything they can get, limiting choice though gives you an idea of what they want more, which is the point of this survey. That's why the notice on the survey has "...but will be helpful in gauging interest for them to be added." You may be able to interpret it in other ways (as indicated by this thread), but I'll set the record straight here: Selecting 10 does not mean we are only looking at bringing 10 shards back. We may bring them all, we may bring 10, or we may bring none. There's no hard set amount.
  3. I must have missed the part where we said a specific number, if ANY, of them are coming back.
  4. This is the real take away here. We want to improve the browsing for sure, it's on a list of stuff that we think needs attention, just not quite yet. Letting you know it's on the radar though! :) Does Trendy have a giant wishlist that includes all the changes TE would like to see from little issues to large? Cause I'd love to see this thing. Guess you couldn't publish it though cause everyone would suddenly find their 1 thing and be up in arms that it isn't being fixed. :P I'll give you a rundown of my personal list: 1. Pizza Wings 2. Pizza Hat 3. Stuff the community wants
  5. My good chum, that overlapping donut MSPaint is an MSmasterpiece, do not doubt yourself!
  6. This is the real take away here. We want to improve the browsing for sure, it's on a list of stuff that we think needs attention, just not quite yet. Letting you know it's on the radar though! :)
  7. Tested it, have a bug in for it now. Thanks! :)
  8. Depends on the impact of the Hotfix and if it was on all platforms. For today, it was Xbox receiving the Hotfix 3.1 that had already been put out on PS4 and PC.
  9. This is how it's done on Twitter This is how it's done on Facebook
  10. They drop specifically from gear in chests.
  11. A lot of the mods have special functionality tied to their firing solutions, primary attacks, and secondary attacks. There's no way to move that functionality to another item (at least currently), and removing it from the item requires a lot of work to replace those functions. It seems more that players want a transmog system outside of what Tinkering offers via item customization. We have been continuously investigating the functionality for that type of system, we're just not sure if we'll be able to do it yet.
  12. Try moving the evolve material in your bags from one slot to another. This is a known issue that we're working on a fix for. :)
  13. If you move the evolve material required to evolve the pet (Vial of _____ for example), move it from one spot in your inventory to another. It's an issue we're aware of and are working on. :)
  14. Please put in a ticket with our Community Support Team. If you have already put one in, do not put in another, there is a high volume of tickets right now. Please do not necro old threads.
  15. I hope it does! :D I was just saying that those items aren't tradeable because the moment someone gets an upgrade, they trade it away, and there's an over-saturation of items in the market.
  16. PSN is currently running into some issues.
  17. We're doing a Double XP Weekend until Monday 4PM EDT! It's time to pump you up!
  18. There were some PSN issues yesterday. Are you still unable to get in?
  19. Put in a ticket with Community Support.
  20. There's a couple things you could try: - Verifying your files through Steam. - Make sure any firewall you has the game listed to allow connections. - Re-install the game. If these don't work, please try contacting our Community Support Team.
  21. The majority of the things you've listed here are things we've specifically already addressed that we're currently working on in our Check-In. There's no need for the condescending tone, especially when we have actively increased communication and outlined exactly what we're doing. "Explain the logic" and then speaking down hardly warrants a response. People work very hard to produce this game for you, the players, so when wanting to start a dialogue, treating the other party negatively out the gate does not bode well.
  22. It's actually 540%+, meaning 640% total (intended). Let me just get my nerf dog excited, and awayyyyyyyyyyyy we go! Also Muggs using a different forum name, pretty clever.
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