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  1. In our next big update, we have a lot of love coming for group play and matchmaking. It's something we're working towards making substantially better.
  2. If you have a method of doing this, please submit it to our Bug Site, others will not be able to see it unless we approve it to be viewable by others, which in this case, we most definitely would not.
  3. Going to be locking this thread as it's not leading to anything constructive, except picking at one another. Aint nobody got time for that.
  4. Tested it, had it happen, have got it bugged now. Thanks for reporting it, we'll get a fix out for it! :)
  5. If you don't have something nice/constructive to say, try to avoid it. Just a reminder to keep it civil, folks. 1. Lawlta 2. Lawlta 3. Lawlta 4. Lawlta Because I spit hotfire.
  6. Not only the screenshot, but the ad-lib meme, I love everything going on here.
  7. I can only say that it will happen on a weekend.
  8.  Greetings Defenders, We're interested in feedback regarding multiplayer incentives and would love to get some feedback from you all. Fill out this survey and you are entered to win ANY cosmetic that is currently available in the game. This opportunity is only available until July 31st 12 PM EDT.
  9. The google form was taken down, as we're no longer looking at it, so having players fill it in would be moot. Try filing a Community Support ticket and they can look into the account for you. :)
  10. Try reloading into a town or private tavern and see if they appear. Also check if they went to the Scavenger. If they still aren't back, contact our Community Support team and they'll look into potentially rolling the account back to restore the shards.
  11. Glad to hear you guys are enjoying it, there's a lot more coming! We did a title on the initial release for the top 10 players to complete it per platform (and we did 7 weeks of releasing a new tier). This is a solid suggestion though, I'll see what I can do. :)
  12. Yes, not so end game players AND mid-tier players as they are progressing could have additional challenging content that encouraged team play and did not take a ton of resources to develop while also making the Power of the Ancients expansion, it was laziness. There's no need to insult one another (or us for that matter), as it's just going to provide a bad reputation and prevent future communication. You attract more flies with honey.
  13. There are issues adding additional shard slots to these older items. There are currently no plans to add them as a result, this affects a very small number of players in very specific circumstances.
  14. Greeting Defenders, Today we released Hotfix 3.1.2 on PC and PlayStation 4, with Xbox One receiving the update later! This update addresses some bugs, crashes, and updates some back-end changes with game clients. Let’s get into it! Bug FixesFixed an issue where users on Steam with the same name, while in the same area caused issues with Player Shops. Fixed an issue with older Mastery Shards being sold by the Scavenger if they ended up on him. (If you’re missing Mastery Shards, please put in a Community Support Ticket here) Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances allowed players to login with the same account twice. Fixed an issue when stacks of items are sold, their buyback price was much higher than the sale price. Fixed an issue on consoles where players were sometimes kicked when interacting with the war table. Fixed an issue where the Jackpot Shard was potentially proccing on wave completion. Fixed an issue with third party programs potentially altering game inputs. On PlayStation 4, fixed an issue when the intro video plays causing crashes. (If you still run into this, please report it) Remember, if you run into any bugs, please let us know at our bug site. Also, check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch That’s it for now on, but we have much more coming. We can’t wait to share news of what’s on the horizon, so stay tuned! For Etheria, The Dungeon Defenders II Team
  15. Please do not necro threads. Feel free to create a new thread.
  16. If you are purchasing pet food for nothing, we will need to investigate this, as that would be unintended.
  17. One change that I was sad not to see suggested: Pizza Wings - Wings made of heavenly pizza that are a flair.
  18. The way it works is that if you do take damage that would kill you, it restores you to X% of health. There's no death animation for it, or any warning. We're currently looking into getting some VFX for it so it stands out more. The Mod is working from all of our tests.
  19. Our updates have been pushed within the same amount of time (more or less). If you do a little investigating, you can figure out what that may look like for the next update. We have been more open with what we're working on, but giving specifics is never a great idea as things change during development. As for not Ancient Powering because of future changes. Ancient Power is a system that is going to be continuously built upon, previously it was just stats and xp/gold bonuses, this expansion added a unique weapon that is created only through Ancient Power, the next update is addressing some of the community concerns with the system, and then past that you'll have to wait and see. It's a system that's meant to be taken part of more than once, so if you continue to wait to do it because of the next update, you'll never end up doing it, because there could potentially be more added. That said, if you are going to do an Ancient Power grind, there are some players here who have (and can give more) tips on what you should do if you plan on grinding it out.
  20. You can buy them from other players which is good seeing as the prestigious weapon can roll for any class including ones you don't have if I am not mistaken :) I left that detail out to see if anyone would pick up what I was throwing down (because I've made that same response when people have said that it's there's only one way to get them). Thank you for giving attention to detail. <3
  21. One missed note, you also gain a random Prestigious Weapon that has a unique Mod on it that can't be attained any other ways.
  22. Plot Twist: This was plan all along, MUAHAHAHAHAHA
  23. Please put in a ticket with our Community Support team. They will be able to get all your items restored via a rollback, which means if you've made any progress after the rollback date, you will lose it.
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