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  1. I'm assuming when you said "replay button" you meant "Replay From Wave", as the summary screen replay button is a different feature. If you're referring to the post game summary screen replay button, then disregard what's below, but I'm not sure what your point is necessarily if that's the case.

    @Uchihia quote:
    so you are saying that you guys where aware a replay button was needed when you designed the map but because of "technical issues"  you decided to release the map anyways since there is no correcting it  :/.... just a little confused    

    The below response is correct:

    @malf quote:
    Lost Temple was designed AND released WAY before the "Replay Wave" functionality was released. They didn't design & release a map that wouldn't fit into the "Replay..." feature, they designed & released a feature that didn't apply to an existing map. It's a simple, but crucial distinction.

    Replay from wave was never an initial design with Onslaught. It was a response to community feedback (again, something we pride ourselves on with the amount of resources we have), and it was either hold the feature entirely, or get it out to enjoy 95%+ of it. It made gameplay more enjoyable and didn't take away from anything, so we saw nothing wrong with implementing it while looking for potential routes to climb the mountain that was Lost Temple getting Replay From Wave. If this is disagreed with, that's fine, but it's not what we believe was the better path to take, and what we believe the majority of our players wanted.

    Edit: One thing that is important to note is that we didn't want to get word out on overcoming the technical hurdles provided while we were investigating/working on it until we were sure there was a way to do so. Promising something and then saying we can't do it is something that we try to avoid doing as much as possible.

  2. @Gelostar quote:

    The initial post was asking for binding 8+ heroes. Deck swapping is another tremendous feat that again, a minority of players would probably utilize, on top of the UX challenges that a system like that presents. It's just not a strong enough feature to try and develop because of the time it would take us for a small portion of our community.

  3. This comes up from time to time, and we tend to address it, but here are just a few reasons we don't do it:

    • Keeping data constraints lower for smoother gameplay.
    • Easily understand it for new players.
    • Avoid balancing content for 12+ hero decks.
    • Development time is tremendous for something that's just seen as QoL for a minority of the game (and most likely too overwhelming to use for the majority).
    • Lose out on adding new content and reacting to live concerns (i.e. Mod drop rates).

    Regardless of the flows on how to make it usable can be provided it is not something that we are going to be working on.

  4. @Exglint quote:

    tldr Exclusive stuff doesn't make me feel anymore special than the next person why have it when you can continue to make money with it

    Which is why we don't do it anymore.

    We don't have any more exclusives, but because of the promise with previous content being promised as exclusive, we cannot go back on that claim (as it was a part of the sale, and could cause infinitely more problems than any positives).

  5. @Mr. StrangerDanger quote:

    @LAWLTA quote:

    Unleashed quote:



    I truly understand your approach to this issue and we thank you as a community to address this issue. Also, was anything considered regarding colors or MOD image, so it easier to distinguish every MOD level? I'm having a really hard time to figure out if something is a 8/10 or 9/10... I tried to change my colors on my monitor, but it's not obvious enough to figure out.

    Yes, this:


  6. @Unleashed quote:


    This is an issue that gained a lot of traction within a week. It's something we spent a good chunk of time investigating over two days to come up with a good short term solution, and as mentioned, there is more coming. We'll be keeping an eye on drop rates after this patch and after our update to see if it needs to be cranked up even more. It would be incredibly cavalier and reckless to change the drop rates any more drastic than what we're doing, as it could potentially ruin how it feels to actually get one, oversaturate the market, make them worthless, and then any nerf brought provides even more negative backlash. It'd just be a bad decision for everyone.

    While it's not best to measure how often you see an item drop in time, I can tell you that actively playing hundreds of hours to see a single 10/10 mod drop is not anywhere close to the intended time we'd expect players to see one. In fact, we know that it's not what the average player runs into, but have personally experienced what it feels like to be an outlier and extreme outlier (we did some rigorous testing over two entire days of running sims). Players that have not ran into this issue usually do not come give feedback to point out it doesn't feel good, because to them, the system is working and doesn't warrant a response (though there are some who have come saying it feels good to them in this thread and others). We want to make that feeling standard, with no outliers, so we're giving a ONE WEEK turn around change based on player feedback to help make things better in the short term (something that we think sets us apart from a lot of games), while we work on a more complex fix to ensure the system feels substantially better. Even after all these increases and changes, we'll monitor and see if we need to increase it even more.

  7. This seems to be spiraling, so instead of addressing a ton of questions in a shotgun approach, I'll go with the initial subject of the thread.

    We're looking into the drop rate of high quality mods, specifically 10/10. There's only one way for their drop rate to go, and that is up. We'll keep you posted on changes to come. :)

  8. Ahoy Defenders!

    Hotfix 4.0.5 is now live on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. We’ve got some fixes to address a few issues that came with the Isle of Dread, let’s dive in!

    Burning Souls Bundle

    The Burning Souls Bundle has returned to Etheria, available now in the Emporium!

    Bug Fixes

    • Addressed an issue with PS4 crashing when launching the game.

    • Fixed an issue when inspecting items on the ground would cause large FPS/performance drops.

    • Fixed an issue where older items kept pre-Protean Shift stats.

    • Removed the “Create hero at level 1” text when renaming a hero.

    • Fixed an issue that was causing Consecutive Win bonuses to be inconsistent between multiple players with different bonuses.

    • Fixed an issue with 5001 errors appearing due to Campaign (Hard) maps not being recognized properly.

    A lot of you submit bug reports constantly, and we make sure to squash as many of them as we can. As with any expansion, there are a lot of fixes coming your way. Please continue to submit them to our bug site, your help is invaluable to knocking out some of the pesky issues that appear.

    Social Defenders

    There’s a lot of people playing Dungeon Defenders II, and a lot of them gather on our social hubs. When it comes to finding other players, figuring out how to conquer a specific challenge, or just wanting to get to know others in the community, or getting the latest DD2 news, you can’t go wrong with our social platforms:

    We’re still working hard knocking out any remaining issues, and also working on what’s next. There’s more where this came from, there’s so much more coming for Dungeon Defenders II. For now though, set sail!

    For Etheria!

    The Dungeon Defenders II Team

  9. @Cheshirio quote:

    Protean Shift Patch 3.1

    Protean Shift Hotfix 3.1.1

    Protean ShiftHotfix 3.1.2

    Protean ShiftHotfix 3.2.1

    Protean ShiftHotfix 3.2.2

    Isle of Dread4.0.2

    Isle of Dread4.0.3

    Isle of Dread4.0.4

    Isle of DreadHotfix 4.0.5

    Still not fixed

    @LAWLTA quote:

    This is an issue we're aware of and are getting a fix for it in our next patch :)

    Don't necro threads. Instead create a new thread and reference a previous one.

    I believe this specific issue was addressed. When pulling our change log and our team removes the changes that don't need to be included in patch notes (i.e. lighting affecting a specific texture differently), rarely another change gets removed, so it's not added to patch notes.

    We have not seen anyone run into this issue, and the floors have changed for these flairs. If you're having a specific issue, please put in a ticket with our Community Support team.

  10. @Lemniscate quote:

    @Xuhybrid quote:

    I changed the DNS settings in my router and all the timeouts and crashes disappeared. Started out by swapping to the modem (which worked) and tested from there.

    well i have no idea how to do that T_T ill try to look it up but still would be nice if im not suppose to do that at all.Thanks sir anyway ill try

    We put out a hotfix for PC this morning that should address this issue. Let us know if you still run into it after getting the hotfix.

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