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  1. Hey all, I'd like to introduce myself: I'm Alec "Lawlta" Saare, and I've recently joined Trendy as a Community Coordinator, I'll be working with [[4370,users]] to help with community management and involvement! With the recent official release of the game, there has been a surge in the player base that has been both fantastic and a bit overwhelming. I'm here to help with the ease of these growing pains and make everyone's lives a little easier as the game moves forward. A little bit about my background: I've been playing video games since I was four, "no life'd" several MMORPG releases, ha
  2. [[170445,users]] So if you stay in the tavern for too long (without opening your inventory) it can cause the game to freeze, or if you stay in the tavern for too long while looking at your inventory it can cause the game to freeze?
  3. What are your PC specs? What resolution are you running the game in; Are you doing fullscreen, windowed, or fullscreen-windowed?
  4. When you are looking through your loot and equipping upgrades, are you doing it in the tavern or during/at the end of waves, and on any specific map?
  5. @Lawlta it happens almost on every map where lady orcs appear - from what I have seen it's since they pile up and push towards the barricade fast and hard they sometimes happen to be pushed to the opposite side and seems like barricades aggro doesn't work as effective on them. Situation when bosses ignore barricades and straight through to the core I personally seen on maps: Unholy Catacombs and The Dead Road. What platform are you playing on?
  6. Are you able to take any screenshots of this happening?
  7. What platform are you playing on, and have you noticed it on any specific maps?
  8. What platform is this on? Does the whole screen turn black, or just a portion of it? For the inventory inspect, what is not working reliably (items not appearing, showing the wrong items, etc)?
  9. Try putting in a support ticket with customer support.
  10. Try putting in a ticket with any relevant screenshots to customer support.
  11. Where is this happening in particular (on game launch, main menu, connecting to tavern, connecting to map, etc)?
  12. Could you post the recording, interested to see what's happening.
  13. 8GamingCat8 and [[169817,users]] have you checked your mailboxes in the tavern?
  14. Did it stick around when you went to the lobby, after restarting the game entirely, or did it only last for that map/session?
  15. Were you guys in public games, or private as well when it happened?
  16. Consider putting a ticket in here.
  17. I've had a similar issue with an Xbox One controller being used on my PC (on other titles in the past, nothing recent). I ended up reinstalling drivers for it, and it disappeared.
  18. Have you tested the controller in other games recently? If so, has the response time been fine in games where you are heavily using the right joystick? Assuming it's controlling your camera, do you notice a drop in frames when you rotate your camera?
  19. Consider as a healthy alternative to avoid tainted meat/venomous fangs, Arby's© curly fries with some Arby's© sauce on them. They are sure to give you a bit of a bite, and the thrill of eating a snake with your best roast beef sandwich.
  20. Hey, Lawlta here, head DD2Fanbase+Arby's relation manager. I think you may have missed the point of what had happened. See, the point was to befriend the gypsy woman in order to get her to show you the secret passage to a hidden level. Next time, try complimenting her with emotes, and you two will be the perfect match, like an Arby's© Big Beef and Cheddar™ and Arby's© new Loaded Curly Fries™. You too can have the meats! But seriously, try snake charming her.
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