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  1. @ƘʘʘƪϒΛƤ quote:

    Btw , i have a problem with controller that sometimes the right joystick get lagged behind and it do some delayed inputs while im fighting in crowded area , its not pc lag as my pc is a gaming pc and i use low setting on this game since it tend to bug alot, hope someone know anything that can help about this issue

    Im using ps4 controller

    Have you tested the controller in other games recently?  If so, has the response time been fine in games where you are heavily using the right joystick?  Assuming it's controlling your camera, do you notice a drop in frames when you rotate your camera?

  2. @Egocentric quote:

    PRIVIET i saw bug game and no medal me i farm to get gipsy woman throw dagger who throw snake at enemy face but dev make game brake i lose 3 medal ples i report bug giv me 100 medal so i  not bored and farm when brake boss

    Hey, Lawlta here, head DD2Fanbase+Arby's relation manager.  I think you may have missed the point of what had happened.  See, the point was to befriend the gypsy woman in order to get her to show you the secret passage to a hidden level.  Next time, try complimenting her with emotes, and you two will be the perfect match, like an Arby's© Big Beef and Cheddar™ and Arby's© new Loaded Curly Fries™.  You too can have the meats!  But seriously, try snake charming her.

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