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  1. @Luxuriia quote:

    From the Isle of Dread 4.0.2 post

    • Prestigious “Prototype” weapons (EV2) shard slots are now working properly.


    No way to fix it. unequipping the weapon and reequipping does nothing, doesn't fix itself going into a map, and relogging doesn't fix it either. 

    Unfortunately the change did not affect items retroactively. We are looking into ways to do so without causing issue. Any newly acquired Prestigious Canisters will work correctly. We've received reports of players getting them and all shard slots are active.

  2. It was a dark and stormy night when unexpectedly nobody appeared to notice Kentucky McObvious the riding wendigo demon cars from Rorikstead saw a tree hanging down from otter darkness, so he decided to dance on the edge of love so in his underpants he noticed a surprisingly and took a dump big enough to shake the elephant while his companion was making pie. Suddenly, the sky opens a portal into the deadly stratosphere that rained meteorites. Cautiously the bear tried to sneak past numerous orcs and a family of rabbid ogres came out of a cave filled with dead carrots . The MountainDew mountain is overflowing noodles which tasted like brains of nm4 Betsy. Who loves the smell of cold sweat in donuts? Then you will explode into oblivion. The unicorn started dancing until CocaCola™ gave us ebola worms being spectacular. Wow! The intensity that Godzilla enforces brings heavy Koalas into the void. However something roared behind me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! what manner is this!?

    Meanwhile, the pervert walk to the Kindergardern where little Aliens insidiously gobles cupcakes from the Trump's wife stomach, researching poop texture discovered Putin's secret strategy, which was shockingly inbreed, but roblox sucked more...diesel? As it had suck fever it intimidated Bob BONNY as a grangus

  3. I was mistaken on the hero specific Mods slightly. It should be that the chance for them all to drop is there, though it will aim towards the heroes in your active deck (which is why if your only heroes are gunwitch/barb you'll see any hero tower-specific mod drops).

  4. @Mr. StrangerDanger quote:
    If I have 4 EV2's in my hero deck, does that increase my chance for a Shocking Revelation compared to 1 EV2 in my hero deck? 

    No, I'll explain this a little more. These numbers are not accurate, but let's say there are 100 mods that could drop where you are currently playing. You have an EV2 as your only character, shocking revelation is now added to that drop pool, making it 101 mods. Having 4 EV2's will not increase your chance, as it stays at 101 different mods to receive.

    @Mr. StrangerDanger quote:

    So for example, a Tenacity 10/10 in C7 would have 2% drop and a Defense Power 10/10 in C7 would also have 2% drop? Or am I understanding this wrong. What is meant by 'tiers'?

    If I'm understanding you correctly, yes, they have the same chance every time a Mod is rolled.

  5. @Mr. StrangerDanger quote:
    @LAWLTA quote:

    You could get 50 perfect Mods in a row, though it seems like you wasted your luck/RNG on gaming instead of buying a lottery ticket.

    It's a chance per Mod with no cooldown.

    Is there a way to release the numbers of on each mod or do all have an equal chance to drop?

    All equal chance at their own tiers. To expand a bit:

    - Pirate Mods are given a guaranteed slot on the pirate weapon drops, and cannot be overwritten by non-pirate Mods.

    - Prestigious weapons follow the same logic as above.

    - Lower tiered Mods are in the pool at higher tiers, so their chance is lower, but equal to all other mods in the Mod pool.

    - Hero tower specific mods (i.e. Shocking Revelation) are added to the mod table (if in the appropriate tier) if they are in your active hero deck.

  6. Greetings Defenders,

    Dungeon Defenders II has been out for over a year now, and we've had a lot of changes come into the game. The amount of information can be hard for players to keep up with, and even harder if you're a returning player. We want to remedy this by bolstering our wiki and making it a reliable resource for all Defenders to use.

    Are you interested in joining the Dungeon Defenders II Wiki Team? If you are, please click here to fill out this form. Not all who fill it out will be accepted, as we're wanting to make sure we keep the information consistent and of a higher quality, and a larger team may not be necessary/manageable (there's only so much to update). For their brave service, we also offer incentives for keeping the wiki up-to-date. These rewards include a wiki specific title in Dungeon Defenders II as well as various goodies with the release of each major patch, update, and expansion. We look forward to hearing back from you all!

    For Etheria,

    The Dungeon Defenders II Team

  7. Ahoy Defenders!

    Hotfix 4.1.1 is now live on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. We’ve got some fixes to address a few issues that came with our latest patch, let’s dive in!

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue with schedules and mutators in Onslaught changing when using Replay From Wave.

    • Fixed an issue with destroyed core models remaining after using Replay From Wave.

    • Fixed an issue with Dryad Defenses working without the World Tree when using Replay From Wave.

    • Fixed an issue with split screen where certain HUD elements remained on the screen while in an NPC shop.

    • Fixed an issue with the War Table displaying “You need to finish downloading the game.” when selecting a Region and then selecting Markets.

    A lot of you submit bug reports constantly, and we make sure to squash as many of them as we can. As with any expansion, there are a lot of fixes coming your way. Please continue to submit them to our bug site, your help is invaluable to knocking out some of the pesky issues that appear.

    Known Issues

    • Several UI layering issues when using the Emporium. It’s still useable, it’s just not as pretty as it should be.

    Social Defenders

    There’s a lot of people playing Dungeon Defenders II, and a lot of them gather on our social hubs. When it comes to finding other players, figuring out how to conquer a specific challenge, or just wanting to get to know others in the community, or getting the latest DD2 news, you can’t go wrong with our social platforms:

    We’re still working hard knocking out any remaining issues, and also working on what’s next. There’s more where this came from, but for now set sail to take on the evils of Etheria!

    For Etheria!

    The Dungeon Defenders II Team

  8. @Jaws_420 quote:

    O.....M...,,,G!!!! That is just the coolest flair EVER!!!! Just wish i could buy it right away. Me want! Well...new game goal for me just dropped. If that doesn't get me playing Onslaught, nothing will LOL. 

    Thanks for letting me know. You are awesome. And TE, THANK YOU for being so damn cool. Great addition.

    We couldn't do a pet, as we've discussed before, but it just made sense to push for shark stuff with pirates. If not now, then probably never. :)

  9. @malf quote:

    not to be THAT guy, but this effectively means that this change has 50/50 chance of making the entire "replay from wave" feature WORSE than before the patch? The patch that was aimed at making it actually usable for the one map that was a frustration for players climbing onslaught?

    It's something we didn't run into our internal builds, everything was working correctly. We weren't kidding when getting Replay from Wave to work on Lost Temple was a technical hurdle, haha.

  10. KmS8jSTzvkCMPERUabbCIz3lNffEvMiDZzInd635

    Ahoy Defenders!

    Patch 4.1 has docked in Etherian ports and is now live on all platforms. This patch is focused on providing some nice change to perfect Mod drop rates, improving the visibility of Mod quality, polishing Mob pathing, and more. Get your eye patch and parrot ready, let’s set sail into some notes!

    Perfect Mod Drops

    This is something that we received a lot of feedback on and are working on in multiple phases. The first phase is in this patch allowed us to do calculations on changing the drop rates specifically. Previously we expected players to see a perfect Mod of any kind within less than nine hours of active gameplay (active gameplay being time spent efficiently and quickly completing maps, not just with the game open). After hearing feedback, we sent out a survey that gave a lot of good information. Our testing and simulations validated the feedback and our feeling was that there was more to add to this system. This first phase looks to increase the drop rate so on average you see a perfect Mod in less than four hours of active gameplay on average (which matches up with 31% of people surveyed asking for 1-5 hours, and 40% asking for 5-10 hours). This average is based around solo play, so multiplayer sessions may much shorter averages. When talking about averages there are going to be outliers, but for the short term this is the best fix we felt comfortable putting out.

    The second phase of this is a lot more complex and requires a lot of work and discovery on our end, and it should be coming with our next update. We are working diligently to get rid of any outliers that cause players to feel as if they haven’t seen one in over 50 hours of active gameplay. Alongside that we also hear the desire to target farm Mods, and while it’s not something we’re going to provide outright, we are looking into way(s) to ease this quite a bit. We’re going to touch more on this as we get closer to our next big update (which isn’t too far away)!

    Mod Quality Visuals

    Players have requested that we make it easier to understand where your Mod quality ranges on a scale of 1 to 10, especially if you’re colorblind. Now there will be a number that reflects the quality nestled gently on top of the “Qualibean™.”


    We’ve heard additional feedback on Mods regarding sorting and distinguishing perfect quality and are currently looking into ways to make this better.

    Mob Pathing

    We’re continuously finding ways to make our game experience as smooth as possible. Stuck enemies and those that go off their intended path are no fun to deal with, and they certainly are a challenge for us to ensure they work correctly. We changed A LOT of their behaviors and fixed a lot of stuck/pathing issues in this patch with some new logic. We’re going to keep a close eye on these changes to make sure they work correctly, and if there’s more work to be done we promise we’ll be hammering away it.

    Replay From Wave

    This was a feature added in with Isle of Dread that a lot of players have enjoyed. We ran into an initial technical challenge that did not allow this feature to work well on Lost Temple. Replay From Wave was released and since we set to work on getting it to work on Lost Temple. After testing it, we’re now able to get Replay From Wave to work on this map — including Omega Waves.

    Prestigious Weapons

    When Isle of Dread was released, players had the opportunity to earn a Prestigious weapon every 10 floor of Onslaught before floor 100, and every 20 floors after floor 100. With how the update was applied, it required people to overcome previous highest floors to receive these rewards. It didn’t feel great to have players reclimb to take part in this new system.

    With this patch, we were able to get this working. As a bonus, all players as of this patch are able to go complete every floor a Prestigious Weapon drops and receive one. For example, if yesterday you completed Floor 60 and received a Prestigious Weapon, you are now able to not only complete Floor 60 to receive another one, floor 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 can be completed again and you’ll receive another Prestigious Weapon for each!

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue with the Abyss Lord’s Colossus not consistently attacking enemies in lane.

    • Fixed an issue with Earthshatter Tower not attacking Vanguard Gorbstock, Vanguards (shield goblins), Ranged Ogres, and Cannon Ogres.

    • Fixed an issue with Anti-melee Servo not working with Angry Nimbus.

    • Fixed an issue with the Harpy Tower functioning without a World Tree.

    • Fixed an issue with some towers where their Inspect DPS was not calculating Crit Damage and Crit Chance.

    • Fixed an issue with Angry Nimbus shocking enemies without the Dryad in Corrupt Form.

    • Fixed an issue with parties being disbanded upon transitioning.

    • Fixed an issue with towers affected by Boost Aura losing their yellow VFX when upgraded.

    • Multiplayer bonuses now work properly in Incursions and Onslaught.

    • Fixed an issue with EV2 getting stuck in the Proton Charge firing animation while moving.

    • Pet eggs can no longer rot in player shops.

    • Fixed an issue with Power Transfer showing a negative value.

    • A hard gold cap has been set at ~2,300,000,000 gold.

    • Made adjustments to the Mastery tab on the World Map to improve Mastery

    • Ranged Ogres no longer shoot into the sky when hit by Starfall. As a result the Ranged Ogre Space Association has been disbanded.

    • Chaos VI Jacked Sparrow and Plunderer’s Paradise now correctly drop C6 shards.

    • Now able to quick match for any region in the Expeditions tab of the World Map.

    • Lavamancer’s submerge travel SFX now play correctly.

    • Adjusted how jumps are handled slightly for smoother gameplay.

    • Fixed an issue on Xbox where players attempted to join maps that no longer existed.

    • Fixed an issue where Defender Pack pets and redeem code pets were starting with 5/10 affection. You gotta earn their love!

    • Adjusted the Game Browser UI elements on controller that appeared out of place.

    • Fixed an issue with Replay From Wave where Dryad Defenses would still work without the World Tree.

    • Fixed an issue where the Rain of Oil shard stopped functioning if you swapped to another hero then back to the Abyss Lord.

    • Fixed Vanguard Gorbstock’s minimap icon. It was too tiny.

    • Fixed an issue with Replay From Wave where Weapon manufacture weapons could not be set.

    • The Shackled Mod no longer applies to Lady Orcs, only triggers on Dark Assassins now.

    • Fixed a Gem Well timing issue.

    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to back out of the War Table if they expanded regions on the World Map.

    • Adjusted the Floor 30 and 38 Onslaught Flair rewards listing.

    • Fixed some War Table issues showing Chaos 4 and 5 enemies incorrectly.

    • Updated the Lightning Grenade Pet Ability description.

    • Made it so Player 2 in splitscreen is not able to be kicked while in a party where the leader isn’t Player 1 or 2 of the splitscreen group.

    • Fixed an issue where loading into hard versions of the campaign was causing 5001 errors.

    • The Forbidden Worshipper’s Mask was too small. We made it bigger. What’s the Forbidden Worshipper’s Mask? Secrets.

    • Changed the title screen to have “Play Now” only for new, returning, and freshly installed players to reduce confusion.

    • Fixed an issue with consecutive win bonuses were not carrying over correctly between games.

    • Fixed a couple issues with splitscreen players not able to be invited to parties.

    • Have adjusted Dryad Towers targeting AI slightly. Continuing to investigate this.

    • Fixed an issue with Tenacity not preventing EMP Kobold tower stuns on certain towers.

    • Added a potential fix for Green Mana not being properly distributed if the Warm Up phase is skipped before all players load in.

    • Added a lock icon for locked War Table regions.

    • Fixed an issue with hitting “Yes” on Replay From Wave breaking if done while a Core destruction cutscene played.

    • Fixed an issue with towers refreshing properly when a play who disconnects rejoins.

    • Fixed an issue for players who play at 4k resolution with the Option Menu going off-screen.

    • Fixed a visual issue when rerolling Defender Packs without enough medals.

    • The Favorable Wind Mod now correctly shows the stacks icon.

    • Added Mastery Star info to the Region and Difficulty drop downs.

    • Fixed an issue where the Player Shop UI wasn’t closing automatically when build phase starts.

    • Mastery stars were removed from filtering in the Advanced View.

    • Fixed an issue with items updating properly for returning players.

    • Changed a the Tinkering load screen to correctly show the Gobsplosion Mod info.

    • Fixed an issue with SFX not playing properly for buyback.

    A lot of you submit bug reports constantly, and we make sure to squash as many of them as we can. As with any expansion, there are a lot of fixes coming your way. Please continue to submit them to our bug site, your help is invaluable to knocking out some of the pesky issues that appear.

    Known Issues

    • Tabbing when matchmaking on world map before the UI updates can matchmake into an unintended game mode.

    • On splitscreen some NPC shops some UI elements come through the window. The shop is still the focus and works correctly, just visually not perfect.

    • Replay from Wave on Lost Temple sometimes keeps a broken core model.

    • Replay from Wave on Lost Temple is not maintaining the correct lanes/mutators.

    Social Defenders

    There’s a lot of people playing Dungeon Defenders II, and a lot of them gather on our social hubs. When it comes to finding other players, figuring out how to conquer a specific challenge, or just wanting to get to know others in the community, or getting the latest DD2 news, you can’t go wrong with our social platforms:

    We’re getting the finishing touches on this patch and cannot wait to share it with you all.

    For Etheria!

    The Dungeon Defenders II Team

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