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  1. If you haven't received them yet, put in a ticket with our Community Support and they can get you taken care of. :)
  2. Hey all, where are you playing from, and what platform?
  3. Greetings Defenders and Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has been enjoying our most recent update, Drakenfrost! It was definitely a new experiment into how we deliver content, and I can’t wait to see all the feedback about it. How did you feel about our recent release of the Drakenlord? Let us know your thoughts in this thread! I didn’t come here entirely for feedback… I may have an ulterior motive… to deliver some tremendous news! I have recently been promoted to Creative Director on the Dungeon Defenders team! I’ll be leading the direction of Dungeon Defenders into the future with the help o
  4. We had to look into this, it is most definitely supposed to be there, and it is most definitely not right now. We're going to look into getting this taken care of with our next patch. We implemented a lot of new functionality with our social menu changes, and we believe this is what changed it. Never fear, we're on the job.
  5. Just to keep things civil here: Paying players and free players feedback is equal in our eyes. Their experience may be different if they don't spend money, and it's good to get that perspective, it let's us continuously evolve the game to be as inclusive as possible. While we are also a business, and financials are important, we're game devs who really want to make insanely cool things so that we and our players can have fun. The most important thing to walk away from is providing constructive feedback. "I did not like this feature because of X, Y, and Z" is a great way to handle that. What we
  6. Removed the images as we do not want that kind of language being visible on the forums. If you are running into any issues in particular with other players, please submit a ticket to our Community Support team, and they can take a look into it for you.
  7. The freaking BEAST is always at it. Changed forum title to reflect this.
  8. Greetings Defenders, Hotfix 4.3.1 is now out on Steam and PlayStation 4, with Xbox receiving it later this afternoon. We were able to snipe in some important back-end fixes, as well as sneak in some bug fixes. Let’s get into it! Bug FixesFixed a major issue with PlayStation 4 users crashing due to memory problems. Fixed an issue with fire damage from buffs not affecting torches on Drakenfrost Keep for some players. Social DefendersTo get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch
  9. There are a multitude of reasons. One is players have been asking for new enemies/minibosses/bosses for a very long time. Making it an incursion makes it a one and done event, and players were asking for more than that. Another is players wanted another map that was like Lost Temple, but wasn't Lost Temple (specifically Onslaught climb made that map not feel special/hard to encounter). The list could go on, but we have countless feedback that supported making these decisions (on top of our internal design direction). It's also been out for one day. Things can be tweaked, changed, and made to
  10. don’t think anyone would sell their materials since they are probably rerolling their shards as well since the rates are so low in getting a mod level that is better than the one being rolled. I'm on the other side of the fence, where I would potentially capitalize on the market of players wanting it, and start selling them off in bulk for a premium price because of how new they are. Then when the prices got lower over time, use all the gold that I had accrued to buy as many as I needed from the players who rushed and got all their mods. (That's just how I play games myself) However, we don't
  11. Couple of good points made here. Also remember that you can buy the reroll material from others, which can get you that 10/10 quicker.
  12. The Heroes of Etheria have arrived at Drakenfrost Keep and explored its grounds. Throughout their exploration they unlocked a hidden chamber shrouded in runes around a mage who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep an ancient evil at bay. The seal has been broken, and the Drakenlord lives again! Held at bay for many years, kept alive only by fables, this menacing evil seeks to take back his keep, raise a dragon army, and set out to conquer the lands of Etheria. It is up to you, Defender, to send this juggernaut back to the underworld. Greeting Defenders, We unleashed a beast in Patch 4.3, which
  13. I have only visited the Tree on our live build, and I got a monk staff too! Because of this post and my experience, I sat down with the beast of a designer Petire, and we both verified that the four weapons all have an equal chance. There's still a ton of time for this event to go, so you have plenty of chances to get them to drop (or get them from player shops/trade with friends).
  14. There's a couple of PS4 issues we're aware of. One of them has to do with Proton/WM and the water servo, the rapid application is doing some wonky stuff on PS4. Another is a backend issue. We're working towards getting them taken care of.
  15. We've got a middle ground coming, a phase 3 (though it's smaller than phase 2), that should sate both of the desires from users on both ends of this topic. :)
  16. Some of the stuff you are saying here are not intended interactions (short stun durations on initial stun for example, that don't give you long enough to deal with the enemies). We'll have more word out on this soon, but there's stuff with DR that we're looking into. :)
  17. We've got a buff coming to fissure in our next patch. The "map being covered in snow/ice for the secret" feedback is completely understood and is on our radar. It's a more involved process to change this, but we completely get where a lot of you are coming from.
  18. If this is the case, it looks like we have a Scrooge in our midst. If this is actually happening, then I believe it was setup as a vendor (similar UI), and it had to have a not 0 value assigned to it. Or it's a secret Scrooge. I'm going with secret Scrooge, final answer.
  19. If anyone disagrees, they might be an Old One in disguise. Fissure we're looking at (a ton of great feedback on it), can't comment on the rest currently. "Rock solid" feedback ;)
  20. I'd ask you to really reconsider what you're saying here. I try to be as active on all of our social platforms answering as many questions as possible and addressing any feedback that warrants it. You can see my post history and who I respond to, which is pretty much everyone that raises a concern in a constructive way (some people posting for the first time on the forums, or having very few posts at all). Taking an approach of (this is paraphrased) "they won't listen to me, I'm not Juicebags, dumb garbage changes", you probably won't be met with a lot of openness and communication. We'll inve
  21. This is something we'll be sure to investigate for future events like this. We're unable to change it this time around, but the event will be going for quite some time, past December.
  22. The drop amounts are the same as before the update, sounds like some small sample RNG. We've seen some people getting Mods much faster and seeing 10/10's withing very few rerolls. The only change we made was to ensure that there were no more crazy extremes without seeing any for prolonged periods of time.
  23. Definitely some solid feedback, it'll take some time to investigate the possibility of this, but we will look into it. :)
  24. We are 100% about this. We've been soaking in everything that players are saying and are going to be taking steps to polish these changes even more. :)
  25. We fixed this issue, the tooltips on the flairs was wrong, it correctly shows that it unlocks at 40.
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