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  1. Fantastic, thanks for the video submission for this issue, and that definitely should not be the case.  I've got this tracked and we'll be looking into.

    The next time you have this happen, could you look at what your resource usage in task manager looks like to see if it's exceedingly high (memory/RAM usage, but CPU would be nice to see as well)?

  2. 2.  Is this happening in the Inn or Tavern?

    3.  Public games, private games, or both?

    4.  Have you had tried switching to a third to see if it holds (in your example) the huntress model, or does it change?  Are you able to use squire abilities as well as building the towers, and if so, what happens when you cast the ability (does the character do animations akin to their skill set that would line up with their abilities bound to the same slots)?  Do other players see this when you are experiencing it (do they see you as a huntress when you are supposed to be squire)?

  3. @Bones1505 quote:

    @iamisom quote:

    We're looking into this! We believe the issue is related to the Town. For the time being, please use Private Taverns and Private Matches.

    Loading freezes too, I only use private. The gameplay has improved and I'm happy to restart when the problem is after a level. It's a good game but requires a bit of patience.

    You mentioned it is freezing after a level.  Are you opening your inventory during the map/game to either swap gear or look at loot you've picked up, or waiting until you are in the tavern/inn?

  4. For those that are seeing this, what does your resource usage look like when you are running into this issue?  Trying to gather as much information as possible to help squash this thing.

  5. @discgolfer73 quote:

    so far only a few actual crashes (to xbox home)

    seem to be totally random (but seems to happen more while or right after being in bag)

    but now (starting yesterday )

    I'm back to almost every time a game ends  it will freeze on the  finding match

    or after that  will just get screen with towers  and spinning loading icon 

    forcing me to force quit the game and start over

    Are you viewing your inventory at the end of a map/game looking at your drops, or are you doing so in the tavern/inn?  There is an issue right now that users have experienced where viewing at the end of a match will cause problems with their next map/game.

  6. @PandynatorDD quote:

    Welcome aboard.

    Hope you have great time at TE. Looking forward to some more communication from TE. Hopefully "design" choices and so on. Which has been a bit lacking. 

    Why does TE do X? What is the reason behind Y? Etc.

    What is your favorite hero?

    Thanks; I'll do my best to fill those gaps with the resources available; Squire aesthetically because I love playing tanks, but huntress (at the moment) because of sniping ability across the entire map when things get hectic.

    @dreamanime quote:


    Mission 1:

    Hug Isom

    Best I can do right now.


    @Baba-Kaboom quote:

    @k2aves quote:

    *poke* he's squishy

    *poked x2* hard as F :)

    It's like an on/off switch I guess!

  7. Hey all, I'd like to introduce myself:  I'm Alec "Lawlta" Saare, and I've recently joined Trendy as a Community Coordinator, I'll be working with [[4370,users]] to help with community management and involvement!  With the recent official release of the game, there has been a surge in the player base that has been both fantastic and a bit overwhelming.  I'm here to help with the ease of these growing pains and make everyone's lives a little easier as the game moves forward.

    A little bit about my background:  I've been playing video games since I was four, "no life'd" several MMORPG releases, have a degree in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University (Boiler Up!), and drink way too many energy drinks.  In regards to my position here at Trendy, I have experience in moderating and managing various large communities, with games starting from their beta phases to years after release.  The titles I've worked with are Wildstar (Carbine Studios MMORPG), Neverwinter Online (Perfect World MMORPG), and helped grow the MMORPG community over on Reddit.

    I've always been a huge fan of tower defense games, staying up until the sun came up playing flash-made tower defense games on New Grounds when I was younger, to sinking a lot of hours into Dungeon Defenders 1, and now sinking time into Dungeon Defenders 2.  My goal is to understand where different tiers of players are coming from, and by having this understanding, be able to communicate effectively what issues players are running into (both technical and design), either it be a more casual crowd progressing through the campaign, or the hardcore farming C7.

    I'm constantly on the forums here, the Dungeon Defenders subreddit, and the Steam discussion boards for the game.  I'll be acting as a bridge to get the issues you as a community are encountering into the hands of the developers so they are able to fix the most important issues as soon as they possibly can; as well as getting word out from the developers to all of you.  Currently getting my feet wet, I'll be ramping up my presence to help add to the greatness of the community!

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