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  1. @MamaTata quote:

    Could you bring host kick option for public game so that we can handle this campaign player invasion into the final chaos tier? When you ask them to leave the game, politely, few of them respect that. Emoji_JavThrower.png

    We have been researching ways to make this experience better for the host and the hosted player.  We understand this is an issue that can be very frustrating, and we're doing our best to produce a functional resolution that feels fair to everyone involved!

  2. Oh wow, these almost seem like two separate issues.  [[20285,users]] your frames completely freeze, and then are smooth for another second or two, then freeze, rinse repeat. [[29740,users]] seems to have persistent frame reduction, with some choppiness on top of that.

    Either way, these are fantastic examples of feedback.  I'm going to discuss this with the team.  If you guys have anything else (you've been such a tremendous help already!) then feel free to let me know, as it helps narrow things down.

  3. You will have to redeem the Defender Medals, so do not worry about it automatically applying.  One caveat is that it will cap out, so if you redeem the 4000 Defender Medals and you are at 9000, it will cap out at 12000 still.  Make sure you are at 8000 or less Defender Medals before redeeming them, otherwise you will lose out on potential medals, and that is not smiles-time.

  4. @rolzroyce13 quote:

    is anyone looking to fix this issue because its alomst imbossible to get better gear and  the chaos streaks when you cant get into your inventory when it fills up before the last wave. no one wants to leave what could be better gear behind and hope you get blessed with RNG in the next mach.

    Yes, it is being looked into.  On another note, gear should be auto-looted into your inventory or sent to the scavenger at the end of a match.  If you gear that is not doing this, and you could provide a clip of it happening, submit a bug to https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/ .

  5. @PandynatorDD quote:

    @commandandco quote:

    Ok so i jumped into game without the shards on....

    sure enough it took a little longer ( as i was dealing 40% less damage than i used to and 250% less in ability power shard thing) but it still shredded the roller...

    Not entirely sure how people are not doing too well with  it. 

    My ability power is about 4.6k - probably a contributing factor of hitting the roller with ability powers.

    I would imagine the people struggling have low ability power?

    Shredding that roller..

    I have to take back, that it can't do full damage... It can, in very specific areas. Namely if the projectile hits the ground right behind the roller.. 

    As you can see, perfectly hitting its back. It does 40k Damage per projectile.

    Fantastic feedback, letting the team know about this!  Always feel free to submit these kinds of issues at bugs.dungeondefenders2.com as well.  Thank you (and everyone in this thread reporting on this) for the solid reporting!

  6. @Kambien quote:

    Thanks for the response! :D

    I completely miss GW.  Monk was my favorite class.  Really wish they didn't do away with healers in GW2.

    What was your first class in WoW?  

    What is your preferred character to play in DD1 and DD2?

    Tacos -> Chicken or Beef

    In vanilla, Troll Rogue to 21, Troll Hunter twinked at 49 for 8 months, and then finally Tauren Warrior to 60 when I actually started my life as a tank/support and never looked back.

    Squire in DD1, and so far I can't settle on just one preferred character in DD2, I'm always conflicted when setting my deck, haha.  Aesthetically though, I'm all about the Lavamancer.

    Tacos - Steak > Beef > Chicken; Burritos - Shredded chicken

  7. @Dreizehn quote:

    I'm glad there is an additional community manager. Isom's way of communication with the community is awesome but even he cannot do all of this as long as the day hasn't more than 24 hours.

    Then he is weak, and I will empower him, haha.  Thanks for the warm welcome!

    @SpiderDanX quote:

    Have you played DD2 before?

    Yes, but not as much as I would have liked.  On my personal account, I'm progressing through Chaos 3 right now.

    Have you played DD1?

    I did, specifically with a close group of friends.  Thoroughly enjoyed it, loved how fun and challenging it was (for us at least), but also how serious it didn't take himself (squire <3)

    What is your favorite DD2 map?

    A favorite really depends on the mood I'm in.  I will say that I do love the DD1 throw backs, hitting me right in the nostalgia.

    What is your favorite thing in the world?

    Just one thing... uh... whew that's rough.  Free pizza > My wife > Free Tacos.  In that order.

    What is your favorite thing about DD2?


    Will you be able to keep Elandrian in check? ;-)

    I have a foolproof plan of using Michael McDonald (both the singer and Mad TV actor) fan art and tacos to do this.

    @mmaakk quote:

    Welcome Lawlta. Very nice to see TE growing. I really wish you all success!!

    If you need some help playing the game, let us know. There is a lot of good people always ready to help in our Community.

    All the best!

    That's one of my favorite things about this community.  I have dealt with MMO communities in the past, which is a different kind of beast.  

    @gigazelle quote:

    Welcome Lawlta! I have but one question for you.

    Would you consider yourself a cow enthusiast?

    Uh, I don't want a cow, but I do want a steak.

    @Kambien quote:

    How did you come up with your name?  And if it is a character from a book or comic, why did you connect with it?  If from a character from another game, tell us the background?

    Welcome to the community and Trendy!

    My first character in Guild Wars was named Alta (first two letters being my first two initials), just something I came up with.  Went to play WoW during vanilla, the name was taken, and making it "lawl" just came to mind.  It's what I've gone with ever since.  If that needs a background, we'll go with favorite comedian murdered in front of him in an alley as a boy, Lawrence L Tallymantallymebanana, took up a mantle to fight crime.  It's not in print anymore.

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