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  1. To shed a little light on this subject, part of the reason the console was removed was because of a vulnerability within using console that could give way to a pretty large and spooky exploit.  I'll talk with the team to see if we can get something else in the works, but as far as it being removed, it was to avert some serious damage.

  2. If you have been experiencing consistent rubberbanding (i.e. a majority of the time you play, your character or game in general lags and bounces you all over the place), post here to help us figure out how to slay this beast!

    For those of you that this applies to, here's the information we'd need:

    • Which platform (XBox or PS4)?
    • What region?
    • What country?
    • What are your download and upload speeds?  Make sure to specify with Mbs (Megabits) or MBs (Megabytes).
    • How long are your game sessions?
    • Are you noticing the lagging/rubberbanding at the beginning of the play session, or after playing for a while (if after a while, how long)?
    • Are you playing on WIFI or on a LAN (wired) connection?
    • Is there a specific map and mode you're playing on, or is it any map/mode?

    Whatever you can provide is feedback we could use!  Feel free to PM your information if you would prefer to not post publicly.

  3. @Hom-Sha-Bom quote:
    @iamisom quote:

    Love the feedback. We're giving the Dryad more love before release, so this is perfect timing. <3

    Is anything with the Harpy's Perch changing in the next patch?

    Defense Power scaling increased, and Crit Damage increase change as well.  Can't give definitive numbers, but the patch isn't too far away :).

  4. For the core taking damage before the match, did someone shoot at it, switch characters while the projectiles were in the air, and then the core took damage?

    What issues are you having with the bugsite?  Are you not able to upload the image to the site, and if not, can you try uploading either to the forums here through a post, or upload it to any image hosting site?

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