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  1. For the core taking damage before the match, did someone shoot at it, switch characters while the projectiles were in the air, and then the core took damage?

    What issues are you having with the bugsite?  Are you not able to upload the image to the site, and if not, can you try uploading either to the forums here through a post, or upload it to any image hosting site?

  2. @MamaTata quote:

    Could you bring host kick option for public game so that we can handle this campaign player invasion into the final chaos tier? When you ask them to leave the game, politely, few of them respect that. Emoji_JavThrower.png

    We have been researching ways to make this experience better for the host and the hosted player.  We understand this is an issue that can be very frustrating, and we're doing our best to produce a functional resolution that feels fair to everyone involved!

  3. Oh wow, these almost seem like two separate issues.  [[20285,users]] your frames completely freeze, and then are smooth for another second or two, then freeze, rinse repeat. [[29740,users]] seems to have persistent frame reduction, with some choppiness on top of that.

    Either way, these are fantastic examples of feedback.  I'm going to discuss this with the team.  If you guys have anything else (you've been such a tremendous help already!) then feel free to let me know, as it helps narrow things down.

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