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  1. @direnels quote:

    people are asking for help with this issue 2 or 3 times a week in the steam forums. most the time it seems to be a resolution problem which can be found in your  UDKOptions.ini.local.ini file . located in Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Config. you will see a line like this -> ResString=1920x1080. its trying to run at a wacky res or people are have problems with Norton antivirus blocking the connection. i hope this helps. this should really be pinned in the steam forums as it seems to fix 90% of the black screen issues :) 

    That tends to be what I discuss with users submitting these on steam, and here (via PM).  I'll look into getting a workflow written up on that resolution and see what I can do about getting it pinned there (solid suggestion!).

  2. Glad to hear that people are enjoying the double xp weekend.  In regards to match making, it's one of our big focuses with our next update.  We want people to be able to understand who they are playing with, control their created lobbies, and be fair to those joining games.  We're working on these systems and also trying to create a fair balance in the process.  More to come!

  3. [[168145,users]] This issue is a beast we are working towards slaying with our next big update.  We understand it stinks not having control over lobbies you create (and other aspects of public games in general), and we want to make it a better experience for both the host and the guests.  Rest assured, we're sharpening our dev axes and swords.

  4. @zMiiChy quote:

    He picks up anything left on the ground. What I meant was.. I assume the reason they made that decision is so players that have full bags don't miss out on some of the good loot.

    But that's just a guess

    Some would say he scavenges! maxresdefault.jpg

    What you outlined is the correct functionality, basically he's a safety net so that legendaries and the like don't fall through the cracks.  Players missing out on upgrades would be no good.

  5. Hey Hwoarangpro, we addressed it elsewhere as to why we disabled it (possible exploits and tons of unfun things that lead to the best solution is disabling it).  With that said, we've received a lot of great feedback and suggestions as to what people would like (disconnecting, chat logs, FOV/Camera settings, etc.) and have discussed what we can do to bring these features into the game to make the experience more enjoyable.  Just know that it's being looked into!

  6. 1.  Are you using Razer Synapse?  I ask because I have seen issues with Synapse across multiple games.

    2.  Does your anti-virus/firewall allow the game?  Many users have had crash issues where their security software was blocking the game, causing crashes on launch.

    If it is neither of these, I'd suggest putting in something on our bug site.

  7. @Paloverde zfogshooterz quote:

    Wait!? This Thunderdome is legit?

    "If you build it, they will come."

    So if someone is willing to purchase the rights to some property outside of our office, get the permits needed from the city to build a Thunderdome, then also get the necessary permits for sanctioned idea fighting, and then the naming rights from Warner Bros. (I think) for "Thunderdome", then there is a possibility it could be legit.  

  8. Any kind of evidence of this issue would be greatly helpful, videos of course are the most, but even screenshots of different times showing his health increase can be of help.  If you could, the best place to report this would be out bug site.  It helps us in the process of squishing those bad boys.

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