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  1. @zMiiChy quote:

    He picks up anything left on the ground. What I meant was.. I assume the reason they made that decision is so players that have full bags don't miss out on some of the good loot.

    But that's just a guess

    Some would say he scavenges! maxresdefault.jpg

    What you outlined is the correct functionality, basically he's a safety net so that legendaries and the like don't fall through the cracks.  Players missing out on upgrades would be no good.

  2. Hey Hwoarangpro, we addressed it elsewhere as to why we disabled it (possible exploits and tons of unfun things that lead to the best solution is disabling it).  With that said, we've received a lot of great feedback and suggestions as to what people would like (disconnecting, chat logs, FOV/Camera settings, etc.) and have discussed what we can do to bring these features into the game to make the experience more enjoyable.  Just know that it's being looked into!

  3. 1.  Are you using Razer Synapse?  I ask because I have seen issues with Synapse across multiple games.

    2.  Does your anti-virus/firewall allow the game?  Many users have had crash issues where their security software was blocking the game, causing crashes on launch.

    If it is neither of these, I'd suggest putting in something on our bug site.

  4. @Paloverde zfogshooterz quote:

    Wait!? This Thunderdome is legit?

    "If you build it, they will come."

    So if someone is willing to purchase the rights to some property outside of our office, get the permits needed from the city to build a Thunderdome, then also get the necessary permits for sanctioned idea fighting, and then the naming rights from Warner Bros. (I think) for "Thunderdome", then there is a possibility it could be legit.  

  5. Any kind of evidence of this issue would be greatly helpful, videos of course are the most, but even screenshots of different times showing his health increase can be of help.  If you could, the best place to report this would be out bug site.  It helps us in the process of squishing those bad boys.

  6. To shed a little light on this subject, part of the reason the console was removed was because of a vulnerability within using console that could give way to a pretty large and spooky exploit.  I'll talk with the team to see if we can get something else in the works, but as far as it being removed, it was to avert some serious damage.

  7. If you have been experiencing consistent rubberbanding (i.e. a majority of the time you play, your character or game in general lags and bounces you all over the place), post here to help us figure out how to slay this beast!

    For those of you that this applies to, here's the information we'd need:

    • Which platform (XBox or PS4)?
    • What region?
    • What country?
    • What are your download and upload speeds?  Make sure to specify with Mbs (Megabits) or MBs (Megabytes).
    • How long are your game sessions?
    • Are you noticing the lagging/rubberbanding at the beginning of the play session, or after playing for a while (if after a while, how long)?
    • Are you playing on WIFI or on a LAN (wired) connection?
    • Is there a specific map and mode you're playing on, or is it any map/mode?

    Whatever you can provide is feedback we could use!  Feel free to PM your information if you would prefer to not post publicly.

  8. @Hom-Sha-Bom quote:
    @iamisom quote:

    Love the feedback. We're giving the Dryad more love before release, so this is perfect timing. <3

    Is anything with the Harpy's Perch changing in the next patch?

    Defense Power scaling increased, and Crit Damage increase change as well.  Can't give definitive numbers, but the patch isn't too far away :).

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