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  1. One thing is that in the top right, that carrot (the downward triangle), if you click that it should give a description of what's going on.  If you could do that, record it, and link it here, we might be able to tackle this and fix potentially other problems.  All you've done so far on this is greatly appreciated! :)

  2. @dizzydiana quote:

    Handsome words

    No need to be sorry on vague information, bringing up that this exists is already a great first step!  A lot of people will write off bugs as "someone else reported it", and then we at Trendy never experience or hear about it, which just leaves an overall lesser experience for players out there.  Whatever you can provide, we're always grateful anytime there's a calm and objective demeanor when discussing these issues!

  3. Knowing what resource allocation looks like, and having an idea of when this is happening (beginning of play, x amount of time into play, on maps/tavern/town, etc) are keys to figuring these things out.  One thing that you may want to try is uninstalling and reinstalling your graphics drivers, we have had reports of this fixing a myriad of issues.

  4. With our latest patch, we removed console to avoid some potentially bad hazards that could cause some unintended consequences and make things not fun.  The community has been very vocal about this, and have been listing here and there some of the reasons they liked console so much.  We're here to try and find ways to bridge the gap that is where console used to be!

    If you would be so inclined, tell us what you used console for, and let's aim for a format along the lines of:

    • Command used
    • Why you were using it
    • Suggestion (optional)

    Spread the word, your feedback is what drives us to help make the game as enjoyable as possible!

  5. Is it consistently happening when damage is being taken?  Is there anything else that may have been notable when the screen goes gray.

    When it comes to bug fixes, especially of a graphical nature, they can take a long time to look into.  It could come down to specific models, VFX, character interactions, physics interactions, lighting, etc.  Just because a bug is a month old or very important to us does not make the fix easier to find, this specific issue has been looked into since we've received the reports.  One of the hard parts with this issue is reproducing it to see where it is specifically happening. This specific bug has received a lot of time, and has been pretty resilient in regards to being squashed (trying bigger boots doesn't seem to be working).  Rest assured, we want this taken care of and we'll be working at it until it's gone!

  6. @direnels quote:

    people are asking for help with this issue 2 or 3 times a week in the steam forums. most the time it seems to be a resolution problem which can be found in your  UDKOptions.ini.local.ini file . located in Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Config. you will see a line like this -> ResString=1920x1080. its trying to run at a wacky res or people are have problems with Norton antivirus blocking the connection. i hope this helps. this should really be pinned in the steam forums as it seems to fix 90% of the black screen issues :) 

    That tends to be what I discuss with users submitting these on steam, and here (via PM).  I'll look into getting a workflow written up on that resolution and see what I can do about getting it pinned there (solid suggestion!).

  7. Glad to hear that people are enjoying the double xp weekend.  In regards to match making, it's one of our big focuses with our next update.  We want people to be able to understand who they are playing with, control their created lobbies, and be fair to those joining games.  We're working on these systems and also trying to create a fair balance in the process.  More to come!

  8. [[168145,users]] This issue is a beast we are working towards slaying with our next big update.  We understand it stinks not having control over lobbies you create (and other aspects of public games in general), and we want to make it a better experience for both the host and the guests.  Rest assured, we're sharpening our dev axes and swords.

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