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  1. @SidewalkHero quote:

    In all my time played (over 3.5k hours) I would say the only weird routes taken by enemies are skeletons minions and the Slekeleon boss. Berserker Orcs only take odd routes on corners (they cut corners a bit) and on blockades in some very niche situations.

    Berserks like to make use of the entire width of the lane Emoji_LadyOrc.png

    Just as an add-on that I'm sure some people dont know is that Geodes actually take corners as closely as possible. It's been my downfall a few times using traps and these Geodes will take the least corner possible with their relatively tiny hitbox. Not so much an issue, just something interesting to note. core_forum_Icon.png (not a geode but I didnt see a Geode emote on the forums Lawlta get on it thx)

    The day has come.  Responding to SWH on the forums, I did it.

    Geodes cutting corners, get me a video of this if you could just to help add proof, as it's something that I haven't seen (which could be me being blind, or it just not getting posted.

    As for the geode emote, we tried to add one, but it just reflected the change and turned us into the geode emotes.  Typing is much harder now.

  2. @Zimmermann quote:

    this is a combined issue, hex throwers have a very long range that is fine and should effect your choice of building location. However some maps they attack from spawn.. which would be fine if they took damage. Sometimes the spawn gives them some weird protection, other times not.

    One of the images shown actually shows the purple indicator in one area, and mobs not taking damage until a good while outside of the spawn.  The hex thrower issue I listed as separate, because I believe they were showing that even when in the correct spawn box, they are able to attack.

    The kobolds exploding message I listed, was wanting to know if they are activating their packs after leaving the safe zone, or if they are activating inside the safe zone and then charging out.  If the former, I think that's fine as you should see them coming on the map, and try to react to them.  If the latter, that would be frustrating to deal with.

  3. A rant, in mah forums?!

    Completely get your frustrations, and thanks for being level-headed about talking about them — it's part of what makes this community so great to interact with!  We really want to make the multiplayer aspect of the game more enjoyable all around (both matchmaking/party interactions, as well as incentives for multiplayer), it's just going to take time.  Curse you, time! Emoji_Orc.png

  4. @apinkbunny quote:

    I am also having the same problem My Pc spec should eat this game. It does appear to happen after about an hour of playing.

    Intel i7-7700k 4.2GHz

    16Gb DDR4 Ram

    ASUS 1080 GTX

    Intel SSD (240gb)

    Realtek HD Sound (on-board)

    Restarting the game helps, but the play time before it happens again is much shorter. I have found even after I exit the game it takes 30sec or so for me Pc to run normally (Mouse is laggey and keyboard is laggy) .

    Like the other poster said... It like a Memory leak. But when I check the usage while having this problem It tell me I have about 8gb free, Cpu is about 20% used.  My FPS is about 5 when having this problem, When its fine Its at 60fps (Vsync).

    Interesting.  What do your log files look like for the game? (C:\Steam\Steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Logs)  Want to know what the sizes look like in particular.

  5. @lekkin007 quote:

    Simply put, Trendy has promised to update platforms simultaneously, barring small updates to fixes for the particular console.  I can't speak to all the reasons behind this promise, but it does seem important to Trendy and unlikely to change.

    From my point of view,  here's a couple reasons off the top of my head:

    -  Player base unity.  It would feel like favoritism if we released a build for a/b/c platform before others, which could be a turn off to players of any platform that wasn't on the most recent release.
    -  Development time.  If we released a patches on different days, it could get out of hand very quickly.  You'd have different development schedules, causing irregularities and bugs across multiple platforms among other issues.

    I'm not saying those are the specific reasons, that's just a personal view point, but it's what makes sense to me.

  6. There's a lot of good feedback and opinions posted here, but the issues that I'm seeing from [[19416,users]] 's post are:

    - Hex throwers cheesing on certain maps
    - Spawn protection needing to be adjusted to match the visual indicator.
    - Mobs taking weird routes, or bugging through (in sewers, was that what was happening) through and up walls to get to the core.  Either way, things not rewarding to build for and having to almost fail the first time, because it's not something you'd expect.
    - Attacking from spawn is an issue in certain places where building optimally to protect cores and sub-objectives.

    The kobolds exploding shortly after leaving, I think that's fine, but are they activating their charge inside of the spawn?  There may be some issues it comes to getting some of these things resolved that have more underlying issues, but let me know if the four points I listed there are things I interpreted incorrectly, or if that's more or less correct.

  7. Forum changes and fixes in its current state are a pretty big endeavor, something that would require a lot of time to address.  It would be something down the road for us to invest time into, with our focus now being QoL changes and focusing on adding content to end-game.  It's not perfect, but for the time being, it fulfills the role its needed to.

  8. @Hom-Sha-Bom quote:

    IN B4 isom or lawlta say that Chaos is not the endgame.

    For the current released state of the game, it's technically end game because you don't progress further.  End-game content is being developed, and we'll be able to show it off once it's in a good state to do so.  We want to get it out ASAP, but sadly part of that "P" (possible) requires us to make sure it's in a playable state and as polished as we can make it.

  9. @lekkin007 quote:

    Lawlta and Iamisom y'all asked for detailed, well-organized and evidence supported posts for our feedback in the stream today, so here you go.


    What a joy to see first thing in the morning!  I'll be picking through it a little more, and am excited to see what others say.  Some very valid concerns, with some solid backing to it from what I've just skimmed.  I can't say I agree with it 100% because I have only had the chance to skim some of this, but I will say I appreciate how in-depth you went.  A+ stuff, great job!

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