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  1. That'll disappear over time. We have any old links go directly to the front page because otherwise we'd have to do a 1:1 manually to every thread brought over (no way to reference properly), and to quote a wise old meme, aint nobody got time for that.
  2. Post DD2 memes, or go to another thread.
  3. We're still adding a bunch of functionality, we just wanted to get everyone over first. More is coming!
  4. I just tested it on (in order) Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Vivaldi (all fresh installs), and here are the results: As you can see, the scrollbars are all white. Yours may have a different theme, but because of this post, we tested it with Vivaldi on 4 different machines, and they all produced the result seen here. Our forums specifically are not affecting browser scroll options as far as we can tell.
  5. New forums, time for some shoes. Also there's a gif search Also I did this on mobile. What a world.
  6. We've got more functionality coming. We're knocking out some of the bugaboos that may be around, and then even more functionality!
  7. Greetings Defenders, We’ve been hard at work since our latest update and we’re ready to share some of what you can expect to see in our next update! We wanted to take a step back and focus on some more player-centric changes, and we’ve got a pretty hefty list of things we’re accomplishing. There’s still a lot of work for us to do, and while we’re not ready to show anything off yet, it’s the perfect time to talk about some of the things you can expect to see coming to Dungeon Defenders II! Shard AcquisitionShards are such an integral part to Dungeon Defenders II when it comes to empowering your
  8. We're not going to be doing something along these lines, as there are a lot of fun issues/problems that arise, both on a technical side and also a design side (for example, having to play lower tiered content to get the shards you want, an afk snooze fest). That said, we're cooking something up right now, and if it's good after rigorous testing, should address this want.
  9. It has always been like this, and as far as we're concerned, there are currently no plans to change this. The only "change" to this shard was a bug fix that had to do with a pet interaction caused full healing defenses.
  10. There once was a hotdog, made on a day just like today. A storm had formed over a backyard, just like this one. Lightning struck down, hitting Jimmy Wilson, who was holding the hotdog. As lightning tends to do, it pushed his consciousness into the hotdog. Now with his consciousness infused to the wisdom of a hotdog, he has become Hotdoggius Prime, and is solving hotdog related problems, one bun at a time.
  11. On our streams we've announced that our next update is going to be more player-centric. As of right now, that's all we can announce, but within the next month, you'll hear some really good things.
  12. Across the board, when we're provided the opportunity to be a part of a sale, we're a part of the sale. If there's not a sale on your platform, it's not a decision to just pass up the opportunity, it's that the opportunity is not present.
  13. Greetings Defenders, Today we pushed out Hotfix 4.3.4 on all platforms! This hotfix came with a few bug fixes and also the addition of a grid burning new costume for the Lavamancer. Let’s get into it! New Skin The Cybermancer is burning up the mainframes of Sky City. He’s now available to help crush the hordes you encounter with cybernetic precision! Bug FixesThe Kick Button is back! Fixed a visual issue where it wasn’t appearing on the menus (was secretly there, just hiding). Fixed an issue with Destruction and Destructive Pylon applying twice for Boost Aura’s Defense Power bonus. Fixed an is
  14. so better pets new maps new bosses new chaos tiers confirmed?? Those have always been potential long term goals, nothing concrete. The other things though, we've mentioned investigating, but not making specific changes.
  15. Nope. That actually isn't true, when you first introduced the gem mines I bought the 1st one late and the 2nd one as soon as I could and had 2 running at the same time. When I logged in I would get 2 popups with 2 seperate timers and 2 lots of gems. Unless you guys have changed something since then you can actually have 2 at once. Edit: it was only a few days of overlap but the purchase dates were as follows :- Etherian Gem Mine - Date issued: 7 Oct, 2018 3:42pm BST Autumn Etherian Gem Mine - Date issued: 2 Nov, 2018 12:06pm GMT When stated, this was initially true and
  16. Greetings Defenders, Hotfix 4.3.3 is a Steam only patch, and is out now! It contains some back-end changes that were needed for only PC, with a fix for PC as well. Bug FixesFixed an issue where duplicate items were created. Social DefendersTo get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch Stay tuned for more info! For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
  17. PC was behind on the release. Check now. :)
  18. It's not all in one go, and it's not mod-specific. :)
  19. Greetings Defenders, Hotfix 4.3.2 is now out on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! We were able to snipe in some important back-end fixes, as well as sneak in some bug fixes. Let’s get into it! Bug FixesFixed mini-map occasionally not displaying on Dead Road, Temple of Necrotic, Forest Biome, and Liferoot Forest. Fixed an issue on Steam and Xbox, where replaying from wave on Drakenfrost would not award Frost weapons. This was already working correctly on PS4. Fixed an issue with main menu music playing over the intro video on PS4. Fixed an issue with some SFX on PS4. Made multiple back-end ch
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