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  1. Greetings Defenders, Today, there’s some big news to unveil in our upcoming patch — the Sky City Bank is making its way to Dragonfall! We are releasing a new way to manage your inventory, a request many of you have made, in anticipation for our upcoming new features. We are currently still hard at work on these and are not ready to unveil them just quite yet. For now, let’s talk about the new ship that is going to be coming to a marketplace near you! Sky City BankThe Sky City Bank is a new way to manage the many items you come across during your adventures in Etheria! It’s accessible only in town, located right behind the Emporium. When using the bank, you are presented with Vaults to store your items. Each Vault contains 64 slots, the same amount as inventory bags, giving a lot of additional storage. You even receive one FREE Vault with the update! Load Time ImprovementsThis release contains some amazing optimizations that are going to greatly impact a lot of Defenders. Our Associate Producer, Elandrian, mentioned this in a tweet last week describing the impact applied toward one user’s account. We aren’t announcing the release just yet, but it is not very far away! For additional sources regarding announcements and updates, give us a follow on Twitter or like us on Facebook (also you can get some awesome Apprentice and Monk costumes by doing so). For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
  2. As it stands, no, as we don't have the functionality setup to validate any linking that would be done for PSN or Xbox through our forums.
  3. This is a very big misconception. We're a small studio, so any time taken away from current development becomes a huge loss. Just a couple examples: For enemies, we need to make sure they have an interesting mechanic if we add a new one, and then balance that mechanic around the current game. This takes design, animation, programming, and testing.For maps, we need to setup possible schedules to go down each lane that isn't too easy or too hard. Also need to make sure the map works correctly (no clipping, falling through, stuck spots, etc.). This takes design, animation, programming, and testing.These things are most definitely awesome, and may very well be released eventually, but there are very important systems in our game that need a very good amount of attention in order to make the things you listed above feel good. Systems we are going to talk about in the weeks to come. We are stoked to be working on new maps, enemies, heroes, and items when we're able to, but there are some very important things that need to be addressed first. Maybe there will be something we talk about very soon. Maybe. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. If you're talking about this morning, it was some behind the scenes changes that we wouldn't put notes out for. If you're talking about upcoming updates, we are getting some information out soon.
  5. You sent me the ticket late last night, I got in this morning and shot them a message. They should be contacting you.
  6. Put in a ticket with our Community Support team and they can check out the account and see what's going on with your rewards, and they'll help get you taken care of! :)
  7. At base, it reduces the damage that enemies do. Here's low level goblins hitting for 60 each. When using Staggering Shout (unstanced), it will give them a black aura and reduce their damage. Each hit (126 divided by 3) is hitting for 42. That's 18 less damage, or a 30% damage reduction. Hope that helps!
  8. Stop implying that I made a mistake on my part. I didn't, and I'm not going to repeat myself on that. I've made a support ticket, and I expected it to be looked at three days ago. Apparently, that's a tall order. PM me your ticket number and I'll check in with the Community Support team. Sometimes we get slammed with tickets and the turn around can vary.
  9. If you got something for the Abyss Lord, you won't have access to it until you unlock the Abyss Lord. For the Huntress and Apprentice, you can also unlock accessories to their costumes. Check their base costume accessories in the cosmetic manager to see if you find them there, and let me know what you see. :)
  10. Please don't necro threads. Going to lock to avoid any confusion. :)
  11. PM me your PSN ID so we can look into the connection. Thanks! :)
  12. As of right now, there are no plans for this. Please avoid necro'ing threads in the future, as it can cause confusion for others. For future posts, if you find a post that is older than several months+, is to make a new thread, and then reference the older thread for context. :)
  13. Let me investigate this a bit. From some stuff we looked into previously, I don't know if I was wrong and that's the intended functionality, or if I was right but you're experiencing something unintended. Also if you want to be a part of our RPG or RQA groups, pm me and I can get you in touch with our RQA lead :).
  14. Yeah, i would assume it would now go by your champion score hero. Although we should probably test and confirm that fact to be sure. Once i unlock the GunWitch i will be buying a few of these so i will see. It follows the same rules as items that drop. If you can purchase a weapon from the Wayfarer, then the weapon will scale to the highest item you've seen.
  15. Awesome, it's good to see. We'll be digging into this!
  16. I haven't heard of that happening, sorry you've run into it. Our Community Support team can look into your account and start digging into why this may be happening.
  17. There are currently no plans to do this. The hurdles to overcome this are incredibly high, and even after getting functionality, there are a ton of other roadblocks we run into that may not even be passable.
  18. Coming in here, thinking that a double tag negates itself? SIIIIIIIIIIIIDEWALKHERO
  19. I see all threads (especially responses to ones I start). There is no need to tag me. :) There are no plans for Monthly quests as far as I know.
  20. Also check out our Discord. You can join any platform's looking for group chat as well!
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