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  1. With our next update, there are some changes and opportunities coming that make Ancient Power less of a drain. We're revealing new stuff over the coming weeks (nothing related to AP this week, but soon), you may see stuff you like! :)
  2. Greeting Defenders, Hotfix 2.4.2 for PlayStation 4 is now live! This hotfix addresses a PlayStation 4 specific issue and also some preparation for what’s to come. Bug FixesFixed an issue that was the leading cause in crashes for PlayStation 4 users. Added some preparation changes to make our next update smoother. We wanted to get this fix in as this PlayStation 4 specific crash was a real pain for players. We are continuing optimization and improvements with our next large update across all platforms. For more information sources as we post updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (doing so also gets you the Pirate Monk and Academy Apprentice skins for free): Twitter Facebook Discord There is more news about what’s to come very soon, some would say tomorrow is the first round of what’s to come. ;) For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
  3. Ooo! Now I've got to make a dual Meowmere Barbarian! Only one of the Meowmere passives will work. The same applies to shards for the Barbarian, each shard is unique equip on each character, and Meowmere's passive works as kind of a bonus shard.
  4. Greetings Defenders, Many of you offered your services to join our RPG and RQA testing groups, thank you so much! We look forward to all of the feedback from the test, as well as many of you breaking all the things. Everything in the testing phase is a work-in-progress, and as such is covered by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that testers have agreed to and signed. This means it’s content that’s not meant to be shown or discussed outside of the testing environments. We really want the release of this expansive update to be special. This is your chance to help us! If you see anybody sharing information or images from the testing environments where they’re not supposed to, we’re rewarding defenders for letting us know. You must provide proof of what’s shared, as well as who shared it. Send us (specifically me or Dani) a PM here on the forums or on Discord if you come across this. If we are able to validate the information provided, we’re rewarding you 500 gems (first come, first serve), and they lose their testing rewards and access. Except us. Don’t report us. We’re authorized bean-spillers. For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
  5. Put in a ticket with our Community Support Team and they can take a look at what happened. :)
  6. Please do not necro threads. The best path to take would be creating a new thread and then referencing and linking to an older thread. Thanks!
  7. That's the trade-off between the modes. Earn free skins, flair, and consumables in a free-to-play game, where progression is a steadier climb.Blaze through the content, get showered in loot and shards, and get to higher-end Onslaught faster where you will receive Defender Packs as you climb.They each have their benefits, making them both rewarding in their own way. If we made every game mode have the same rewards, then there would not be a point in having anything but one mode.
  8. You shouldn't have to farm Onslaught floors for gear, you progressively receive upgrades. Trials is a way to progress faster, but Onslaught should rarely require needing to replay a floor before 55+ to farm gear.
  9. No, there will not be a race event coming to disrupt your current gameplay, haha
  10. It's only been 3 days since this post. If you spill all the beans in one go, then there's nothing to reveal and things are easily forgotten. Another bean stipend is going to get sent out pretty soon. :)
  11. That - right there. Yes. This is a LARGE reason for the foundational changes you'll see in our next update. Right now, the only real uniqueness items hold is that if they are incursion weapons they have a passive that sets them apart. Otherwise, it's all reliant on shards. With this update we gain a lot of room for making items unique and rewarding.
  12. Can be the problem that slimes are spawning continuously? So for example, if you go corrupted form, then slimes start to spawn with "oil" inside, so those slimes will oil enemies on impact, also, after turning of corruption, the slime would spawn only the regular slimes. I haven't tested this but it is my suggestion. :D looks to me once you go corrupt they continuously oil no mater what character you are playing . i know this is some what unrelated to the OP just thought i would bring it up for lawlta to look at. I saw your previous post last week and we're looking into it. Thanks so much for bringing it to our attention! <3 :)
  13. Previously when placing a defense in Corrupt Form, defenses were not getting Corrupt benefits (placing a hornet nest in Corrupt was giving 2 hornets instead of 3). Now it gives the Corrupt benefit when placing a tower in Corrupt Form (placing a hornet nest in Corrupt form now grants 3 hornets on placement). As always, Corrupt buffs are only active if you're in Corrupt Form. There's nothing in the wording to insist that Corrupt buffs permanently stay even when not in Corrupt Form.
  14. Greetings Defenders, Are you obsessed with Dungeon Defenders II? Do you want to be a part of meaningful changes and additions? Do you want to see content before it’s released?! Then you should check out our Remote Playtester Group and Remote Quality Assurance teams! These teams help test upcoming content, features, and changes to help us ensure we make Dungeon Defenders II the best game possible! Here’s an idea of what members of each team do: Remote Playtester Group (RPG) This group tests the bigger releases and features — helping us polish, fine tune, and balance upcoming content before it’s released. RPG members spend a few hours each week with no fixed time requirements helping us improve our major content releases. Remote Quality Assurance (RQA) This group is concerned with testing every release, from small hotfixes to major content patches. Each day there is something new to test. RQA members spend a few hours each weekday to hunt bugs, catch issues very early, and provide early balance feedback. We have a few requirements that we require (before you apply): Are 18 years of age or older. Are able to test on a PC. If you have a PC that can test the game, but you play on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, the rewards can be earned through PC testing and applied to your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One accounts! Our next testing period is coming very soon: May 16th! If you are interesting in joining or have any questions, please e-mail our RPG and RQA Lead: dani.moore@trendyent.com For your help in making Dungeon Defenders II greater, we offer unique rewards for testers. Testers that join up are able to receive the tester exclusive Betsy White pet! It’s a thank you to our testers for being friends and confidants. For Etheria! The Dungeon Defender II Team
  15. We made a thread here to keep players in the loop. Thanks you for typing this out <3! Going to lock this thread to keep discussions in one location. :)
  16. Greetings Defenders, During today’s Trendy Friday Fun stream we discussed some big changes that are coming out with our next update, some would call it a very expansive update. We are discussing information in pieces as a lot of the upcoming systems build upon one another. Not all of the information and numbers here are final and are subject to change. Critical Damage ChangesWe previously teased that some of these changes are foundational and affect the entire game. This first change is as foundational as it gets. Critical Damage is a stat that confuses some players, and in general can be hard to understand how it works. Here’s some information for what you can expect to see with Critical Damage changes: Critical Damage is now a percentage based stat! Critical Damage percentages can be increased through Ascension Level point spends and other sources (more information coming soon)! All towers Critical Damage is uniform and straight forward! These changes apply to every tower in the game. As a result, the base damage of every tower is adjusted to maintain the same damage you do now, but have it be more consistent. Critical Chance ChangesCritical Chance is currently capped at 33%. Many players are able to approach this cap with ascension points fairly easy. We want players to be able to choose between a bursty critical build, or a consistent damage build. Critical Chance is no longer capped at 33%. With this update, you are now able to push Critical Chance as high as the game offers. Check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch We’re going to give more details very soon! Our designers are excited to share what they are working on and explain what changes are coming and why. Stay tuned! For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
  17. This is one that we are looking into right now. It seems to be happening more frequently at higher Onslaught floors, but we're currently looking into these crashes. We put a lot of work into preventing crashes with transitions. Have you been experiencing any of those? All past tense. Still, neither fix nor communication in regards to this. We've been fixing issues that have been causing crashes, and communicating the fixes (as well as asking if players have experienced them after said patches). I apologize if you haven't seen these communications or fixes, but I assure you I speak with users weekly to check-in here on the forums, Discord, Reddit, and Steam about said issues.
  18. How 'in-depth' are they? The calculations alone take a couple minutes to process.
  19. Thanks so much, I added these to be looked at as well :)
  20. We are aware of some of the feedback regarding Defender Packs and are looking into the best ways to address this feedback. There's a lot of research that went into creating them, so any change made to them is a lot more in-depth than some may think.
  21. If you're running into an issue with Zapper (or any enemy), screenshots and videos (as well as a description of the issue you're running into) help us ensure they work correctly. :)
  22. This thread has been attracting attention that has not been constructive and lead to a lot of posts that break forum rules (specifically very derogatory terms, rants, and posters attacking one another). As a result, we are locking this thread.
  23. What enemies are getting stuck in each of those instances?
  24. We're posting info within two weeks of that post (within meaning it could be between now and 10 days), the update is definitely not coming out anytime soon after that. I'd be hard-pressed to call that "last minute". See I just can't get figured out why you can't come out right now and "say these are the things we are currently working on and hopefully in two weeks we will be able to update you on where we are." It can't be that bad to let us know what you are working on. But it's like Trendy doesn't want to announce anything until done. It's something I've specifically talked about multiple times on here, Discord, and the Friday Fun stream since Elandrian talked about it in our Barbarian DevLog. To reiterate: "We’re looking at ways to store items, ways to create and customize existing items, ways to exchange items, and ways to enhance items. Did I mention that we’re heavily looking into making items more interesting? We have some features that we’re planning, but we’ll reveal more specifics about them at a later date." Those are the things we are working on. The later date starts within the next 10 days of this post. That's all the info we're discussing at the current moment.
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