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  1. There's an issue with Dryad that we're going to be pushing a fix out for. It's not the mods you're using. :)
  2. That sounds like a terrible way to do it. There's two ways that goes: 1. Any decision voted on by the community that is bad balance and needed to be changed would be guaranteed negative feedback. 2. If we made a system that basically setup players to vote the way we were going to do things anyways would be incredibly deceptive and if figured out would create a very torn trust from the community. (this is more or less what you've outlined above by setting it to 15, and then letting the community vote for it to be our intended 10) If you want to have input in balance, features, and changes before they go live, or not be "shocked" by new systems, we have our RPG and RQA groups that are free to join as long as you're 18+, and don't require a ton of time. Manipulating the community into rigged voting is something we are not entertaining.
  3. There are not. There's no benefit for the slots being empty. Moving mods from one piece of equipment to another is the same price regardless of the slot being empty or not.
  4. Those are premium weapon skins that have a special death effect. When you purchase them, they start at Campaign tier, with 3 open mod slots. They don't offer any power, and are purely cosmetic. Now the weapon (with its own unique model) you get from Ancient Power, that thing packs some power.
  5. It was set at 20, and via testing feedback we made a fight for it to be lowered, and now it's 10. If you'd prefer the manufactured back and forth on the forums first, we can do that, but it just seems like unnecessary drama. Would rather be forthcoming about what the features are, and explain why we choose that number.
  6. We've thoroughly communicated plans regarding Onslaught and Ancient Power, specifically when they'd be addressed, for months now. Making a News post that "we're eventually looking into Onslaught and Ancient Power" gets pushed down by other News posts causing less visibility over time, contains nothing that we haven't communicated in other News posts, making it pointless to actually make one until we have concrete information to discuss. We're also releasing an expansion that changes how everything in the game works. While being in the planning stages for AP and Onslaught changes, the way players interact with this expansion could greatly change any plans. Showing any plans early that we aren't 100% on at all could backfire completely. If we did your "simple solution", it'd actually be incredibly misguided. I also just said that within a month and a half of the release of this Expansion, we'd be discussing upcoming additions and changes. So now you have a timeline for when to expect information. If you'd prefer that we didn't even put information like that out, we can avoid doing so, though it's the exact opposite of what I've seen the community ask for. We just shared a little teaser for what's to come, and instead it's being spun into a negative, which really pushes back the desire for us to do so in the future. You're also really downplaying how complicated things are quite a bit. It's easier to be a commentator from the outside looking in, but I assure you, things are not that "simple".
  7. I choose to interpret the above statement as meaning that everything I want to change will be changed in the next update. I also choose to be very disappointed when my previous statement turns out to not be completely incorrect. [Above statements are intended to be sarcastic so please don't take them seriously] I choose to inform you that I was involved in a discussion today about one map floor progression. I also choose to be very disappointed if we don't have information at a high level of what's coming within the next month and a half after Protean Shift is released.
  8. ... but this is coming with Expeditions. As for your other posts, we've stated multiple times over the past few months, Onslaught and AP are getting a ton of attention with our next update, almost entirely based off player feedback. Stuff just takes time. If you have extra time, a time generator, or time machine that goes back in time (none of that Timetraveller movie shenanigans where it only goes forward) that you can give us, I'll give you everything in the game, forever.
  9. What are you even talking about with 99999 shards??? Even 10 DS shards will take FOREVER to grind for. That already will take way more time than most gamers will be willing to give DD2. And to your other argument - why even have the towers or heroes at all then? Might as well just delete all of them. I don't want to be confined to only 6 defenses. Why have options you do not use? Makes no sense. The illusion of choice? This is the exact reason why i never used AP, and i was seriously hoping that this update would make AP better, but this gild thing just went in the completely other direction. What if Mods made it so that Deadly Strikes wasn't absolutely necessary and you had options to use different shard combinations? Some Mods and Shards share similar features, allowing more unique builds to come through both on Mod selection and Shard selection. I only mention that one, as you've mentioned Deadly Strikes a few times. We're comfortable with the number as others have said, it's meant to be an achievement/goal, and not something that is spammed within an hour or two of playing. If it doesn't go as our data suggests, we can look at changing it, or implementing something that helps bring balance to it. For now though, the data points to 10.
  10. This part is the most correct thing in this thread (other things are also correct, this is just an undeniable fact). I've seen both this thread and the original thread. Threads of this nature are meant to promote discussion and see how the ideas are received by the community (for instance, the responses to this thread). If it's something that gains traction, then we'll see the direction things have gone, and comment on it to some extent. Private messaging or tagging developers to look at your ideas will usually not invoke a response.
  11. If you could outline the steps on our bug site, that'd be very helpful. Any screenshots or recordings also add a lot of detail if possible.
  12. We'll be talking about transitioning in our DevStream tomorrow.
  13. You're going to feel real silly when the world is plunged into anarchy, and VCR's are the new dollar, and VHS is the new cents.
  14. Thanks but I'll never be the Prince of Saiyans. That's a nice enchilada!
  15. Greetings Defenders, We greatly appreciate the feedback all of you provide through your adventures in Etheria! Hopefully you'll see it shining through in Protean Shift, and also in our future updates. Sometimes it's good to check-in with our players, what kind of Defenders you are, what you enjoy, etc. From now until June 30th, fill out the survey linked below, and you'll be entered for a chance to win ANY costume you can currently attain in-game. Any. Costume. Dungeon Defenders II: Year Two Survey We look forward to your responses! Thanks :)
  16. We just like to lay in wait for once it gets close to 40. :) Back to 1 you go!
  17. What many of you have picked up is what we're throwin' down! :) Gear right now lacks any customization. If you want to be how you currently are health and damage-wise, that's completely attainable, you just have to make that choice instead of it being shoved down your throat and forced onto others as well. If you want to be a walking fortress that may cause Dark Assassins to retire because they realize you are impenetrable, you can do that. You want to be a glass cannon that likes to live on the dangerous side while also disintegrating your foes, you can do that. The big focus with this expansion is to make things interesting by giving players choices (Mods, stats, even map selection). Defenders have greater goals in attaining the Mods and gear they want in order to defend how they want. This is also just the beginning, there's so much more down the road that is built upon this, but first we need to shift the game in order to get there... a... Protean Shift
  18. "Massive step backwards" and just negative right out the gate, without asking, just assuming. That's ...unfortunate. :( Health (as well as other secondary stats) scales higher than it previously did. It'll be good to have on a couple pieces, but won't be required for every piece to have as much health as you currently do (unless you want to do that build, then more power to you, the Defenders who like to build like a brick outhouse). To reiterate on every post we've made about this expansion regarding stats and gear, all of them are affected and the amount of stats/scaling has been increased to compensate for the changes. Jose verified.
  19. Hey All, Just to chime in pertaining to this subject, the IGN article, and the press release. It's an announcement of a partnership to explore the possibility, with nothing set in stone currently. We'll have more word out if things develop. We wouldn't just drop something like this on you all without greatly explaining it. <3
  20. Ohhh, I was about to spill some beans, but you don't know my name. Can't trust leaking to a source who doesn't know who I am. ;)
  21. Based off of some of these, you're going to like some of the mods coming. :)
  22. We've added another Defender to the Casters Guild: welcome TheEarthPhoenix! You can see his stream here. Feel free to stop by, say hi, and show him some love! For more information on The Casters Guild, as well as our list of Casters, check out our TCG Recruitment thread. :)
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