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  1. Yes, please submit a ticket to Community Support about this
  2. So, there's a ton of dope stuff coming in the next update. Not a whole lot we can share atm, and I'm waiting to make a post for another week or so, so I can expand on stuff a lot more (also this expansion has been out for a week as of this morning, so we're still focusing on getting word out to players about it), but here's a brief highlight: - Onslaught not being 3 map floors anymore. Or two for that matter. Do the math ;). - Ancient Power getting attention. - A TON OF OTHER STUFF GOES HERE In the coming weeks, I'm also going to be making a push for our wiki to get up-to-date information. I responded in another thread, but Replay Map should be making a return, just ran into an issue while creating all the new map choice features.
  3. I believe we're bringing back "Replay Map" in a future update, we just ran into an issue when setting up all the new expedition features.
  4. It's the Steam Summer Sale right now that's making the PC packs cheaper. We do sales on the other platforms, so be on the look out! :)
  5. If you didn't fill out the survey in this link, you will not be rolled back.
  6. Hey Yalloi, we are aware of this and are investigating it currently. Thanks for the feedback and video! :)
  7. Not bad suggestions, the only major flaw I see here is: You, sir, are referring to the "Qualibean". It is the result of sacrificing beans before the expansion via spillage.
  8. There are range caps now, we're working on getting an indicator to show that now. As for the Last Stand chip, if you don't die from enemy damage, it doesn't revive you. If you are dying from enemy damage, and it isn't procc'ing, then that's something we'll need to investigate.
  9. Purchases can be tracked and re-added. If you made any progression, the progression is reset, so if you earned 4k Defender Medals, you will lose those, but then have the opportunity to get them back. We're not happy that rollbacks are a solution, but it's the most effective one to offer for this issue.
  10. Greetings Defenders, Hotfix 3.0.2 is now live on PC and PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will be receiving this update next week. We are knocking out a couple nasty bugs we’ve ran into and wanted to get a fix out as quickly as possible. Bug FixesFixed an issue where icons between Xbox and PS4 were showing incorrectly at the War Table. Fixed an issue where Hero Cards were not purchasable with Defender Medals. Fixed an issue where Shard GIlding was displaying decimals places within its UI. Players are now able to scroll through tabs of the Upgrade UI using the scroll wheel on PC. Fixed an issue with Tinkering an item multiple times was costing more in some cases. Fixed an issue when Upgrading, Advancing, Evolving, and Tinkering consumed materials from multiple stacks. Fixed an issue with Shards where if the name took up two lines, it would not show the upgrade level. Fixed an issue with multiple copies of the same mod stacking on the Barbarian’s weapons. Fixed an issue with weapons gained through Ancient Power are now giving both their unique Mod as well as a second normal Mod to follow the logic that Legendaries get two Mods. Adjusted the wings of the Techwitch during her reload animation. Fixed an issue where using the Radiant Power shard and Talisman of Empowerment was causing obscene damage. Fixed an issue where players could not scroll up when selecting a map at the War Table. Fixed an issue where Dryad Slime Towers were not getting updated VFX with an Elemental Attunement Mod. Fixed an issue where upgrading towers was not removing previous VFX idles. Fixed an issue where Dryad Slime Pits were receiving increased Critical Damage when being upgraded. Fixed an issue where the Protean Smasher was not working with the Lavamancer’s Molten Core ability. Fixed an issue in Forest Crossroads during split screen that caused Guard npcs to lack textures. Fixed an issue with End Game chests showing as Mythical, but not dropping Mythical loot.
  11. Greetings Defenders, We recently have been investigating an issue with players missing shards. There was an issue where players who logged in between the Protean Shift release (June 19th, 9AM EDT) and our first Hotfix (June 21st, 9AM EDT) who had not previously logged into the game after March 7th for PC and PlayStation 4, or March 9th for Xbox One, are missing Shards that were equipped to their heroes. We made changes to how Shards were equipped during the Barbarian's Wrath (March 7th or March 9th for Xbox One), which is where this missing Shard issue stemmed from. We are unable to recover each individual Shard, so we have two options that we are doing: - Account rollbacks to the last login prior to the Protean Shift expansion release. This will cause you to lose all progress since the release, but you will get back every Shard (including Hyper Shards) in your inventory prior to the release. - If you are missing Hyper Shards, we can have those added back to your account. This is a manual process and will take some time, but by choosing this option, you are able to maintain your current progress as well as get your Hyper Shards back (though your other shards will not be recovered). For those of you that this is applicable to, please fill out this form by Tuesday 9AM EDT, and we will begin processing the requests. We are incredibly sorry that this issue has occurred. As a result, regardless of the choice you make, we will add compensation in the form of one of every Shard Pack (from Campaign to Chaos VII) and a Mythical Defender Pack. This is something only those affected by the missing shards will receive. It is something we would not have been able to catch in testing, but are putting in steps so that something of this nature does not occur again. Sincerest Apologies, The Dungeon Defenders II Team
  12. Fixed, it formatted some of the symbols in the URL. Used a shareable link instead. :)
  13. Going to add a Markets section to the forums. Just takes some time before it goes live. :)
  14. Here are a couple spreadsheets put together by community members Cryo's list Alexis's list
  15. If you have a screenshot/video of this happening, that'd be very helpful! I'll see if we can replicate it on our end to try and prevent it from happening again. :)
  16. PM me your Steam ID and I can pass this along, as this is not very good.
  17. Rolls on Mod quality (the Qualibean) is random, and can be a low or perfect roll at any point in time during the game. Certain Mods start to unlock at different tiers, so it opens up. There are Mods only available in Onslaught post Floor 80. They are hero specific mods that interact with their abilities (just like the mod on the Ancient Power weapons). This is the fourth thing I'm answering. No you do not need to play as EV2. I can attest to this, because I had a Mystic mod drop (poison sand traps I believe) and she wasn't in my active deck.
  18. It's a staple in pretty much every game economy to reduce inflation from happening, and 15% is the low-end standard. It serves multiple purposes beyond that, one being for our game specifically is to prevent store space from being used as additional inventory space.
  19. If you stop moving the cursor, and then hold it up for a second or two, it should let you continue moving upwards. It's an issue we're aware of. This issue won't affect OP. It only affects players who logged in between after the release of Protean Shift and before this morning's hotfix. On top of that, it's only players who had not logged in prior to our Barbarian's Wrath update (when we changed how shards are equipped). If OP had not logged into the game over the past two days, they are clear to login now. As for your shards missing, we are working on a resolution to that right now, and will get word out when we have one, which should not be much longer.
  20. The quality does not improve. It just scales as you upgrade it.
  21. Can confirm, we've seen them drop through our metrics. [[58175,users]] and [[60550,users]] have both got them as well (Juicebags has a C8 piece of gear as a result).
  22. You could, but if they are the same Qualibean tier, then they will give the same stat. A low/max tier C1 mod scales up to a low/max tier C8 mod as long as they were on an item evolved from C7 all the way to C8.
  23. Do those have new skins? I was under the impression what you got was actually a special Passive AP-MOD on something existing. The AP weapons are a new skin for every hero.
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