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  1. Nail on the head. Last night was crazy bad for some reason (I started knocking some of it out at 6 PM EDT, and then it happened a ton a few hours later), but it's all knocked out now.
  2. Better hero management is definitely something we'd like to work on, it's a QoL that would take a ton of time. So coming soon, probably not, but something we want to accomplish most definitely. As for more than four heroes in a deck, that's most likely not going to happen.
  3. We're currently not announcing when the Carnival is coming back. When we have a schedule for it, we'll let everyone know. :)
  4. Shocking revelation is OP and Tenacity is applying way more than it should be. There are changes coming to bring things in line and make sure the Mods apply correctly.
  5. Looking into it, thanks for letting us know! :)
  6. They have not, please try avoiding negative speculation. If you have questions, please ask them, and I'll try to respond as quickly as I can. :)
  7. You may be in the New User Experience (the first three maps of campaign). Once you are out of them, or in town, check your "All Heroes" to see if your heroes are still there. If they are not, please submit a ticket to our Community Support Team.
  8. With an expansion, there's a chance that they are running into a high volume of tickets. There's no need to be snarky. If it's not done by the end of the day, let me know.
  9. The issue was discovered yesterday. We had a hotfix that addressed other issues for all platforms going out today, which we could not slate because the issues it addressed were just as important (if not moreso). The fix we were able to get in with today's hotfixes are what you see. We have a larger fix planned for these guys to sell items with mods again, but as we dug in, it got more and more complicated, and we weren't able to get out the fix we wanted.
  10. You're really downplaying that quite a bit. It was a very big issue that could basically break any economy, and also made it pointless to play the game for the time being because of the mods it could provide. The issue wasn't that it was selling perfect mods, it was that you could refresh the listing with different items, and different rolls every minute. Had players learned the methods sooner, or leaving it alone longer, it would have been much bigger than it was. That said, the vendors will be fixed with our next patch, selling up to legendary items, with mods on them.
  11. Greetings Defenders, Hotfix 3.0.3 is now live on all platforms. This hot fix was to address a couple back-end issues with how the game client interacts with our servers, as well as some fixes to exploits and bugs. Let's get into it! Bug FixesFixed an exploit where the Jackpot shard was affecting gold gains incorrectly.Fixed an exploit on Xbox One where players could duplicate items.Fixed an issue where players were getting visual duplicates.Adjusted items sold by vendors for now. Players were able to roll perfect mods off of purchased items. Vendors will sell better items again in a future patch without the ability to do so.
  12. It should level up with the item. Also, if you take a mod from a campaign item, and level that item up to Chaos VII, it'll level up with the item.
  13. If you filled out the survey that was linked multiple times and posted here on the forums, then you should be rolled back. If you're not, contact the Community Support Team, and they can look into it for you.
  14. Weapon skins/transmog is something we want to do. We weren't able to do it with this expansion, because of the technical hurdles we found out in discovery. It's something we want to do, it just comes down to how much is it going to take time-wise.
  15. First your WM suggestion and now this. I'm all about this critical thinking. <3
  16. [CG] LAWLTA


    I feel like I'm getting introduced to an item from the Price is Right, and I absolutely love it.
  17. Greeting Defenders, To make the Market forum an enjoyable experience, it will be very beneficial to format your posts so that others understand what you are wanting to do. Thread TitlesFor a template, here's what you can use to try and get your information across much easier: [WTB/WTS] Item Name - Platform - Region Here's an example title that will be very helpful: [WTB] Protean Cannister - Xbox - USEAST Thread PostInside the post you can have the details of how much you're wanting to sell or spend on something, as well as what times you're usually on. A sample template could be: Willing to Spend/Sell: X amount Time Usually On: hh:mm am/pm timezone here Description: explain mod quality, stat roll quality, or pet description. If selling something, putting an image below the description can help convey what you're wanting to sell. Contact: Discord ID/Steam/Xbox Gamertag/PSN ID Example: Willing to Spend: 3,000,000g Time Usually On: 5:00 PM EDT Description: Perfect tenacity mod for towers. Contact: Lawlta #5683 on Discord Enjoy the Market, and feel free to make suggestions in the Suggestions portion of the forums*. LET THE BUYING AND SELLING BEGIN! *Disclaimer: If your post is not something that pertains to buying or selling a specific item in the Market, it will be removed. Discussions can be made in any other section of the forums.
  18. If you put in a rollback request, and you didn't get rolled back by now, it might be because you were online. Put in a ticket with CS, as there were no rollbacks done while an account as online. Also if you're progressing and requested a rollback, all of that progress will be lost. The rollback is to BEFORE Protean Shift. So any progress from 6/19 and onward is going to be lost.
  19. I'd be hard pressed to say that this question has never been answered. I usually tell people specifically that if they see it happen, report it, because it's usually a case by case basis. It's an issue we've been trying to counter for a very long time, and are testing out possible changes to spawning systems in general to prevent this from happening.
  20. wait so you're going to 4? no... 5? damn this is terrible! /s 10 map floors baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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