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  1. As far as I know, we're not able to, though I'm looking into any improvements we can make. Our forums are done by a third party, so we cannot make immediate changes ourselves.
  2. That's the Qualibean™. That's a known bug that we're working on currently (if it hasn't already "bean" fixed).
  3. I did 4 this morning, haha. They are relentless!
  4. This is a bug we're aware of and are working on getting a fix out for it! :)
  5. It's not getting nerfed, it's getting bugfixed. It currently gives WAY more than it should (something in the calculation), to where 40% is actually acting closer to 90%. That's not a perfect roll from looking at it (what people have been calling a 4.5 Qualibean). The second one is an issue that we're going to be fixing with our next patch.
  6. You didn't send me your account, but after digging I found it. Hop in and let me know if you have any issues.
  7. Shoot me your PSN ID and I'll look into it.
  8. Send me a link to your account. I'll get it knocked out.
  9. Having that one guiding principle wouldn't be wise. Mastery was a harder challenge that offered both cosmetics and power, and there's definitely a part of our community who are not fans (which is fine, different strokes for different folks). We have a goal we're working towards, we think players are going to be happy with the results. ;)
  10. The lowest a perfect roll (5 Bar Qualibean) Tenacity can be is 65% (having it scaled down to Chaos I after AP'ing). If yours is not a perfect 5 bars (all 5 bars are bright green), then you don't have a perfect roll. If this is not the case, please post a screenshot of your Mod and we can take a look into it.
  11. I'd advise you both focus on the issues objectively and not focus on trying to put one another down.
  12. That doesn't explain the fact that many times the spam will stay up for several days, and in fact there was recently a full page worth that stayed for over 3 weeks. Not really my definition of "Seeing everything". If you see that, feel free to send me a message. Sometimes it gets pushed out of sight, sometimes I'm on vacation and have to play catch up. Life happens, no need to be snarky.
  13. Dang, it'd be a real shame if we weren't doing that with our next update. :> Also, "not messing with the game" would be a bad call. As another user pointed out, there's no longevity in just cosmetics and new maps. We're improving Onslaught and AP as well as adding new content. Leaving those alone, especially based on Community feedback would be a big mistake. There's a ton more to be done past this update as well. That's a misguided assumption. Our modelers, riggers, and animators are very talented, but also very busy, so getting new content AND getting new cosmetics is actually a very difficult task. Regardless, they are still able to deliver because they are just straight up BEASTS.
  14. I was there yesterday, I try to go whenever I can. :)
  15. There are no plans to bring them back currently. Down the road though, possibly.
  16. There's supposed to be an warning message with the listing that is currently not showing up. It should be added in our next patch.
  17. Oh don't you worry, it's something we plan on knocking out! :)
  18. Please don't necro old threads. :)
  19. This is an issue we're aware of and are getting a fix for it in our next patch :)
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