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  1. Try moving the evolve material in your bags from one slot to another. This is a known issue that we're working on a fix for. :)
  2. If you move the evolve material required to evolve the pet (Vial of _____ for example), move it from one spot in your inventory to another. It's an issue we're aware of and are working on. :)
  3. Please put in a ticket with our Community Support Team. If you have already put one in, do not put in another, there is a high volume of tickets right now. Please do not necro old threads.
  4. I hope it does! :D I was just saying that those items aren't tradeable because the moment someone gets an upgrade, they trade it away, and there's an over-saturation of items in the market.
  5. PSN is currently running into some issues.
  6. We're doing a Double XP Weekend until Monday 4PM EDT! It's time to pump you up!
  7. There were some PSN issues yesterday. Are you still unable to get in?
  8. There's a couple things you could try: - Verifying your files through Steam. - Make sure any firewall you has the game listed to allow connections. - Re-install the game. If these don't work, please try contacting our Community Support Team.
  9. The majority of the things you've listed here are things we've specifically already addressed that we're currently working on in our Check-In. There's no need for the condescending tone, especially when we have actively increased communication and outlined exactly what we're doing. "Explain the logic" and then speaking down hardly warrants a response. People work very hard to produce this game for you, the players, so when wanting to start a dialogue, treating the other party negatively out the gate does not bode well.
  10. It's actually 540%+, meaning 640% total (intended). Let me just get my nerf dog excited, and awayyyyyyyyyyyy we go! Also Muggs using a different forum name, pretty clever.
  11. There's some really big changes that we're working on in matchmaking and Onslaught (as noted in our Check-in) that should address a ton of confusion. Can't give details specifically yet.
  12. Bug reports really do go along way. I usually try to repro the bugs themselves if I see them here just to get a better grasp of what's going on. Myself and the rest of the team spend a lot of time on knocking out bugs, so the more information we get, the easier it is to knock stuff out (whether with balance or bug fixing). I'm constantly working with QA, Programmers, and Designers to knock out issues that people discover, and bug reports can cut the time in half on fixing issues.
  13. Because online gameplay and cross platform connectivity is a VERY complex goal and we're a small team, it's not just a switch that is flipped or a setting that is selected.
  14. It'd be very misguided to assume we have not. There are a lot of pieces to this that we WANT to do, but currently there are gray areas about not being able to. One instance is how we have our accounts setup through our proprietary systems. There's no great way to validate "hey this is my account on xbox, and I want it copied to my Steam account" currently. There are options we have investigated, but things such as GDRP in EU have made things somewhat more difficult to gain any traction on this. Currently we do not have any plans to create this because of the potentially impossible hurdles that prevent us from doing so. We continue to investigate the possibility, but right now we cannot.
  15. There are a ton of things we're investigating currently in regards to this. We are making changes to Onslaught, so you'll notice a lot less in regards to 3 floor progression (tends to be a memory issue). On top of that, there's a slew of things we're looking into. A lot of player feedback has us looking into a myriad of things as well. For instance, some players were noticing crashes only when they were playing Barbarian, or if they were playing a specific map. These fixes take time, because we have to figure out what may be causing them, and if they were really the underlying issue. Nonetheless, we are constantly looking for ways to get rid of these crashes and improve optimization. Whenever you get a crash and have the option to submit a report, please do so. They help us out a ton.
  16. Then the lower player should be hosting the session. Did you mean EDT, and did you mean 1:15 EDT on July 12th, or on July 11th?
  17. If you are selecting play a custom floor, you are going to keep playing that floor. There's nothing to be addressed, because that's the intended functionality. If you want to play different floors after completing a specific floor, the option to do so if there via selecting a different custom floor. It doesn't make sense to have it advance after completion, because it was a choice made by the player to specifically play that floor.
  18. CS contacted us about this, and we looked into it. You should have received a response as to why you weren't progressing. Things were working as intended. For others that may be running into this, please make sure you are not choosing "Custom Floor" and instead are choosing the top option of "Next Floor: ##" where ## is the highest floor you have access to.
  19. Please submit a ticket to our Community Support Team.
  20. Put in a ticket with our Community Support Team.
  21. Put in a ticket with our Community Support team.
  22. No clean up necessary, it disinfects the lanes from all the gobu sweat and leaves a lemony scent.
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