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  1. @Final_Bosu quote:
    Hi Lawlta.  My girlfriend and I recently picked this game up on PSN and I would like to say it's been a blast.  I was a long time player of the first DD and I freaked out and derped hard when I saw a new one.  Anyway, on topic of Mastery.  We completed all of the Mastery tasks, acquired our wings, full 735 stars.  But there was something really disappointing about completing Mastery and that's that there is no Title given for completing everything.  Maybe I am coming across as "entitled" and forgive me if I am.  The flair and stuff is cool and all, but I figured we'd get a nice Title for completing such a major and complicated part of the game.  

    Glad to hear you guys are enjoying it, there's a lot more coming! We did a title on the initial release for the top 10 players to complete it per platform (and we did 7 weeks of releasing a new tier). This is a solid suggestion though, I'll see what I can do. :)

  2. @rdeal quote:

    Trendy are the lazy ones they did a mode where they gimped your character to make it harder instead of just making the game harder in other ways

    Yes, not so end game players AND mid-tier players as they are progressing could have additional challenging content that encouraged team play and did not take a ton of resources to develop while also making the Power of the Ancients expansion, it was laziness.

    There's no need to insult one another (or us for that matter), as it's just going to provide a bad reputation and prevent future communication. You attract more flies with honey.

  3. Greeting Defenders,

    Today we released Hotfix 3.1.2 on PC and PlayStation 4, with Xbox One receiving the update later! This update addresses some bugs, crashes, and updates some back-end changes with game clients. Let’s get into it!

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where users on Steam with the same name, while in the same area caused issues with Player Shops.

    • Fixed an issue with older Mastery Shards being sold by the Scavenger if they ended up on him. (If you’re missing Mastery Shards, please put in a Community Support Ticket here)

    • Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances allowed players to login with the same account twice.

    • Fixed an issue when stacks of items are sold, their buyback price was much higher than the sale price.

    • Fixed an issue on consoles where players were sometimes kicked when interacting with the war table.

    • Fixed an issue where the Jackpot Shard was potentially proccing on wave completion.

    • Fixed an issue with third party programs potentially altering game inputs.

    • On PlayStation 4, fixed an issue when the intro video plays causing crashes. (If you still run into this, please report it)

    Remember, if you run into any bugs, please let us know at our bug site. Also, check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community:

    That’s it for now on, but we have much more coming. We can’t wait to share news of what’s on the horizon, so stay tuned!

    For Etheria,

    The Dungeon Defenders II Team

  4. @Ajido quote:

    I like the general direction the game is going but I kind of dislike this limbo we're in when we know some kind of change is on the horizon but have no details of what the changes are and when they might hit. I'm a returning player interested in doing my first Ancient Power reset soon, but I'm hesitant because I might regret it depending what the changes are. Even veterans like JuiceBags are having similar problems, on his stream yesterday he talked about wanting to do a reset but isn't sure if he should or not.

    Our updates have been pushed within the same amount of time (more or less). If you do a little investigating, you can figure out what that may look like for the next update. We have been more open with what we're working on, but giving specifics is never a great idea as things change during development.

    As for not Ancient Powering because of future changes. Ancient Power is a system that is going to be continuously built upon, previously it was just stats and xp/gold bonuses, this expansion added a unique weapon that is created only through Ancient Power, the next update is addressing some of the community concerns with the system, and then past that you'll have to wait and see.

    It's a system that's meant to be taken part of more than once, so if you continue to wait to do it because of the next update, you'll never end up doing it, because there could potentially be more added. That said, if you are going to do an Ancient Power grind, there are some players here who have (and can give more) tips on what you should do if you plan on grinding it out.

  5. @ajantis619 quote:

    @LAWLTA quote:

    One missed note, you also gain a random Prestigious Weapon that has a unique Mod on it that can't be attained any other ways.

    You can buy them from other players which is good seeing as the prestigious weapon can roll for any class including ones you don't have if I am not mistaken

    :) I left that detail out to see if anyone would pick up what I was throwing down (because I've made that same response when people have said that it's there's only one way to get them). Thank you for giving attention to detail. <3

  6. @DosTense quote:

    I did some master and got a hyper shard.  Then took some time off.

    Now I login to the Protean Shift and all my gear, shards, pets, all gone.  Not great, but my hyper shard is gone.  But I've already gone past that mastery point.  So I can never get that hyper shard back, right?

    Please put in a ticket with our Community Support team. They will be able to get all your items restored via a rollback, which means if you've made any progress after the rollback date, you will lose it.

  7. @Ambiguous quote:

    Having us vote for 10 was just so we could give them a nice priority list across all their voters, and also to prevent people from simply voting for all of them. Once the data is in, they'll be able to see what polled the highest among them all, then see what could possibly be reintroduced.

    This is the reason (on top of us confirming what we figured players wanted, which this more or less has so far).

    @SpottierPower4-3 quote:

    In my intro to management class, they said that employees will fill in the blanks if management doesn't provide clear details.  I say the same could be applied here.

    In Management, sure. In Marketing/Sociology you'd focus on getting an accurate answer, in this case what people want. Everyone will most of the time want everything they can get, limiting choice though gives you an idea of what they want more, which is the point of this survey. That's why the notice on the survey has "...but will be helpful in gauging interest for them to be added."

    You may be able to interpret it in other ways (as indicated by this thread), but I'll set the record straight here: Selecting 10 does not mean we are only looking at bringing 10 shards back. We may bring them all, we may bring 10, or we may bring none. There's no hard set amount.

  8. @SpottierPower4-3 quote:

    @LAWLTA quote:
    @Nigiri_Toro quote:

    I can understand wanting faster browsing of all other characters to swap out during build phase however. The quick browse button helps but could be better.

    This is the real take away here. We want to improve the browsing for sure, it's on a list of stuff that we think needs attention, just not quite yet. Letting you know it's on the radar though! :)

    Does Trendy have a giant wishlist that includes all the changes TE would like to see from little issues to large?  Cause I'd love to see this thing.  

    Guess you couldn't publish it though cause everyone would suddenly find their 1 thing and be up in arms that it isn't being fixed.  :P

    I'll give you a rundown of my personal list:

    1. Pizza Wings

    2. Pizza Hat

    3. Stuff the community wants

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