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  1. While the feedback is welcome, there are a couple of points that are just flat out wrong listed here:

    - The amount of items that drop in solo games is still exactly the same (both during gameplay and the Victory Chest). The only difference between solo and multiplayer loot drop amounts is in the Victory Chest. We checked the data, players are still receiving the same amount of items on average during solo play that they were receiving before the patch. Nothing has changed here.

    - The gold amounts feedback is nice, and we can definitely look into some tweaks. That said, saying solo players are receiving "1/4" of the gold is incredibly misguided. While we don't tend to give out these numbers, I can say it was reduced by less than 30%. 

    This feedback is nice, but please don't just throw guessed numbers out there as fact, because it's spreading false information based on emotion.

  2. xtu1ZHQxwyKh3KlstDWM0JP8Ri7ArpQcJcyV99QL

    Greetings Defenders,

    Protean Shift Patch 3.2 is now live on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! We’ve been hard at work ever since Professor Proteus made his glorious arrival in Etheria! The feedback from all of you has been tremendous and we greatly appreciate it. We’re addressing requests that players have wanted both for a while now and recently with the Protean Shift expansion. Let’s get into it!

    Multiplayer Bonuses

    Defenders love playing together, there is strength in numbers after all. Previously, when playing in multiplayer settings, enemies became stronger, but did not offer any additional rewards for the harder challenge. This is a pain point that you as a community have voiced to us for a long time, and with gear in a much better spot, we now have a way to reward the increased difficulty!

    Previously, when playing in multiplayer sessions, enemies gained additional health without offering any increased rewards. Now when teaming up with fellow Defenders, you now gain additional Gear from Victory Chests. You may be asking, “how much?”, and the answer is A LOT. Here’s the breakdown you can expect to see when playing with multiple Defenders:

    • One Defender:  Remains the same.

    • Two Defenders:  +125% additional Gear drops!

    • Three Defenders:  +275% additional Gear drops!

    • Four Defenders:  +425% additional Gear drops!

    When playing solo, the Escape/Options menu shows:


    When in a group of two:


    This pattern increases the more Defenders in your session. To have our bases covered, Gear is specifically armor, weapons, and relics. These additional pieces of gear offer players multiple opportunities on finding perfect stats and Mods while taking on stronger enemies. This means you have more gear to use or sell, boosting Defender strength and our player economy substantially. As a result, we’ve slightly tweaked sell prices to vendors. With the increased loot drops, you’ll be making on average the same amount of gold when selling to vendors. However, we maintained previous minimum Player Shop sell value of items to offset this. You’re now provided more opportunities to sell more gear between one another to obtain greater mountains of wealth than ever before!

    We were able to get these changes out now to provide a feature the community highly requested thanks to the feedback we received via a survey many of you participated in. One concern that several Defenders brought up was in regard to party control and functionality. These will be coming in our next Update among a slew of new features not too far from now. We’ll touch on some additional changes later on in these notes!

    Material Vault

    In Protean Shift, we introduced a good chunk of crafting materials for Defenders to have more control over their gear. There’s a ton of new materials and one bit of feedback that we’ve received quite often, is about storing these spoils of combat.


    Enter the Material Vault! It’s a new vault that will be available to players that want to be able to store extra crafting materials. This special vault allows you to hold 999 of every crafting material and access to materials saved in your Material Vault regardless of where you are. Want to pump up the strength of your gear, or move some Mods around, but you put the materials in your Material Vault? You can now do it on the fly without pulling the materials out! When doing anything that requires crafting materials, Inventory Materials are used first before using crafting materials in your Materials Vault.

    What’s Coming?


    In our last Check-In post, we outlined some short, medium, and long term goals. In our next update, here’s a sneak peek as to what you can expect to see:

    • Onslaught floors are always one map floors.

    • Extra rewards as you climb through Onslaught.

    • Improvements to Ancient Power

    • Increased party control and functionality


    As development continues, we’re going to be providing opportunities to test this content and earn “Tester Only” rewards, such as Betsy White, a true friend and confidant to any Defender.

    Bug Fixes

    • Improved enemy spawn and pathing logic so enemies getting stuck in spawns will now have a better chance of finding their way out of the spawner.

    • Fixed additional cases where Berserker Orcs would get around blockades and walls.

    • Fixed an issue in Player Shops that caused a visual duplication while moving items.

    • Fixed an issue with Abyss Stone and Abyss Fountain giving an incorrect error message when there’s not enough mana available to use them.

    • Updated Shard Dust description to explain how it’s acquired.

    • Fixed a bug where the Jackpot shard increases gold reward upon wave completion.

    • Fixed an issue with comparison tooltips remaining when closing the Vault UI.

    • Fixed the text size of “LIST IT!” on 4k resolutions.

    • Fixed an issue with Gilded Colossal Fissure Shards receiving a negative increase.

    • Fixed an issue with Campaign Boot tinkering requiring an Iron Hammer.

    • Fixed an issue with Chaos V Boot upgrades requiring weapon crafting materials.

    • Fixed an issue with buy back items going to the wrong location in the inventory.

    • Fixed an issue where items claimed at the Scavenger while the inventory is full would look like it had been claimed but was still in the Scavenger.

    Remember, if you run into any bugs, please let us know at our bug site. Also, check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community:

    We have much more on the way and will be spilling some beans in the coming weeks!

    For Etheria,

    The Dungeon Defenders II Team

  3. Then step on ova' here!

    You, our brave and courageous Defender community, have provided fantastic feedback in our last survey. So much so that we'd like to get even more of it!

    Ending tomorrow at 3 PM EDT, we're collecting feedback on Defender interactions within multiplayer. Fill it out, provide your contact info as shown in the survey, and you're entered to win 500 Gems!! (as well as, you know, giving input on improving the game in ways you like to play).


    We've received some great feedback already and cannot wait to see even more. Thank you so much for playing the game and taking time to help make even greater.

    For Etheria!

  4. @Exo dus quote:

    I know exactly how to replicate this bug, I do not think it would be wise to say on this forum as people might exploit it, and I think trendy should fix it if they never intend to release shard trading, the inventory items while looking at the trade menu are not in the same places as they are while looking at normal inventory thus something might appear as a piece of boots but is actually your shard and when you put that boots up for sale it puts the shard there, something prior to this must be done to get that bug going. 

    edit: I can't replicate trading upgraded items but the shard trading works garanteed every try.

    If you have a method of doing this, please submit it to our Bug Site, others will not be able to see it unless we approve it to be viewable by others, which in this case, we most definitely would not.

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