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  1. Memes for Marcos has ended. Thanks for all that have submitted Memes. As a studio we're going to vote on our favorites and will pick a winner. A HUGE congratulations to Marcos, the strongest Onslaught Titan in all of Etheria!
  2. We see every post, not every post warrants a response though. No input at this time.
  3. Put a link to it, and I'll edit it into your comment for you! :)
  4. Were you still missing them after logging back in?
  5. We've found a few crash issues that we're either working on currently or have found a fix for. We have a hotfix patch coming out over the next week that should help address some of these.
  6. Hey Valkyryus, Put in a ticket with our Community Support. They can look into your account, and see if there were any issues with it updating to the current game (with gear/stat/sphere->shard changes). From there they can look into if it's account based, or if it may be ISP related. :)
  7. You still have your heroes. The tutorial level moves heroes around (it's not something we intended for players to initially interact with after completing it). Here's how you can see your heroes: Click "My Heroes" The next screen shows: You can then use F1-F4 to assign the Lavamancer to a slot. This is something we're aware of, and are working on a way to prevent this from happening with veteran players going back to the tutorial.
  8. Just caught me during one of my daily passes through the forums :).
  9. As previously addressed, we genereally don't post hotfix notes on the news page. Expansion notes, Dev Logs, Check-ins, Update Notes, and Patch notes we do. The stuff pushed out this morning was related to update prep, so nothing to report on that front.
  10. We have party changes coming, and the invite system is something that should be affected by this, to help curb this kind of behavior. More on that later :)
  11. Turning off auto sort, and moving the item into any other slot also works. This is the current work around, we're aware of this issue. :)
  12. Or we might go all Atlas, and just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. We are aware of this issue, and are working on a fix.
  13. While this thread went off course, it's always awesome to see Defenders wanting to help one another. You guys are awesome!
  14. We're looking into what's happening. If you run into it at all and are able to submit a report through PSN or Xbox Live, please do so. Sorry you all are running into this! :( Edit: We've found a way to repro it, are looking into a fix currently.
  15. We've got some alterations to meet the goal we originally set out to do, while addressing some of the pain points you have provided. It's so glowy!
  16. I'm necro'ing this necro'd necro thread to lock it. Necro'ing threads can cause confusion among posters. It's best to make a new post and reference older threads via links to convey your thoughts.
  17. I've been a busy lad, my apologies for not addressing this sooner. There's a decent amount of toxicity in this thread. The thread initially was a bit touchy, but it's changed course and gone to Not-So-Greatsville. As there are multiple parties involved here, I'll leave it at this: avoid personal attacks, focus on the arguments. Letting egos surface causes discussions to derail. We don't want to take action against individual users if we do not have to, but this isn't a place to slander one another. This thread is locked to prevent any more of the back and forth.
  18. To reiterate what was said last week, it's something we're aware of and are working towards a solution.
  19. Greetings Defenders, Protean Shift Hotfix 3.2.1 is now live on Xbox One! We're still working hard on getting our next update out on time, and were able to get an issue fixed on Xbox in the mean time: Voice chat is active once again. There had been some changes with how Voice Chat works in Xbox and we needed to make adjustments so that it functioned properly.There's been a lot of feedback we've received about voice chat functionality, and are currently investigating ways to allow players to mute public voice chat for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There's a lot coming, so stay tuned for more info! For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
  20. Submitting the error codes through any methods provided by Microsoft can be very helpful. If you have any screenshots of the codes, feel free to PM them to me. We are reducing the amount of maps needed to complete in a floor with our next update that is not too far out. This should help considerably with these types of crashes as well.
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