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  1. DEFENDERS, Today we released a brand new game on Steam in Early Access, Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue. We’ve had a lot of great reception, but there are also people concerned about the development of Dungeon Defenders Awakened. We’re still developing content for it, but I want to talk about the project in a pretty honest way. Let’s get into it. Dungeon Defenders Awakened had a pretty rough start and still hasn’t exactly found its footing. There are some things that we are planning on improving and updating, releasing on PlayStation, getting splitscreen in some form (it’s incredibly b
  2. DEFENDERS, Today we launched our Post-Episode 1 PTR to get some feedback from you, our GLORIOUS DEFENDERS, to help make DDA the greater every day. We’ve got some big hero buffs, changes to ability mana, secondary ability changes, and the Test of the Lycan being added. You’ll just have to guess what all has been changed. Actually, maybe we’ll just post the notes here. Yeah, that’s what we’ll do. Let’s get into it! How to Join It’s not too late to join the PTR build! We’ve received awesome and helpful feedback from tons of our GLORIOUS Defenders, and we want to make sure your voice
  3. DEFENDERS, It’s time for another bugfix, hopefully squashing some pretty nasty bugs (like that pesky -1 HP bug some Defenders have unfortunately ran into). Let’s get into it! Bug Fixes Made some changes to prevent HP getting stuck at -1. Let us know if you continue to run into this issue after downloading the patch. Fixed an issue where the Shroomy wasn’t playing their spawn animations properly. Fixed an issue where NPC Dialogue and Summary UI windows had buttons that couldn’t be navigated or pressed on gamepad. Fixed an issue where only the defaul
  4. DEFENDERS, We’re getting in some more hotfixes to help squish some of these pesky bugs and crashes. It’s late, no long introductions here. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where Coptor Ogres were throwing Rifted Kobolds and Snotballs at targets behind walls (no more wall hacks, freakin cheatin ogres). Fixed a crash that occurred when locking items. Fixed an issue with the last achievement bugfix mentioned in previous hotfix not applying correctly. Fixed a spot on the Keep where defenses could be built inside of walls (no more wall hacks, freakin cheatin defenders).
  5. DEFENDERS, Episode 1, The Lycan’s Keep, is now live and with that, we’ve got some bug fixes and changes coming in hot off the press to make The Lycan’s Keep even greater! These changes are going to be getting submitted for Xbox certification and then set live once approved. Let’s get into it: Bug Fixes Updated tower focus so that towers focus bosses before focusing Goblins, Archers, Skeletons, and Orcs. Fixed an issue where fusion name prefixes were still appearing. Fixed an issue in Transmog where selecting wings would not allow you to press the “Save” button.
  6. DEFENDERS, As we approach our release of Episode 1, The Lycan’s Keep, we’ve got another round of changes and additions for you all to take a swing at trying to break and give us your valuable feedback (click here to find out how to get in). Let’s get into it! DISCLOSURE This is a PTR build. That means that things are going to be in a rough state, not finished, maybe a bit buggy, etc. It’s by no means a perfect representation of the game, or final in any means. Please take this into consideration when providing feedback. We’ve spent a lot of time working hard on getting this massi
  7. DEFENDERS We’ve shown two maps in the past two weeks coming in Episode 1, and now we’re excited to present… ANOTHER MAP! Wait, sorry, we read that wrong, it was supposed to say A NEW DDA CHARACTER. Wow, that’s actually way cooler. Let’s get into it! New Hero - The Warden As hinted at in our April Fools Day “update”, we misspelled the hero name as The Andrew (an anagram for Warden, what a coincidence). A guardian of the forest that was banished to the realm our heroes find ourselves in, The Warden joins our roster to help push back the evils that stand in your way!
  8. DEFENDERS, Every day we inch closer to releasing a lot of the awesome hard work that many of us here at Chromatic have been focused on in order to get some great content out to you all. That also means we inch closer to revealing a new part of Episode 1. Oh wait, that’s today! Let’s get into it. New Weapons - The Woodland Set What would a new update be without new weapons? These aren’t all of the new weapons you’ll be seeing in Episode 1, but they are pretty friggin’ awesome! They are themed around the first two maps, being more focused on a living forest. Bonus,
  9. This is something we'll look into in the future. There's a handful of things that go on with pets that don't with other transmog pieces, and it's mostly tied to animations and logic. For instance, the pet giraffe doesn't have an attack animation, so if it were to go up and attack an enemy in melee range, or a monkey king pet that was transmogged over a ranged attack pet, some things might break and not even function properly. It's definitely something we can look into in the future, but there's a ton of other big things we're working on currently :)
  10. DEFENDERS, We’ve been talking a lot about what’s to come in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened future, teasing at various bits here and there, and by making this sentence even longer, we’re still teasing more just putting off the inevitable of what’s coming your way. Real quick, let’s talk about how Ramsters came to exist. Hamster and ram? That doesn’t even make any sense! Oh wait, you probably wanted to talk about the first thing. Okay, time to talk about the first thing. Let’s get into it. Episodes Now what the heck are Episodes? Well in short, they’re our FREE major content upda
  11. DEFENDERS, A new day, a new chance to talk about everything going on in hallowed halls of Chromatic Games. We’re still working from home, so some halls might be dusty or cluttered, but hallowed nonetheless. There’s a ton of exciting news for us to talk about regarding all of our work (some of it is meh, but who cares, it’s news anyways). Let’s get into it! Dungeon Defenders: Awakened It’s no secret that a lot of you are hungry for all the new things that we’re going to be doing. Internally, we discussed showing these things over time, to not only keep anticipation up for what’s t
  12. DEFENDERS, We’re bringing you some news of a game that you may not have seen us post in a little while about. That game is… DUNGEON DEFENDERS II. That’s right, we’ve got some development going on for DD2 that we’re excited to share with you. Some of the stuff you’ll see in the short term, some stuff in the long term, and along the way we’ll be getting your input to help us out. Let’s get into it! Content First things first, the Etherian Polar Vortex has ended and you’ll soon have access to a snowless Tavern and Town Hub. Now you may be asking “WHAT ABOUT THE GIFTING TREE!?
  13. Anime. *Edited by [CG] Philip - Reason: We don't allow such inappropriate words on these forums. Strike #1
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