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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chromaticgames/dungeon-defenders-awakened/posts/2757562 First line here.
  2. Everything you listed, and one set of all these bonuses too (bonuses don't include an additional copy of the game) :
  3. Hey All, We recently announced that ALL of our BackerKit and Kickstarter backers that purchased the game in some fashion will receive one set of the preorder rewards (per Kickstarter/BackerKit account) from the preorder store: Previously we had it locked to just the $40 and up tiers on both Kickstarter and BackerKit. As long as you receive a copy of the game through these two portals, you'll get these rewards. This is to reward our early supporters for putting their trust in us from during the birth of this project. That's all for now, just a quick update! :) Smoochies, Lawlta
  4. DEFENDERS! This is just a brief check-in to talk about preorders for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. We’ve received a lot of support from a ton of you, and want to make sure we reward that where we possibly can. There’s two big things to go over, being preorder upgrade options for Kickstarter and BackerKit supporters, and preorder window coming to a close. Let’s get to it! Preorder Upgrades We’ve been working tirelessly with our shop partner to enable upgrades over the past few weeks. Without getting into the details, we unfortunately have not been able to get upgrades going, and don’t want to let people know very last minute that they can upgrade, if at all. Instead, we’re going to do the following. ANYONE that preordered through BackerKit or backed us on Kickstarter will receive the $60 Prestigious Edition bonuses shown on the preorder store, that are preorder exclusive. This includes: Forum Titles In-game Titles Digital Soundtrack, Strategy Guide, and Artbook Awakened Phoenix Pet Crystalline Skins Rift Skins At Chromatic, we want to do everything we can to reward all of our players who support us, as fairly as we can. We announced the ability to upgrade, and since we are not able to deliver, we are taking the high road and providing the bonuses to those who would have been able to upgrade for FREE. We chose these tiers because it’s equivalent to how much the retail price is for the game. This serves as a big THANK YOU to all of our supporters who joined us early on this adventure, and to help show that we’re focused on making a great game. Preorder Availability With Early Access coming on February 21st, we’re going to be closing our Preorder Store the same day. This is to ensure that all our sales for the PC version of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened goes through Steam. With the Preorder Store closing, the Preorder Bonuses will no longer be available for ALL platforms. If you want to grab the Preorder bonuses, you only have until February 21st. Kickstarter and BackerKit Changes Starting on February 21st, we will no longer be able to change the platforms that people have selected, as we need to make sure that orders are locked and ready to fire for when we release on each individual platform, ensuring that people receive their correct copies. What’s Next? We’ve got a Dev Stream that we’re going to have tomorrow, February 14th at 3:00 PM ET, where we answer questions that we’ve seen posted everywhere, answer questions that all of you have for us, and show some gameplay as well! Please join us, and potentially win a free Prestigious Edition of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. That’s all for now, just a quick check-in. We’re hard at work to make sure that Early Access feels as great as possible, and cannot wait for you guys to tear it apart! Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team thanks you for your support. We’re working to make Chromatic Games a studio that is able to create games current and future Defenders are sure to enjoy, because our games are made for YOU! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
  5. followed by Your consideration is just fine. It's not what our audience wants, and we have received extensive feedback, thousands of tickets, and constant emails asking for local sessions only. It was one of the biggest points of feedback we received through DD2's EA and release. Now you know why. If you disagree, that's fine, but this is the route we're going regardless. 1. Don't know how we're not being honest, weird phrasing. Not providing everything you're requesting doesn't have anything to do with honesty. If anything, these posts should be providing transparency and establishing/reinforcing honesty. 2. I don't doubt that we COULD make that mode, but what was said was "no extra modes currently planned" (specifically regarding what was asked). If it's something players want, we can look into adding it later, but it's something we didn't promise, and leads to the third point. 3. The reason is not "simply" maintenance costs (which aren't cheap), but also the development time and support is pretty substantial. It's not a simple switch that's flipped, especially across all four platforms. Maybe it's something we revisit post launch, but for now that's the most we're going to be speaking on this, we've said our piece at this point. We're making the best game we're able to make to the best of our ability based on what our players have overwhelmingly said they want. Any more inquiries about this topic will lead to different flavors of the same answers given here.
  6. Hey All, Going to chime in here to address this as it keeps appearing. We have systems in place to make sure that cheaters are not able to come into an online session and ruin the experience for other players, or progress through the game in online sessions while cheating. We’re not a live service game, we are not hosting servers for players to play on. This was an approach used in Dungeon Defenders II that did not fair well with players, and as part of going back to our roots, we’re not going to be server hosting every session. That doesn’t mean checks aren’t going to happen. The moment you try to get online, it’ll do various checks on your profile that we will not be discussing here, to ensure that you don’t have someone hopping into a match moving at mach 5 one shotting every enemy with a 20x projectile staff. Alongside this, with returning to our roots, there is offline and online play. If people want to tear their game apart offline, cheat their way through everything, by all means, they are more than welcome to. There’s some cool GDC commentary and a NakeyJakey video (warning: potentially some light cursing) in these videos that I personally enjoy. It’s their game, they can enjoy it however they want to as long as it does not negatively affect other people’s play. There’s going to be BOTH offline and online play. That’s where the game’s going, it’s what we’ve talked about forever now, and it’s what the vast majority of players want and were promised. We’re not moving away from that. That’s really all there is to it. We’re having offline and online play, because we’re also having CrossSave functionality, which would be pretty much pointless if we separated online and offline play. We’re going to be doing checks for cheating, and making online experiences as best as we possibly can. There’s nothing more or less, no extra modes currently planned and we’re not going to be going into what the checks are because that just gives cheaters and hackers more ammo to work with. Not going to be expanding upon the topic any more, as we’ve said what’s going to happen, and we gotta get back to making this dang ol’ game. Smooches, Lawlta
  7. DEFENDERS, Now that we’re a week out from our PAX return, we’re ready to share a lot of information about Dungeon Defenders: Awakened and what you can expect. There’s a lot to talk about, and based off the title of STEAM EARLY ACCESS, you probably already have a ton of questions. Let’s get into it! Steam Early Access Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is going to be available for Steam Early Access on February 21, 2020 (just in case you thought it was February 2021). This is something we’re incredibly excited for and hope that you are too! There’s a lot of reasoning that went into this, so we’re going to break it down because we want to be as transparent as possible to you, our GLORIOUS Defenders. We previously mentioned that we would be avoiding Early Access, but we feel this is the best route to deliver on our promise that we’re working very hard, while being able to also deliver something tangible to you by the extended deadline we provided. Our continued goal is to be as transparent as possible and have our fans tied to our development for years to come. Feedback We received A LOT of feedback. We put out a survey to our testers at the end of last year/early this year, and the turnout was insane. The thousands of results outlined what all of you thought about our game. In fact, for how rough the Beta was, we were ecstatic by the results: In total, it’s less than 10% of the most diehard hardcore Dungeon Defenders fans were not happy with the Beta. In terms of testing a game… that’s a home run! We knew that we were doing a lot of things good, but based on the feedback provided, we know we can do better than good and produce great work. The feedback outlined a lot of what people enjoyed about the game so far, and also some of the holes we had to fill. We went through and outlined everything we could make better based off the feedback from the survey, forums, and feedback provided through zendesk. It was a lot, and we’re not devs who shy away from a lot of hard work. Some of the feedback we’ve received made it into the PAX build and had an incredibly positive reception, showing that our approach to focusing on pushing from good to great is the best approach for not only us as a studio, but to all of our incredibly loyal community. Studio Work We’ve been working at a pretty high capacity to make sure things get out on time. We could have made a February launch for both PC and Nintendo Switch, but based on the feedback we received, it would have felt like 80~90% of the game you expected. This created a lot of internal conflict, because the people who work here at Chromatic are incredibly talented individuals who have done such a great job in such a short amount of time (we’re coming up on only 1 year of development), and we hold ourselves to a higher standard because 100% of what’s in the game is a reflection of our work. When we received the feedback, we knew that if we weren’t feeling the game was at 100%, then we couldn’t be dishonest and release it saying it was 100% ready. We want gameplay to feel polished and smooth, we want everything to look amazing and crisp, we want the systems to be seamless for people to use, and we want it to be a Dungeon Defenders game that our players are proud to support for years to come. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, which leads us into what our Early Access schedule looks like. Why Early Access? Going into Early Access on Steam allows us to get where the game is at into the hands of our players on PC. By doing so, we’re able to iterate quickly, getting Dungeon Defenders: Awakened into that 100% state as soon as possible. We are still going to be honoring our Nintendo Switch exclusive deal with Nintendo, with our PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases coming in Q3 2020. That said, this Early Access is not going to be like other games, or like Dungeon Defenders II. The Early Access period is going to be incredibly short, because we’re really spending this time to polish up the game and meet your expectations. Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is going to be fully released during Q2 on PC and Nintendo Switch. We want Early Access to be as short as possible so that we can get Dungeon Defenders: Awakened out to all of you as the best version of the game. A lot of the polish we’re doing is to systems and gameplay, those are a bit harder to show off or discuss, but they encompass enemies spawning, how much loot drops, what kind of loot drops, enemy difficulty, enemy AI, and more across the entirety of the game. One of the things we can show is the visual changes to some portions of our feedback. One thing that was shown off at PAX (and is still being iterated on) was the changes to the HUD: The feedback from the survey was overwhelmingly positive: That’s 4.5% that were dissatisfied, which when it comes to feedback, it's a slam dunk equivalent to (Space Jam spoiler alert) Michael Jordan slam dunking with his long arm at the end of Space Jam on the Monstars to score the two points needed to save the world: As a result, we’re going to continue to use this time to polish up UIs in a similar fashion to how the HUD was polished. We’re excited to get these updates out to you in Early Access, and will be continuing iteration through Early Access based on feedback. As we speak, the UI has received even more polish than what’s shown here. Another change that we made was to the Huntress and Monk. We had seen through written feedback that people were not happy with their visuals, so we made some changes and presented them in the survey. People were happy with the direction we were going, but weren’t sold all the way. Something we weren’t able to get in the PAX build was our next iteration on the Huntress and Monk: You can see the progression we made over time, the first being the version we released into Beta, the second being a first pass presented in the survey, and the last being an updated version based on the feedback we got. These images felt to us a lot closer to Dungeon Defenders, while bringing them graphically up to 2020. We’re going to continue to get feedback on these as well, but we’re really happy with where they are at currently. Roadmap Releasing into Early Access isn’t only going to be setting the game live in its early state and then providing the finished product months later. Instead, we’re going to be updating it over time, adding in features as they become polished and in a state we’re happy with. Thus, THE ROADMAP IS BORN! As a studio, this is what we are sticking to as a studio. Should anything change, we are going to make sure that we keep all of you updated as soon as possible. We want this road map to serve as a look into where our focus is and as a promise for what we’ll deliver. Beta Closing We’ve already implemented a ton of Beta feedback and are currently working through more. As a result, we’re going to be bringing the Beta to an end on Sunday, February 2nd at 11:59PM. We were very happy with the amount of people that we got in and the amount of feedback provided. If you had fun in the Beta, it’s only the surface of what’s in store for you on Early Access and our full release! Early Access is less than a month away. What’s Next? We’re going to keep working. As shown in the Roadmap, we’ve got some ground to cover still. We want to keep updates coming and to further enhance our transparency and direct communication with our community. After Early Access launches, we plan on having updates showcasing the work that has been done, introducing you to members of the team, and giving you a look at the work it took to make Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Chromatic Weekend Wind Down, Dev Streams, and more are going to be coming as we continue development. We’re very excited for everything coming out and are excited that all of you are along for the ride! Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team thanks you for your support. We’re working to make Chromatic Games a studio that is able to create games current and future that our Defenders are sure to enjoy, because our games are made for YOU! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
  8. DEFENDERS Today we pushed out a patch for the Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Beta. This patch is not crazy big, but we wanted to test a few things, give something new to try, and fix at least one thing. Let’s get into it. Lava Mines — Extended Edition When you get to Lava Mines, you’ll notice that it’s a bit bigger. We wanted to provide something new for the Beta to test out the difficulty of what you’ll see in the end game for Lava Mines. This extended version adds an additional core, opens up 3 more lanes, and an additional air lane as well. We cannot wait to see people take on this version of one of our new maps! Bug Fix Fixed an issue where pets could drop without any stats, especially in Survival Wave 25 on Insane, because it really stinks getting that far and then getting a dumb ol’ Mista Mine and he has zero stats but just slows you down what the heck that’s not fair! That’s it? For now, yes. The team here at Chromatic has been putting in some serious time to get this game ready for all of you, our GLORIOUS DEFENDERS! We want to make sure that our team is able to get some much needed rest and hit the ground running when we get back in early January. We wanted to avoid putting out a large patch that could cause a lot of issues, leading us to come in away from our family and friends and have to work. We also wanted to provide at least a little something extra for you to get your hands on during the holidays. We’re committed to making sure we are making games for our fans, but we also want our developers to be able to relax and maintain a healthy work life balance. Happy developers means a great game, and a great game means happy Defenders, and happy Defenders means even happier developers, and happier developers means a greater game, and so on and so forth. We’ll be back in January, ready to keep on rocking out to some game dev montage music and getting Dungeon Defenders: Awakened out of our doors and into your hands as soon as we can. From all of us at Chromatic, thank you so much for your support, and we can’t wait to see what you think of the entire Dungeon Defenders: Awakened experience! Feedback WANT TO WIN A PRESTIGIOUS EDITION OF DUNGEON DEFENDERS: AWAKENED?! Then keep reading! Another thing that we’re going to be sending out directly to all of our beta testers is a survey that will help us along. There might even be some images of an updated HUD, updated Monk, and updated Huntress. They are not the final versions, but a work in progress towards the final, using your feedback to guide us to that perfect final version! You can expect to receive this email throughout the day, and into the weekend (it takes a while to send it out to everyone). By filling out the survey with a valid beta tester email, we will be choosing 10 lucky Defenders to receive a FREE Prestigious Edition of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. We are so thankful for as much feedback as we can get, and this survey will help add to that! What Else? We also released a patch for Dungeon Defenders II that brought back the Holiday Season event, and a GIANT 50% OFF sale that affects pretty much everything in the game! For more info, hop on over to this post for more info, or hop in-game. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team thanks you for your support. We’re working to make Chromatic Games a studio that is able to create games current and future that our Defenders are sure to enjoy, because our games are made for YOU! Happy Holidays! Chromatic Games
  9. DEFENDERS! Today we pushed out an update to bring the holiday season to Etheria! While we’re working on our Beta for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, we wanted to make sure that Dungeon Defenders II was able to celebrate the festivities that the holiday season brings. Let’s get into it! Holiday Season When you hop in, the Town Hub and Private Tavern has been transformed into a cozy and wintry wonderland. You’ll notice the most welcomed change, being the Wayfarer is dressed in his best Santa costume… Oh also, THE GIFTING TREE IS BACK! Check back once a day to receive some awesome goodies, maybe a mythical Defender Pack or a Season Weapon is inside. Open those presents before all the snow melts! (this snow isn't strong enough to last until April this year ;) ) Holiday SALE In the spirit of the holidays, there’s a giant gem sale going on in the emporium. All of the following are on sale for 50% OFF of their normal gem cost: ALL Heroes ALL Costumes ALL Shards ALL Shard Packs ALL Hero Bundles ALL Bags ALL Bank Vaults ALL Tower Skins Material Booster Pack Some things may not have a 50% off badge next to it, but we assure you that everything listed here has been lowered. We’re excited to share the holiday cheer and make it easier to get what you want this holiday season! Known Issue The Target Dummies are on the naughty list, and have been banished from the Town Hub during the holiday season. (Really they were causing an issue with loading that area, so they’re temporarily removed) What’s Next? We’re currently working on getting Dungeon Defenders: Awakened out here shortly with 2020 just right around the corner! We’ve been hard at work, and if you haven’t, check out our beta check-in here. If you want to keep up with what’s going on with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened before preordering/purchasing on release, be sure to add us to your wishlist to get continued updates! <3 Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team thanks you for your support. We’re working to make Chromatic Games a studio that is able to create games current and future that our Defenders are sure to enjoy, because our games are made for YOU! Happy Holidays! Chromatic Games
  10. If you're running into an issue preordering from preorder.dungeondefenders.com, please contact support@xsolla.com and they should be able to help resolve why your payment is not going through.
  11. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Here you can see what a lot of Defenders have been asking about Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. We’ll be sure to add to this as questions come in frequently! What is Dungeon Defenders: Awakened? DD:A is a return to our roots, capturing the soul of Dungeon Defenders and bringing it into 2019. This means all new models for everything in the game, brand new maps, new enemies, new weapons, new challenges, and so much more! It's not a simple remake, it goes beyond to give our players what they deserve! Where can I preorder Dungeon Defenders: Awakened? On our preorder store, located here! What platforms is Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on? In February we're releasing on PC and Nintendo Switch, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One following soon after. Will all platforms receive the same updates? Yes, we're going to be providing updates on all platforms very close to one another, if not at the exact same time. Is Dungeon Defenders: Awakened free-to-play? Nope! It's a retail product, meaning you purchase the full game. Is there going to be DLC? Yes! Are there going to be MICROTRANSACTIONS? NOPE! Any additional content will be provided in the form of purchasable DLC (downloadable content), similar to the original Dungeon Defenders. What's going to be in the DLC? Quite a lot of content. We're not going to be discussing it just yet, but it will be considerable in size to the Lost Eternia Shards DLC content, potentially larger. Is there going to be Cross Play? Eventually we would like to provide this, but for now it is not something that is coming with DD:A. We are bringing Cross Saves though! What are Cross Saves? Cross Saves allow you to take your DD:A progress with you to any other platform DD:A is available on. This means if you play on your PC, and you want to carry your save over to your Switch copy, you can! At the desk, on your couch, or on the go, you can defend Etheria! I preordered, how do I receive my game code? All codes will be sent via email, PC versions will have their beta codes converted to release versions, with consolve versions being sent additionally on their respective releases. This ensures that you're able to download the game without any issues. Are there physical versions of the game? For the release, we are going to be a digital download only. It sure would be sweet to get a physical version one eventually! Is Dungeon Defenders: Awakened online only? You can play Dungeon Defenders: Awakened online and offline with local co-op. Is this just another Dungeon Defenders: Eternity? The short answer is no. The longer answer is HELL no. DD:E was a different product entirely. We have no plans to repeat history when it comes to that. We came up with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened as our first smaller-scope project as a new team, to get back to our roots, and give players what they have been asking for! Who is Chromatic Games? We're a completely employee-owned studio making all decisions in-house. We're a mix of old, recent, and new developers that have played and worked countless hours on the Dungeon Defenders series geared to provide the greatest Dungeon Defenders experience to date. Do you have plans to combat cheating? Yes, we've been exploring multiple options to make DD:A fair for those who play! Is DD:A more like DD1 or DD2? We're aiming to capture the magic for Dungeon Defenders, providing an up-to-date experience. Lessons learned from developing Dungeon Defenders and Dungeon Defenders II are guiding us into making a player-first experience that we hope blows your mind! How many heroes are releasing with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened? The base four come with the base game. Additional heroes are planned to be added with DLC. How many maps are there going to be? A total of at least 15 come with the release, with many new locations that Defenders have not seen before! Will progress be wiped after Beta? Yes. This is to ensure that players do not run into any hiccups once we release the full game in all its glory!
  12. DEFENDERS, Beta has been out for a few weeks now, and what a ride it has been! As a studio, it is incredibly exhilarating to have a ton of the hard work that we’ve been hammering away at as a studio out into the wild. Between watching streams and youtube videos; discussions on the forums, Twitter, Facebook, Steam, and Discord; the plethora of feedback that’s been provided; and just playing the games ourselves with friends and family, it’s been an incredibly awesome experience. So let’s start with Beta in general! Beta, What is it Good For — Absolutely A Lot Our Beta launch was something that we were incredibly happy with. When putting something as complex as a game out into the wild has developers putting on a helmet, and strapping down everything, for the potential chaos that can come with a Beta that just aren’t able to be tested in an internal environment. We launched with relatively low issues: gameplay was working at a very high degree with little bug issues; crashes were low and easy to identify; lanes performed with little issues, and our testers computers didn’t burst into flames (that was a super huge one). We were able to address crashes and tweak some things to improve the Beta experience pretty quickly, releasing four patches in a very short amount of time — SIX DAYS! Betas over time have taken a turn in the industry to have a large range in what that actually entail. Our version of Beta was the original approach, that is getting a functional build that is very representative of the final experience regarding the core gameplay loot: build, defend, fight, and get sweet loot. A lot of things performed correctly, and the gameplay, for a Beta, could not have been better for us! That said, we have received a lot of the feedback, and are still parsing through a lot of it. Things like UI art, character visuals/faces, Survival scaling, hero and tower balance, and more are on our radar. There’s a lot of feedback that we’re getting that was anticipated, so we’ve had plans to address these things for the most part. We received a ton of feedback regarding UI visuals, and we are going to be making sure to give it that Dungeon Defenders feel. What was in the Beta was focused on functionality, to ensure we didn’t waste any work making art that could lead to wasted work. Needless to say, there’s a lot of improvements that we’re going to be making, and your feedback has been incredibly helpful to validate our plans moving forward! Pre-order and Backing We’ve had multiple ways that Defenders have been able to get Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Starting with Kickstarter, which then transferred to BackerKit, and finally ending on our current store. There were bumps along the way, many we are still sorting through (note: if you preordered through Kickstarter and BackerKit, with any issues, please reach out to preorder@chromatic.games, DO NOT if you purchased through our current store, that should be done through support@xsolla.com). These three phases were part of our total plan, but the bumps were a very large learning process and we are working diligently to make sure we provide everything we can to our supporters. One of the things that we’re going to be doing is sending out beta keys to our BackerKit supporters who purchased the $25 copy of the game. The store outlined what was included, but there was some confusing messaging going out about the BackerKit store. Our higher paying backers have had access to the Beta for a while, giving them exclusive access, and now we want to open it up to show our appreciation for your support, and also to make up for any confusing messaging that may have been sent. We’re also offering more rewards through our newest storefront. We don’t want to exclude people who backed early from these rewards, so we’re going to be doing our best to be as inclusive as possible: First, anyone who purchased through BackerKit will be moved over to our current storefront in the coming weeks. We'll let you know when this change is made. This means that you’ll get what’s at the $40 tier, but also have the option to upgrade to a higher tier if you want to, instead of having to purchase an entirely new copy. Second, anyone who backed on Kickstarter at or above the purchase tiers on the new storefront will receive the rewards included in the new packs. For example, did you purchase the $75 tier on Kickstarter? You’ll receive everything included in the Prestigious pack, the costumes, titles, everything! Our goal is to make sure that when you’re purchasing Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, you feel good about the purchase, and that you’re getting awesome rewards with an awesome game. You guys help make the game, and we want to make sure you know you’re valued. Beta Late Than Neva We’re sorry for that pun. It’s terrible, but it had to be said. With preordering and getting beta keys, the vast majority got out, but there were some keys that weren’t properly transferred over, surveys were submitted late, etc., that lead to people not receiving their keys on time. One thing we’re going to do is extend the Beta into January. Here’s why: You have provided a ton of feedback and we want to increase the window so that every nook and cranny is covered. We want Dungeon Defenders: Awakened to be the best game it can be, and a lot of the feedback you’ve provided has been instrumental in making sure that’s the destination we reach. We’re opening the beta to the $25 purchases, and some people didn’t receive their keys on time, or are still in process (please reach out to preorder@chromatic.games if you haven’t already), we want to make sure that players have enough time to experience the beta and provide their feedback. These two reasons alone make it very important for us to keep with our goals of being inclusive to all Defenders, and making the best game possible. We want and encourage you to continue to provide feedback. Maybe later this month, there maybe an update, maybe that expands on some stuff, and maybe fixes some issues you've reported, maybe probably maybe. As for January, we’re currently discussing adding more for players to experience, with there being a reflection of change via the feedback all of you have provided. MORE FEEDBACK Another thing that should be in your inboxes in the coming week is a survey to those who have taken part of the Beta. While digging through all the feedback you’ve provided, we also want to get general sentiments and feedback about as many facets of the game as possible. To that end, to make sure we’re doing the best we can, we’re going to send out a curated survey for our Beta players. By completing the entire survey, we’ll be drawing 10 WINNERS to receive our Prestigious pack, giving you another copy to use for another platform, give to a friend to join you on your adventures in Etheria, or whatever you want! New Stuff Dungeon Defenders: Awakened isn’t just some simple port or remake. We’re adding a lot of content, and have some big plans for future content. People have seen some of the new rewards from the Beta, but we wanted to give you a quick sneak peek at some of the awesome weapons and pets that are coming your way: New Weapons — Tech Rewards With new rewards coming in, we want them to feel awesome. We also want them to feel awesome for ALL heroes. This is the Squire’s sword that you’ll be able to hunt down, alongside getting weapons for the Huntress, Apprentice, and Monk that are part of the future tech-based set. New Pets We have familiar pets coming back that many Defenders love, but we also have new pets to be earned. Currently called the Etherial Ancient, they are just one of the new pets that’ll help boost your character and pack a punch when fighting enemies. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) We've added an FAQ section to help address questions for current and returning Defenders. We'll be updating this overtime as more questions come in! What’s Next? We’re going to keep polishing systems and working. There’s a ton of feedback we’re actively working through, and are going to keep up to really make the game for our GLORIOUS Defenders. Keep throwing feedback our way, and know that even if you don’t get a response, it has been seen and that we’ll do our best to address it. When it comes to communication, as we’ve acknowledged, have not been the best. We’re working on a few initiatives internally to help bridge the gap between our community and development. We’ve also been working through bringing on a full-time Community Manager, working with some fantastic candidates. Current plans have our new Community Manager joining Chromatic Games in January, and we can’t wait for you to meet her! Chromatic Games is going to continue to work on doing things to the best of our ability. There have been bumps along the way, and while they can be frustrating, we want to thank you for sticking through it with us, as we grow into this new studio and are able to make awesome games for YOU! <3 Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team thanks you for trying to destroy the Beta. We’re grateful for all the tremendous feedback we’ve received so far (and more to come), and want to thank you for joining us on this journey! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
  13. Please read our Beta post that discusses what is currently not in the Beta. CLICK HERE TO READ IT
  14. DEFENDERS, It’s time. It’s FINALLY time. Oh good golly gosh, it’s finally time… BETA IS HERE! Today we launched the Beta, getting Dungeon Defenders: Awakened into the hands of Etheria’s brave Defenders. There’s so much to cover, that we’re not going to cover it all. We want you to discover all the beta has to offer on your own. Let’s get into it! Beta Release The current Beta is available to our Kickstarter Backers first. This is a promise that we made during our Kickstarter, and are going to make sure to uphold. Kickstarter Backers currently have advanced Beta access. On Friday, November 22nd, we are going to open up the Beta to everyone who has purchased the $40+ preorder packages. Beta is currently scheduled to run for roughly three weeks! Starting on November 22nd and ending on 13th, this gives us a great window to gather feedback and be able to make necessary changes before launching in February. Progress and data from the Beta does NOT carry over to the release of the game. Beta is used as a testing ground to make sure that the game is in the best possible state. Keeping data from Beta (ha, it rhymes) can cause major issues when updating to the release version. If you did not receive a Beta key, and are a Kickstarter Backer, make sure you have filled out the surveys that were sent to your registered Kickstarter E-mails from "Backerkit". If that survey is not filled out, then the Beta key is not sent. All pre-order and Kickstarter Backer keys have been sent out. If you are missing keys, please write to preorder@chromatic.games, using the e-mail you used for Kickstarter and/or BackerKit. Remaining pre-orders will be handled through our new store located here. If you run into any issues getting a key ordering from this store, contact support the new support here (suppot@xsolla.com) or using the link on the receipt of your purchase. Streaming and Content Creation During the Beta, you are free to stream, make videos, or whatever content you want. We want Defenders to enjoy and share as much as they want when it comes to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened! What’s Missing? There’s a lot to cover what’s in a game. Patch notes usually say what’s new, but with so much of the game being new, we’re going to let you explore the game. Instead, we're going to outline what may not be in the Beta that we are currently polishing and iterating on to get in for release (we may be missing some things from this list as well): Tactical Map This is currently in a functional state. We’re going to be updating the map images, and make sure it’s a lot prettier come release. Challenge Maps We’re currently wanting to make sure that balance feels good across the map in general. Challenge Maps are coming your way on release! Maps There are a total of 15 maps in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Not included in the Beta is Act II, Act III, and the Bonus Maps. Act I is the big focus for our beta test, helping us set the foundation so the rest of the maps bring the right amount of challenge. Difficulty Nightmare and Massacre are not going to be included in the Beta. We don’t want people beating all the hardest content during testing. Gotta have something scary hard for you to master on release! Enemies With Nightmare not in the beta, Sharken, Djinn, Spiders, and Goblin Copter will not be spawning in a lane near you. Weapons All of our weapons are not in the game. We have a pool of roughly 5 different weapons per hero to simulate the amount of weapons you would see during your playthrough of Act I on release. Weapon random colorization is also not reflected in the beta build, but will be implemented for release. HUD We’re going to be adding various improvements to the HUD. Currently we have it setup for beta to be functional. There’s a ton of work that we’ve done not in the Beta, but expect improvements on launch. Armor Currently we have placeholder armor models in. The final models are currently getting a last pass and will be sparkling and shining on release. Set Bonuses Set bonuses are working but may not currently be showing up correctly. Split Screen We’re testing base functionality currently, so split screen is not available during the Beta. Spawn Immunity Enemies are immune up until a certain point in spawn doors. Indicators are not included in Beta, but will be here on release. Social We’re wanting to make sure that getting your friends into a match is as easy as possible, give hosts control over their sessions, and showing who’s in your party. These are currently not in the beta, and can be expected on release. Hardcore Currently not in Beta, coming on release. Twitch Integration Currently being developed, it will not be in the Beta. Game Modes In the Beta we have Campaign and Survival. Other game modes are coming on release. Pets There are a total of four pets that are available during the Beta. On release, there will be much more! Elemental Weapons Some weapon elemental affinity visuals may be disabled, as we’re making sure performance comes first. Your weapons will be shooting flames and electricity during release. Kickstarter Rewards Kickstarter rewards, such as exclusive skins and portraits, are not available during the beta. Currency Mana from the original Dungeon Defenders is being split into three different categories. Currently in the game is ability and defense mana. Ability mana regenertaes over time, and Defense mana is gained from defeating enemies and completing waves. Currency in the form of gold is what will persist outside of maps, being used for trading between players and upgrading items. Trading Trading is currently not enabled during the Beta. Upgrading With currency not in the Beta version, you are unable to upgrade items. Boss Fights Boss fights are coming with release. These are big epic moments that we want to make sure are special for release. Cross Saves The beta is only available on PC, so Cross Save functionality is not part of the beta. Tavern Currently you are unable to build defenses in the Tavern. As such, there are not any training dummies for you to beat up. Defender Forge We’re testing for functionality currently with our Inventory and Hero Deck systems. The Defender Forge makes its glorious arrival on launch. New User Experience This is something we’ve spent quite a bit of time on, and are going to refine. It is important for new Defenders to understand how to protect the world of Etheria, but it will be available on release. Tower Inspection A step up from what was offered in Dungeon Defenders II, tower inspection shows you the most pertinent information for your currently placed tower. This is currently disabled, and will be available at release. Tower View Another feature brought over from Dungeon Defenders II, where you are able to hold a button/key and see what the range of your defenses are. This is currently disabled, and will be available at release. Gamepad Support This is disabled for the Beta currently. We’re actively polishing the gamepad experience and did not want to provide it in an unpolished state. Hero Customization During the beta, the heroes will not be able to be customized in regards to color changing and costumes. Auto Equip This is a feature we are providing for Defenders who don’t understand the item system right away. This will come during release. Level Requirements During beta, there are no level requirements for gear. What you get is what you can use. Since we’re not having trading, we wanted to make sure getting gear was as fun as possible for testing. Mana Chests Mana chests are gone-gone-gone. Keep an eye out for end-of-wave loot chests. Options Menu The options menu is currently in a beta state and does not reflect every option that will be available upon full release. Cinematics The in-game cinematics are not part of the Beta. Known Issues A lot. It's beta, so there's a ton we're still working on. Music not playing correctly, audio playing from different parts of the map instead of where you are, UIs not working properly. There's a ton, but we're knocking them out super quick. Be sure to leave feedback in the DD:A Beta Discussion Forum. Next Steps We’re going to be monitoring gameplay and feedback that all of you provide. While polishing and finishing remaining systems for our February launch, we’re also going to be scouring feedback to make sure that we get the game into the best state possible. Nothing in the Beta is guaranteed to be final, and is going to be scrutinized heavily. From now until release, we’re going to keep churning away to make sure DD:A is the best it can be! Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team cannot wait to see you tear apart the Beta. We’re excited for release in February and thank you for joining us on this journey! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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