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  1. I will not whine about the price and the content, there is already a lot of post out there. But from all the challenges they could choose why the warping core? Is it the one that people like the most? To me is one of the worst challenges, I just did it once for the crystall tracker and never touch it again. They could at least made a totally new challenge or choose one of the others. Assault is a nice one, it's different. Even monster fest is a lot funnier.
  2. I think that one thing that could save DD is if they dropped the current way DLC is being done and change to what LoL does. Come up with a system where you earn points that are NOT mana. these points are earned per match you do. If you do easy mode, you get less. If you play something with more rounds, you get more. Trendy then comes out with new characters and make them cost these points, OR people can pay cash to unlock them quickly without having to spend the points. Next they create costumes. these will always cost cash since they are only cosmetic and only for fun. As for new map
  3. You sir, know some things about marketing!
  4. Are these pieces tradable to people without the DLC? If they aren't it will be prety unfair.
  5. As long there will be games there will be hackers
  6. (My native language isn't Inglish so take it easy) You explained everything very well. However I don't think thats the issue. The problem that I see that people are complaining, isn't the fact that they misunderstood that the new patch or DLC was going to be free (although some people are complaining about that) but the fact that the new DLC are worthless. In fact its just a few maps recycle and the gender swap isn't what people expected.
  7. Agree on everything. But as a nerd i'll probably buy the DLC (Made a break for MW3 and skyrim) and complain after.
  8. And that special loot on warping core, does it make a big difference? Because if it does that means that people that don't buy it will be "weaker" than those who buy it.
  9. In the new maps of the dlc is there going to be any new weapon or any other loot that's good and powerful?
  10. I have like a 'team' of friends and we always go and make the lvls. However its more rewarding playing with other people. Why you ask? Because you can share tricks, ideias and cross set ups with others. I change some of my set ups when I was playing with others and saw the way they place their tower and auras, and I crossed with mine and became better. And sometimes it's good to have a outside person in your team to tell you to make something different. I am not so good that I can afk halloween insane or even afk the summit boss too. It's always good the take the leet players advice and bec
  11. You or your friend got scammed trendy isnt going to make/pay a team of people to mess with he said she said Sh**. huge mmo's don't care if you got scammed ether this time isn't about scam, I move on, dont know about him and dont care anymore. I know I cant do anything, too bad. I will cry myself to sleep tonight. Have you read what I post? It's about to help the game being about co-op and not solo like it's happening. I am seeing more and more posts about joining games is painfull, and people who join are asses.
  12. NOTE:Bare with me in this one, I haven't think deeply in this one yet, but I am hoping people in the forum would help me. How about having a option in game to report people. It is happening to me that some players join my game and they just start the wave and sell my stuff and then leave. We could have an in game option to report player X from 'trolling' or 'being an ***', and everytime someone would join our game, in player info we could see their ofenses, and decide if we want to let them play with us or not. Pros - Would help in playing co-op, we would know in who to trust.
  13. Anyway, I just see alot of people trying to scam others, like in any game. Almost everyday some random dude join my room and after we do some run on summit or any other map, he wants to trade things and most of the times its useless crap that he swears thats good. And some people might fall for that. Maybe an option to report scam? Maybe its too extreme.
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