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  1. I guess the real question is what is Trendy's intent for nightmare. Personally, if I were designing a difficulty level that was supposed to keep lots of people busy for a long time and pose a ridiculously hard challenge, I would make it next to impossible to solo. I think about stuff like Hell difficulty in Diablo 2, where if you didn't design your character exactly correct from the start, and if you didn't have awesome gear, you weren't getting through it. Unless you partied up. I guess not everyone wants to fail the first couple times they try a level, but I think the failures just make
  2. I've been thinking a lot lately about DD and the progression it has taken over the last month. I see nightmare difficulty as Trendy's opportunity to recapture some of the essence from when we first played the game. If I could sum up the experience that led me to dump over 300 hours into this game, it would be this: In order to beat levels, I sometimes had to play it multiple times, sometimes with friends, and when I beat a really hard level for the first time (Insane Summit or Insane Assault), I got super excited. In order to beat levels, I couldn't always use the same strategy, and I wo
  3. Regarding Monk Guardians on Proxy Traps: The effect range does increase. However, since the damage done by a proxy is based on how close to the center of it you are, you end up triggering the blast when the mobs are extremely far away from the center. So yes, they do get hit, but typically for less than an unbuffed proxy, and then you're stuck with a reset timer till the next blast. Plus, the larger radius means you go through charges way faster. My conclusion: Monk Guardian actually makes proxy traps worse... It's sure fun to see auras cover the entire screen though.
  4. I second the above poster's suggestion of a strength drain + physical resist on gear. DEW's are substantially easier when they don't 1-shot you. Also, I don't know what your build looks like, but a few things I've found to be true in terms of setting up towers are: 1) Ninjas eat towers 2) Towers that have been eaten do no DPS 3) Auras and traps can't be eaten by hungry ninjas If you're doing alch labs, I recommend a spike blockade at each of the 4 staircases, with a strength drain in the center of each pair, so that it covers both. This is really the only tower that will survive past
  5. The best armor and weapons currently come from doing insane difficulty survival mode. unfortunately, with only 120 tower damage, you won't be getting super far on that. 120 means that if you maxed out 100 points from your character points, you only had 20 tower attack on all your gear combined? If that's the case, my guess is that you have only been playing on medium or hard difficulty. Bump the difficulty up to insane, or run some glitterhelm or summit on hard to find some better pieces. This game is all about progression, once you find better items, you can do harder stuff, which gives
  6. I think one of the primary reasons they're doing this change is because of the cost of upgrading a high level pet. I have a chicken with a potential of 72 levels. At it's current level 15, it costs me 2 million mana to upgrade one level. I used a mod to figure out the total cost of fully upgrading it. 685 million mana. In comparison, I have a level 49 squire weapon that cost me a total of 15 million to upgrade. 15 million to upgrade an awesome weapon is reasonable and can be farmed in a couple hours. At almost 700 million, my chicken would take around 100 hours of farming mana, assuming
  7. Stay away from Ramparts... http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?26133-Jer-Different-Ramps-for-Ramps
  8. Question for a developer: Do the different stages have different loot table ramps? This morning I played Alch Labs and by wave 18 was finding multiple squire weapons over level 40. Tonight myself and two friends decided to play some Ramparts survival and made it to wave 20, but the loot seemed to be not nearly as good despite making it two waves further on a later level. We were playing as huntresses (gotta love the wyvern swarms) and none of us saw a single weapon over 36 upgrades, and the armor drops didn't seem to be quite as good as in Alchemy Lab. So my question is: Are the
  9. When I got my legendary defender achievement I was so excited to get the chicken and see what he could really do. I got the achievement and went to my forge and HOLY MOLY BATMAN!!!!! A 72 upgrade pet!!!! HOLYCRAPTHISISAWESOME!!! Well, after 25 million mana in upgrades, he's level 15 and way worse than my animus that cost me 4 million to upgrade. Sooo, I wanted to see exactly how much mana this little fowl was going to cost me, so I downloaded the mad mana map, exported to open, and upped him all the way. 667 million more mana to get him upgraded... That. Is. Absurd. Not only that
  10. 2 Questions: 1) Does the apprentice guardian work on pure strategy as well? 2) How do you deal with ninjas when you get to wave 15?
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