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  1. Nope. HCD is its entirely own stat, unrelated to HD, but when you crit you deal both your HD/AP damage in addition to the HCD. The same goes for DCD. For heroes, you can pick pretty much whichever stats you want to so long as you have enough HH to survive. For Marks vs Medallions, that depends on if you have Power Transfer or not. If you do have Power Transfer, then a Medallion will give you more dps. If you don't, then a Mark is your best bet.
  2. No, it wouldn't. Changing them into soft-counters is practically the same thing as removing the hard-counters, and there are numerous, numerous ways to do that. The mobs and their functions themselves aren't the problem. It's how they achieve their functions that's an issue. The means is just as important as the end.
  3. Oh, my bad. I guess somewhere along our conversation I confused what you were saying. My bad on that. It wasn't my intention to put words in your mouth. But I suppose you're right. If Trendy can get the defenses sorted out to the point that they manage to put stat sticks somewhere within the lines of not too little but not too much, then I'd definitely come over to your side and be fine with them as an option. I was probably overstepping my bounds in saying that it's impossible. You're correct that it certainly is possible; it's just not going to be easy. We'll see in due time when Trendy fina
  4. So you would change the pet abilities to be in line with the stat sticks? Because our current pet abilities (using the quoted system) are much stronger than 60x of our power. They're 420x of our power because they use all 700 points. Anyway, I'll concede that it's possible to balance the hero stats without adding to power creep even though you're using a method that involves another stat rework. I doubt Trendy would do a complete stat rework for pets, but you're certainly correct that it's possible. However, that doesn't balance defense stats (ironically the one the I said I was ok with in an
  5. your cynicism is astounding "they can't balance it, so they better not have it" really? stat sticks are a trade-off. do you want your pet to be the thing that deals the damage? grab a pet that deals damage. you want your own spells do do more damage? grab a stat stick pet you can certainly create a balance where the pet that deals damage on a 60 second cooldown is just as compelling an option as the pet that buffs your auto attack or damage spells by a significant amount. and neither of them needs to require monster rebalancing the whole point of the exercise is to create more healthy cho
  6. There's no need for them to give you even more stats. The stats they give are either going to be unnecessary and worthless (as they are right now) or they'll be high enough that Trendy will have to rebalance monster stats to compensate, making the stat sticks mandatory. Pets should complement your playstyle. They should be neither worthless nor mandatory. They should be complementary. The only way I'm willing to compromise on this is if only defense stats can appear on pets; not hero stats. However, I'd prefer it if (using Jojo's idea) there were passives and actives that affect our defenses r
  7. I like this idea. We don't need more stat sticks; we need more utility/combo sticks.
  8. I'm fine with boosting their HP to almost any number you want since there are more players there to deal damage, but boosting their damage doesn't make sense in my opinion. Neither the players nor defenses gain health in multiplayer. But 10% per player does sound reasonable. I'm not for the idea, but if the devs do decide to go back to boosting the enemies' damage then I'd prefer it if they use something between 10-15% per player.
  9. That spreadsheet has a thread if you have any changes you'd like to suggest: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/143283/max-gear-values-by-difficulty Now, you seem to be under a misconception or you haven't properly read that spreadsheet. If you equip a relic, it will be used in your loot calculations. An empty slot is not counted, but a filled slot is. The reason to upgrade and equip relics is because of how averages work. I'm assuming you know how averages work. The more values used when calculating an average, the more accurate your average will be. If you have relics with better stats
  10. I'm not defending the lack of them showing upgrade stats before upgrading, but it's actually not that complicated to figure out. For 60 up items, the upgrade stats will always be very close to the following: Hard = (base) * 1.164C1 = (base) * 1.329C2 = (base) * 1.359C3 = (base) * 1.368C4 = (base) * 1.391C5 = (base) * 1.404C6 = (base) * 1.412C7 = (base) * 1.416Obviously, we shouldn't be expected to calculate it ourselves. I'm just saying it is simple if you know the upgrade growths. These growths won't apply anymore in the new update though. They're going to need to be recalculated when it hits
  11. Nothing much will change for defenses since foregoing DH was already the way to optimize DPS. This just makes towers less likely to die to a stray, non-kobold/kobolt attack. Heroes, however, are getting a massive damage boost from this. Instead of just HH + 1 damage stat we now get HH + 2 damage stats. I'm assuming Trendy intends to try balancing that with the stat value rolls, but it's unlikely to be extreme enough to make much difference. Like Mimi above me said, it's unlikely that you'll be replacing a Legendary in your hero gear (not defense gear) with anything less than either another Leg
  12. I don't know how low the damage of your skyguards is but I can finish emp kobolds with a purple medallion.. All you do is complain complain and complain especially about counter mobs.Don't you get that the purpose is to not let you build low hp towers everywhere.What trendy is trying to do is force you to bring variety into your builds. Isn't it boring to do: Blockade+2-4 tower per lane and nothing else? Isn't simple strategy completely boring? What trendy did is: Preventing linear "towers behind the walls" with the vanguards. Preventing to do builds completely based on traps and auras with
  13. :( It looks like we also have to figure out whether the loot generation system uses only the primary value or some monstrous combination of all the stats on the gear. I tried to get this answered for us, but no dice. I would hope only the primary value is taken into consideration like it is currently, but the whole +/- deal is a curveball. It's possible for the primary value to roll below what you currently have but all the secondary stats could roll higher than what you currently have. (It was confirmed by Elandrian that the primary value also uses the same +/- system.) - - - This complica
  14. I'd be fine with calling this game an Action Tower Defense, but RPG has no worth in this specific discussion. RPG means that a few things are true: (1) you're playing as a character that isn't you, (2) you get stronger by acquiring experience points, and (3) the game progresses in story format. There are other elements common to the RPG genre, but only these three are required. A game being RPG doesn't have any effect on combat aside from experience making you stronger. Action Tower Defense is the only important thing to say about this game, but DD1 is an Action Tower Defense as well (the devs
  15. How are the +/- rolls going to affect loot generation? Does the system only take the primary value into account, or will it use some kind of average of all the stats on that piece of gear?
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