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  1. I remember in past Dungeon Defenders, looking at the beam said specifically how many towers were getting buffed. That feature needs to make a return and it needs to show up in real time while the beam is being placed so we dont have to guess. Maybe light up the towers in a different color while building the beam.... something.
  2. Yup. A better more powerful filter for all these kinds of stats are needed for games like this.
  3. TBH 2 game modes is just going to spread the community thin. I think that the "Mod Supported" mode should just allow you to copy your "Normal" mode characters over if you wished so you could play around with mods. I also would have spent more time trying to figure out a way to convert the old EA player profiles into the newer profiles and not have this mess.
  4. They owe you guys nothing. Stop being stuck up. They do what they can and all you guys do is give them more shit to feel bad about.
  5. Its just stupid. There shouldnt need to be a RNG protection mechanic if the rates weren't dog shit in the first place. Do they only intend on us getting 1 or 2 10/10 mods? Or do they want us to slave away at playing this game just because of frustrating mechanics? I tend to spend more money on games that are fun not games that have terrible RNG rates for varying reasons.
  6. What I dont like about Mastery is that theres no way to reset the map. Lets say you have the challenge where you cant upgrade any defenses. Most of the time when I finish building out the defenses in the first build phase I accidentally upgrade something and its all over, I cant reset, I have to leave, come back and set up everything all over again. Its not challenging its just frustrating (yea I did it myself but so what). This is the same thing with other challenges that you can fail before you even hit the start button on the first wave. Another thing is that theres no rewards on a map
  7. If you guys get lag on Lost Temple do you also get lag on The Jacked Sparrow map just by being inside it?
  8. I could have sworn the last time I used Earth shatters that were procing my Frostfire they stoped doing that after I upgraded them. Ill have to test it out again but it was a hmmmmm moment when I noticed I wasnt seeing anymore frostfires going off. I could be wrong tho.
  9. So with all the different shards in the game I dont like just deleting all the garbage shards that I dont really intent on gilding just because I dont have enough space to save everything. Its fkin stupid how many shards there are and the fact that you need 11 of each to gild something. How many pages in your bank do you guys have to save all the shards you're gilding? 640 gems per page is fkin expensive
  10. I really dislike this trend that you guys have been going in. I bet most people do not want to farm a lower chaos tier just for a specific item to drop (that probably wont drop cause rng) while getting total garbage loot in the process. Please stop doing this. Make it better.
  11. If you put a cap on any stat you should tell us specifically what that cap is in game (before we hit that cap) so we know about it and dont waste our time only to find after we already surpassed that cap. Currently, for the range stat, you dont tell us anything, the stat just stops growing.
  12. In most games the "tax" comes from actually selling the item. And you have a small listing fee to add your item to a shop/auction house. You dont get totally screwed out of a huge chunk of money if your item does not sell. So no, the way you have this feature is not a staple in most games. Prevent stores from being additional inventory space? You mean the slots that you have to PAY FOR... WITH REAL MONEY? Otherwise you would have 2 slots. You scared of 2 slots being additional space? This isnt an auction house feature. No one is going to know what to list their items for because your game
  13. Can someone explain this part a bit? What can happen when you reset ancient power? Do the mods on your gear just all change or what? How do you just get special mods out of nothing? Or do you have a chance at getting special mods to drop after you have reset once?
  14. Its a minor bug thats easily fixed but they chose not to. Thats why. A small bug thats visible to everyone is arguably worse than a big bug thats only visible to a small % of players.
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