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  1. I see no point in the artificial difficulty that the timers in campaign maps put on players. There are much better ways in making the maps harder. Campaign maps are just a stepping stone for survival maps. Even when campaign maps get the bosses its still dumb to have the timers as this type of mechanic doesnt reinforce a hard fought progression play style. It promotes farming at lower difficulties until the timer mechanic becomes pointless. As some people have said, the timer is just an easy programmable way of changing gameplay negatively. It does not scale well with all sizes of maps if you just put a single time on every map on a certain difficulty. DD1 didnt have all the right answers.
  2. Not really. There is obviously a lack of mana after wave 4. Only the tiny green mana crystals drop. You no longer get anything larger, not even the bigger green mana crystals, no blue ones no yellow ones that you see in waves 1-4. What happens when a defense actually goes down if the game was hard? You cant rebuild it for a long time because you dont have the mana to upgrade it. There is a problem and you guys need to stop thinking the Devs have done everything right and on purpose.
  3. With the addition of the 2nd crystal in Lava Mines that got me thinking. Having some 20 DU per lane in general just feels low and its not fun to build with. Feels like in Deeper Well when you have 15 DU you just cant do anything (not literally, just you cant fortify well enough if it actually got hard). Luckily in Deeper Well only 1 Ogre spawns.
  4. I'm pretty sure the amount of mana given for survival is broken but that should have been an easy fix for this small patch if they wanted to tackle it but they didnt so I dont know. I dont like it either.
  5. A pet really should not be much stronger than another piece of gear. Right now getting a pet with 150+ stats when another piece of gear has an average of 20 at the level the pet drops is kind of stupid. Pets are a gateway to a new tier right now as in you cant complete an Alch lab insane without good pets. Id rather pets have unique properties to them rather then just straight stats.
  6. I would say about 50% of the time I join a multiplayer game, when I leave I get rolled back. Only if I'm the host has it not rolled me back.
  7. The rollbacks have been pretty common for me. I lost many hours over it.
  8. there are much more fun and engaging ways to make the game harder. Having items with negative stats with a boost to others, a trade off item, has never been fun in any game.
  9. Ive heard when they bug out like that then some kind of aoe damage can kill them. So maybe use flame burst towers or electric auras. The only time they are a problem for me is when they spawn behind the defenses and I cant kill them myself cause they wont take direct damage.
  10. From DD1 the only thing that allowed me to play longer than just a few hours was the introduction of the Monster Fest game mode. There was no crystal, the mobs came after you and you just hunkered down in a spot, turtled on top of all the auras and just beat mobs down. If DDA does not bring that back then I wouldnt find myself playing all that long. Right now DDA is just a bare beta. I would wait to see how the final game looks.
  11. The bigger problem in DD1 was the auras were so big you could not target the specific auras to repair/upgrade them. They now have icons for that and you can turn off damage numbers in the options. So both of these problems are solved.
  12. Yea I dunno, I would maybe fine tune the restrictions to only be like no one can join you on wave 11-15 then 21-25 so then at least people need to do some work for the pets.
  13. I'm sure they'll do that eventually. DD2 allowed you to make a max level character once you already had one maxed. But that came later down the road.
  14. I think its restricted to what, wave 3? I can understand inviting your friends for wave 15/25 to get the pets for doing no work and wasting no time. But wave 3 takes like 10 mins when you spend a long time in survival. What if you wanted to be in multiplayer but the game just doesnt find you any? Does not seem long enough. I'd restrict it at like wave 7 or 8.
  15. I love it. Thanks for making the picture, it looks great :)
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