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  1. I have the PC version and I've actually recently purchased this for console and play with a few friends. While there are a few release bugs - I have absolutely no plans on updating it.
  2. Dungeon Defenders Pros: Online Coop Loot gathering Tower defense and strategy Lots of DLC for reasonable prices Highly Replayable Cons: Poor patching Too many seemingly inimical game changes Ruined economy Big focus on game metrics over fun My thoughts: DD is like that high school student teaching assistant you had for chemistry class. You know the one...he's super smart and thinks he's awesome since he's grading your papers. You take the test on the periodic table of elements and realize he goofed up on grading...you point out the error to him. He pours over the test with scrutiny and finds other errors he didn't see before. He gives you the credit for the mistake he made but then marks you down for the ones he didn't catch last time. Net result: a lower test score and you leave with a pretty sour feeling. He's technically right, but you can't help but feel he was handling it very poorly. Orcs Must Die: Pros: Fun Easy to pick up and play Some strategic elements Tight controls Cons: Single Player No loot per se Limited DLC Not very RPG like at all Limited replayability My thoughts: Orcs must die is like that small town high school teacher who coaches football and in his spare time teaches shop and then math. He doesn't do any thing besides football particularly well but tells great stories...although you are getting sick of all the math examples being presented as football analogies. He told you to step your game up when you got a C+ on that algebra test. You didn't learn a whole lot about math, but the class was generally enjoyable and you find yourself recalling some of his more animated stories. Anyway... it's a toss up for me... I've spent way more time playing dungeon defenders and getting aggravated when reading the forums and reading about all the changes that were made. I seem to recall the release date for this game was going to be sometime in October 2010. Didn't TE have a year to fix all this? A few more thoughts before you flame me out of existence: I'll be the first to admit there is a serious amount of confirmation bias happening on these forums. People will only see negative things regardless of any improvements and honestly they are a lost cause. On the other hand you have the "fanatics" for which the game can do no wrong. Their comments and feedback tend to blur the actual problems....I guess it's kind of like real life. However, if you step back and take an objective look, there seems to be more negative reactions than positive ones. This points to a systemic problem somewhere with the game or the process of presenting the game that really needs to be addressed. I did buy the DLC the moment it was released last night... I also considered asking for a refund from steam since it was basically DOA (shop items) but I decided that was too harsh... But now I'm really starting to think it is time for a break... what do you all think?
  3. 7.13b Patch Notes: Ogres no longer knocked-back by Countess joust ability
  4. We try to make things as confusing as possible to increase forum activity >=] Does this include patch notes? =) *runs*
  5. WE all know - the superloot gap is like the ancient dragon in the room spouting fire and one-shotting all of us. Then there are the standard arguments for and against resetting the game/restricting superloot, nerf, unnerf, yada yada yada. I propose a few simple solutions to help narrow the casual/hardcore gap, and the superloot gap in general: (1) Daily Superloot Lottery - you get one piece of "good loot" per login per copy per day. It could be armor, it could be a weapon. It has pretty awesome stats (eg 60^+ no negatives 20+ on stats, other stuff variable). You may not need the item and so you can just put it in your AFK shop or trade with a friend. What this does: it will help regulate the illegal mana available while at the same time giving more opportunities to get superloot. Yes, more superloot will be available, but everyone has access to it. Joe Casual gets one piece a day.. he can use it to play a little better, or sell it to get more money. (2) Superloot Gambling - you pay 1 or 5 mil a time for a superloot drop. It may or may not have good stats but it at least has X number of upgrades (eg 60+) - this regulates mana, and allows other chances to get superloot. I understand those with infinite mana will farm the crap out of this, but they can also buy an infinite number of items now anyway so that does not really matter. It enables people with mana who play occasionally, who may have some money, but can't get a dedicated and coordinated team for UMF to get the drops or doesn't have the time for 5 hours insane survival. Yeah, they can run glit insane 3 or 4 times and buy a superloot. I think that is pretty fair. Anyway, what do you think?
  6. So we are expected to believe, OP, that you are some kind of casual player and you have 400+ posts on the DD board? Disingenuous at best.
  7. We didn't like the use of it for farming, but indeed as people have described it's legit enough in the sense that you ARE facing a generally tougher challenge and more enemies to do so. It's thus been removed from 7.12 and won't be in that Update today, thank you for the useful feedback guys & gals :) -Jer Thank you! My brother and I play split screen (across 2 monitors) almost every day trying to build up all of our chars. While reading the discussions I do see now how this is can be truly exploited and that really kinda sucks :( Hopefully another equitable solution can be used to address the mana farming abuse.
  8. Please do not move this to patch notes as I believe this warrants greater general discussion. Essentially, all split-screen games will provide same loot as a single player game. You have two players on the same PC? Guess what - you get loot drops for just one player. Can you, Trendy, please elaborate on why you feel this change was necessary and can you also explain why this issue takes preference over such things as more stable netcode? I am familiar with the arguments that explain why this nerf is good or bad, but to be honest this is actually doing *nothing* to make this a better game experience for anyone. It seems a little petty. I've supported and defended (haha) this game from day one and ate and swallowed a bunch of changes that seemed questionable but had some rationale - but random stuff like this just makes me feel a little more jaded. Trendy has asserted several times they are a small development team and with that in mind, maybe small game improving changes (tighter netcode, anyone???) should be focused on and not sweeping changes that a larger dev team would make to a persistent, hardcore MMO.
  9. I disagree also. This is not a good move. I am also disappointed that this was moved out of general dungeon defenders so fewer people would see it.
  10. I normally don't post on the forums because I'm too busy playing the game - but WOW! This is an amazing effort. I've bought the game, the DLC and another four-pack to push on people. If there was a way to donate directly to you, I'd send you the money. I am amazed about how responsive you have been to the community as well. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work!
  11. Darn! Just did a massive steam sale purchase.. gonna have to pause all those other downloads.
  12. TE: Having almost 200 hours invested in the game, I say you can't beat entertainment that costs around 8 cents per hour. I appreciate this game and the year I spent waiting for it. I wouldn't say I'm a hardcore gamer by any stretch, but I have 5 70s and know each class pretty well. I have above average gear (yes I've been known to farm) and have been able to solo everything except Insane Spooktacular and, well some of the challenges you just can't solo, of course. I see the conundrum you are in and you can't please everybody. I don't envy you. As I've mentioned - I enjoyed the game and got my money's worth even if I never play again. However, I can't help but echo the concerns that the vocal minority seem to be driving the sweeping changes of the game. This never bodes well. There have been examples of small companies that pander to the vocal minority and then after a while start to ask themselves, "Dude, where's my player-base?" While that may not your intention you may want to ask yourself if this is the direction you want to take the game in. You can continue to try to please the 10% but chances are they will never be satisfied. You can do nothing, or you can slow down. I have a few humble suggestions: Testing Cycle: As someone who works in software development and is familiar with the QA cycle, I will assert that you can't reasonably churn out patches this fast with a reasonable certainty that everything will work. You just can't. For every type of product development there are time-production curves. This is especially true for software testing - where the thing being "produced" is fewer problems or bugs. A typical curve is exponential and inversely proportional to time. This means that if I have X testers that take Y amount of time to test something, it will take many more (almost an order of magnitude) to test the product in a shorter amount of time. Let's say you have 10 software testers. They normally take a week to test a game balancing issue. However, you need the next patch to come out the day after - it's going to take 100 software testers ensure acceptable functionality. I'm not familiar with your specific business setup, but these numbers are fairly universal. Vocal Minority: Will ruin your game in the long run. The game you have is never the game they want. Stop listening to them. People are smart and if there is a reasonable bug it will be discovered. Were some weapons way OP? Yes.. were some towers too cheap? Probably. You have game statistics for a reason - I guess I would rely on those more then I would the constant belly-aching. A nibble from a carrot on a stick is tastier then swallowing a lump of coal: Colloquially known as the crap sandwich. Yes, you are going to release stuff that people are going to piss and moan about. Wrap that stuff in things that will make gamers happy. Example: "With this latest patch, we are giving free respecs to everyone, we nerfed elemental damage, and we also want to recognize your loyalty to the game by giving you one of several unique pets!" They don't have to be high-end chickens or anything.. but something that will garner appreciation. The same is true for the respecs.. yes everyone knows it costs 100k mana to do it and getting that is trivial, the point is it's a token people will appreciate. Ohh look! A shiny gold-goblin pet! Anyway, last but not least: thank you Trendy for an incredibly fun and reasonably priced game. I've played it every single night since I've gotten it and look forward to more play sessions! Cheers!
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