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  1. one week it mite be a easy combo 1 week it mite be a hard combo or even harder so it fits all new/exp players or maybe down the road add map mods to c5 like monsters do more damage or more life or faster whatever else we can come up with to add a challenge to the game and if u win u get more gold or legendarys or xp make it so u need to farm normal c5 trail runs and u have a chance at getting a mod key with x amount of charges ik waves atm have mods but i mean harder mods u can put on trails this would add a real challenge/end game for exp/hardcore players so mod keys will apply to all lane
  2. im a min/max meta player now on with the post i can clear c5 fine but this games furture is just going down toilet u take a tower defence game and add new monsters that counter 80% of your towers only towers left r meta aka the ones that bypass projetile shields/the shield guys and the traps/auras r just a joke with the new emp orc skill even b4 u added the new skill traps/auras r useless only sand trap is useful cause it gose off b4 it is stunned and will most likely be nerfed at this rate and silly nerfs and buffing/adding more things to counter more towers 90% sure there was no playtest at
  3. yes monks can do 2m-3m hits with pole smash life/ap gear and same with gun witch so the nerf on abyss lord was overkill
  4. Uncharged Secondary Attack damage reduced from 11 to 9 this didnt need a nerf at all it was fine a monk can do 2-3million in 1 click my abyss lord was doing 180-200k secondary attacks so for me to do 2-3million i would need to click 10-15 times to match 1 spell from a monk and in that time the monk would of 3 hit the boss b4 i even do 2million and the same for a gun witch they do 2million+ so my new dps now is 120k per click so i lost 60-80k dps so for me to do 2-3million like the monk/gun witch thats 8 clicks per million so i need to click 16-24 times to match 1 spell from the monk/gun witch
  5. save us bag slots iv got 3 and haft bags of shards
  6. i think the chaos 2 50% less damage would be overkill for auras and maybe traps but mostly auras would be useless i think 5-10% is fair for chaos 5 assassin maybe 500k life but hits harder and let us use our skills instead of locking us out from using skills/repair
  7. i think changing the chaos 1 chaos 2 chaos 3 mobs so that people can use all towers instead of countering your own game would be more enjoying. more or less making meta builds that bypass projetile shields the num1 thing 80% of the towers r useless with chaos 1 chaos 2 chaos 3 yes im exp player im not a noob im just saying a change in them 3 would be nice for the game and the furture of the game. chaos 1 maybe give him less life and takes 50% less damage from the front instead of been immune to projetiles from the front chaos 2 Emp robots take 50% less from auras/traps and do not stun them o
  8. so all this hard work and all my dps heros now have dumbass hero/life or some other *** stat making my dps heros useless so after looking at all 5 of my really high ipw dps heros iv only got gear for 1 to be good thx what happen to armour and that staying the same
  9. no just a bonus round after a normal match or in this case after a trail map lets say it has 7 waves after the 7th wave there is a chance it will start a bonus wave
  10. 1! having a super super hard wave that spawns soooo many monsters and if u win u get 2-3 chests having way better loot 2! having a super small chance at getting a gold wave when monsters die they blow up and gold gose all over the field and u get alot of gold 3! horde of bosses that drop super rare items would be cool if i can think of more ill add more to the list what do u guys think add if u can think of something good/cool
  11. or when they readd onslought get 200+ waves solo 2ppl 3 ppl etc time spent etc
  12. i would love a ladder im a hardcore player that loves been in top 100 gives me a goal and a reason to play the game for months on end
  13. yes but new players r just putting on the highest ipw and bypassing this they r not getting ipw gear with the right stats just whatever has the highest ipw in there eyes is the best i always see 740+ with hero/life gear on a dps or some other combo but when u try and help them they just think your wrong cause there is so many new players making posts trying to help other new players giving out the wrong info all the time and crying cause the game is to hard its more like u r *** and u have the wrong stats on gear
  14. having more then 1 page of heros is getting little annoying when i need to change heros when im setting up the map let us move the heros we play the most to the front page also one more thing can we plz skip the legendary chest opening at the end i just want to start the next run asap not w8 around for long cut scene and maps tht have a cut scene is just annoying iv seen it i dont need to see it again and yes i know u can skip map cut scene add a option to turn this stuff off
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