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  1. Congratulations Axeosis you won a New Patch Celebration! Congratulations OreoDayz you won a Jason Voorhees Mask! Congratulations nelchrs you won a Bean's Leftovers! Congratulations LarePaharinen you won a Ball Blaster! Congratulations Hans Joachim (NOR) you won a Golden Roost! Congratulations Santtu SEXipsykoosi you won a Mr. Skelly! Congratulations Crow you won a Arm Guard of Lightning!
  2. Congratulations Señor John you won a Black Satin Peak! Congratulations Jaide Airblade you won a Mask of the Legends! Congratulations WoottonMajr you won a Firestorm! Congratulations Senjinator you won a Crimson! Congratulations Captn_Cabolfa you won a Mana Master! Congratulations Laronel you won a The Cavarly!
  3. Congratulations I'm Your Lolita you won a Overload! Congratulations James and Danny you won a Eternity! Congratulations Trone you won a Vortex Shield! Congratulations Saitama you won a Waterfall! Congratulations Dovakhiin you won a Aladdin's Wish!
  4. Congratulations Trisha Dikeman you won a Ocean! Congratulations Nyman you won a Lumen! Congratulations Danky Panda you won a Red! Congratulations dgamefather you won a Devil's Poolskimmer!
  5. Congratulations Denkan you won a Memoriam Congratulations Tombstoner you won a Sapphire Congratulations Gamerfreak126 you won a bLACK mAGICK
  6. Congratulations thiagogamerbr1213 you won a Marid! Congratulations Khanoz you won a Mask of the Pumkin King!
  7. Congratulations Beleuza You Won s Spearmint!
  8. In the spirit of the last 3 years, we’re doing another Christmas giveaway this year going from December 13th-25th To enter the giveaway, just post a message on the forums of your favorite Dungeon Defenders Item and your steam ID. Post as soon as possible, and if you’re lucky you can win a prize! Rules Each day there will be a winner starting with 1 and working its way up to 12 winners on Christmas day! You can enter at any time, but prizes are picked everyday, so enter fast! Each player can only win once. Prizes Prizes will be announced along with the winners each day, so check back to see if you won! After you won, please send me a message on the forums, discord, or steam to get your items. Rumor has it Santa has some Special Gifts on Christmas! List of Winners! My Steam Account
  9. i agree the Kraken should get a ult rate buff and if the wepons could get some changes that would be great a little lackluster right now.
  10. we are breaking the ++ market with this one 180cv
  11. lolzcoolcat

    Item Check Thread

    Quietus is hacked elder staff is possible I need to see the mana value on the armor to ic it Hacked
  12. The 326^ chest and 314^ Boots are both hacked other 2 are possible
  13. As Lolz stated, pre patch sceptres had potential for that, but I was told they cut back base damage and upgrade damage to ensure a more balanced weapon. I have seen around 400-500 upgrade Ultimate++ scepters capable of reaching 60-70k towards the top end, which is now what the "best you can get" would be for your interest. My own is around 480^~ reaching only 67k for comparison. Good luck in your search (lets farm Masuary :D ) The damage on Ember Scepter has never been changed the damage number was halved on the weapon but a 100k Ember Scepter last patch witch would heaved turned into a 50k does the same damage as before when it was 100k just the number it displays has changed to match all other staffs in the game that change has also been done to the Fusion Rift and Elder Staff. So Simply the Ember Scepter Damage has never been touched.
  14. umm you cant get a 100k Ember Scepter it would need like 700 upgrades to get to 100k. I think you might be a bit confused last patch 100k was perfectly possible but the most recent patch has changed only the display value on the Ember Scepter so a 100k is now 50k but it does the same damage as before just the display value has changed to match all other staffs.
  15. ^6:: SendInput {6} SendInput {Space} return ^7:: SendInput {7} SendInput {Space} return ^8:: SendInput {8} SendInput {Space} return ^9:: SendInput {9} SendInput {Space} return ^0:: SendInput {0} SendInput {Space} return
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