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  1. Hey moonwalk! thanks for doing this I'd love to come to your tavern and check out some of your inventory. I imagine you have a load of ult gear. I need: -Ult capping armor (damage) -Capped clava in damage and rate (ult or above) -Acc w/ tower stats above 250 hp/damage -Acc w/ hero hp, damage, and ab2 over 200 -Ember swords and scepters over 380 ups with positive hp and damage -Espears and cannons over 350 ups -Cats over 200 boost Thanks a million!!!
  2. 18 so far with more to come XD UPDATE 1: currently at 38, you guys better pick it up :p UPDATE 2: put me at 66 my good man UPDATE 3: up to 82 now brutha End total : 128
  3. hope ya dont mind me picking that link up ;)
  4. I'd love to change the world, or at least try. 
  5. It was a dark and stormy night when unexpectedly nobody appeared to notice Kentucky McObvious the riding wendigo demon cars from Rorikstead saw a tree hanging down from otter darkness, so he decided to dance on the edge of love so in his underpants he noticed a surprisingly and took a dump big enough to shake the elephant while his companion was making pie. Suddenly, the sky opens a portal into the deadly stratosphere that rained meteorites. Cautiously the bear tried to sneak past numerous orcs and a family of rabbid ogres came out of a cave filled with dead carrots . The MountainDew mountain is overflowing noodles which tasted like brains of nm4 Betsy. Who loves the smell of cold sweat in donuts? Then you will explode into oblivion. The unicorn started dancing until CocaCola™ gave us ebola worms being spectacular. Wow! The intensity that Godzilla enforces brings heavy Koalas into the void. However something roared behind me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! what manner is this!? Meanwhile, the pervert walk to the Kindergardern where little Aliens insidiously gobles cupcakes from the Trump's wife stomach, researching poop texture discovered Putin's secret strategy....
  6. I like it, probably will do that thanks.
  7. Yea it does, that was a typo my bad. thanks for bringing that to my attention
  8. Hello everybody, I'm auctioning off this pretty clava I got the other day. Would work great on an EV or even an Adept/Apprentice for a HUGE tower damage boost, but I would recommend it as a stat stick for jester, capping in hero damage with a very nice ab1 and an even better ab2. IC: http://imgur.com/7RyrWyM CLOSED CLOSED
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