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  1. i just installed DD2 again this morning and im allready sick of it again... ever since the early days i wanted Trendy to add an endless mode like in DD1. I understand the soft reset mechanic and i think its a good thing to bring life back into the lower ranks, but why on earth do i need to spend more time building defences and changing Heroes than actualy playing the game? im so sick and tierd of building every 10 minutes new towers and change heroes because the deck has only 4 slots. but hey with the recent change you made it even more of a chore because now lanes are constantly changing. I agree that its actualy good but god damn why do i have to spend more time building and thinking about what to build on what lane for laughable 5- 7 waves. i dont mind grinding, but in this game the grind is building towers and not beating monsters. BRING ENDLESS MODE WHERE I BUILD ONCE AND CAN PLAY FOR 1-3 HOURS
  2. Lone Ranger (Name) Reward for Solo all maps in every Difficulty
  3. I realy love what you done to the game but how is this working with the Itemlevel and ipwr? 855 ipwwr means lvl 50 Legendary? since i have not found a way to get lvl 40-50 loot without beeing actualy 50 to have access to Endgame stuff :D i was thinking it was like in Endgame all items require lvl 50 but have lower Itempower its actualy only a optical thing but still irrritating :D
  4. here its "tomorrow" allready :D but who cares :D im hyped
  5. Quote of Iamisom from Steam "That's a very good question. We're still evaluating the price of the items in the Adventure Shop. I'm not sure if we'll be able to give out a refund on items, but if the prices do change, I'll talk to the team to see what we can do. For now, assume that you won't get a refund if the prices change."
  6. In life things are usually as simple as they first appear outside of politics and war. The following possibilities exist. 1.) They wrote the code for the boots and did zero testing around the effects of the boots. 2.) The boots are a way to encourage a positive response from the community around a gear reset at this point to enable Trendy to test the difficulty level of their new additions without harboring a negative response from the majority of the community. yeah we dont know the reasons why stuff happens and make our mind based on what we know. if we dont know details we cant make up our mind the best way there is. Trendy knows what they do so we cant change anything but that does not mean we cant say anything :;)
  7. why does trendy not just temporarly make the boots use the mechanic of the Squire Sword that ups DP if youre near it. that does not bug and should be copy paste
  8. i have spent the last 3 days to unlock the Avatar costume for my Monk and now the only reason to start the game is to do the daily then i play something else. there is absolute no reason to play the game since you dont get good loot (in 30 hours of incursion for the 25 mio exp i got 2 Legendary with DT/DS and one was IP 133) Nothing to Farm (aka Tokens) and on publics everyone uses the boots and if you tell them not to you get kicked. i would like to see weekly patches even if its only a new Button that is changed. also Survival. i dont get it why you dont have it in game yet... if its not working propperly who cares? loot not balanced? just dont add loot until you have sorted it out... but its stuff we can test and try even if its bugged i would not care.
  9. betsy map gives around 150k exp Roots around 250k Exp Xroads 300-350k all this tested with Monk Huntress combo on spawn and for the oger some squire canons healaura to tank. so where is youre point ? it took me 30 hours to get the Avatar Monk Costume complete so stop whining around as allready stated you cant make mobs spawn faster even if you onehit every mob there is. the only thing the boots would save you like 10 sec is the Oger
  10. Finaly after 20 hours of Training im Avatar! thank you trendy for this cool costume :D the Glow could be a bit more since it takes so long to unlock it :D
  11. why would they reset now when the max lvl is only lvl 25? that is complete nonsense... its EA so they can screw around alot since we are not at max lvl the gear we can get is usless on and even b4 release anyway`!!
  12. so a new thing is 126 ilvl on Incursions... out of 100 runs i got 2 leg. with Tower Power and Speed 1 was with useless Passive and 2nd. was ilvl 126 feels realy rewarding when you beat that boss over and over again and get most of the time only 1 Purple and 2 Blues or sometimes only 2 blues... lets get cracking on another 100 runs... btw please fix the title req. so Incursions count towards the 100x freeplay++ games
  13. sorry my english... I was wondering why play multiplayer if you can solo everything and get the same loot like with 4 people where it takes more effort and time to finish off... they should repatch this so the high ^gear (up to the highest^) only drops with 4 players and on solo there will be only medium ^gear(like up to 26^ on plate and stuff) so multyplayer makes is worth the effort again! DD now kinda feels WOW... get gear get gear get gear... people start to kick you out of a game if you have not certain equipment... maybe Gearscore is not far away
  14. ... people solo everything these days... they should have implemented this not only to the insane last wave, than more like 4 people better loot, soloing dungeos like no legendary and godly stuff so the multiplayerpart is more intressting... feeling like WOW now... new content = op
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