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  1. Grabbing this: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/12994 , will allow you to play nightmare.
  2. As Tattis mentioned, if you feel a player has a hacked item please use the Report a Player function to send in your report. Please also don't call out other users on the forum, as naming and shaming is frowned upon here!
  3. lol well after he received those 3 amazing trans weapons, he kept receiving crappy godly gear and crappy pets so do not expect to have that same luck as he did. You will have to farm awhile on Aquanos NM HC Survival to eventually receive anything good from the NPC's. If you are having trouble or just cannot handle Aquanos NM HC survival runs, I am always here to help as tons of trans and really good myths drop there and on rare occassions supreme's. Damn you Dredd, not long on PC and already hosting Aqua survivals! *takes off jealous accessory* .. wait was that implemented.. damn! But ye
  4. Personally I have never hosted a public game, not a single one, quite possibly due to the reasons stated above. Playing with friends is the best way to go, you can avoid such aggravation and enjoy the game! When my friends aren't playing, I try doing things without them, sometimes fail, sometimes win, it's half the fun!
  5. Ogre's should never be the reason you loose. Ogres can be a possible cause of losing since DPS towers prefer them over most of them other mobs, which in turn allows other mobs to beat your on walls (especially ninjas) whilst DPS towers are focusing on taking down their sometimes large health pool. Gas traps are helpful, since you can stall them, combined with a Proxy trap will help you alot.
  6. Lol. Do NOT do this. Why bother picking up all the crap on the ground? It sells automatically if you press G. If you are playing solo, by the time you get a chance to press G, 3 quarters of the loot has disappeared due to limitations on loot quantity on the ground allowed at any one time, same if you play with more to be honest. Alot of people pick up loot to sell during waves for this reason.
  7. Worked nicely for me, cheers, will be using this from now on.
  8. I think you're about to lose a defense there!
  9. I like the idea of respeccing items due to potential accidental upgrades, but not with an increased stat level, it would dumb down progression and make the game "end" much quicker.
  10. Please be aware that AFK shopping was recently changed, after 15 minutes if you have listed your shop in the live gaming list, it will become inaccessible. If this is the case then the above should help you out, otherwise please report your issue in the bug forum located here: http://forums.trendyent.com/forumdisplay.php?21-PC-Mac-Tech-Support-amp-Bug-Reports
  11. Not quite sure since they don't hit EV walls. I use them as a mana battery (genie) for upgrading on starting waves whilst they were doing that animation. I think its certainly going to hurt people not in nightmare yet, but in nightmare the way it is at the moment, ogres aren't really the issue.
  12. I see one major flaw in this 1 wave survival plan. We would get no loot! ^ I'm with him!
  13. Check here: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?58045-Can-t-play-Aquanos-related-content. Going to lock this since there are several topics on this already.
  14. me gusta this :) Quite interesting, I tried to re-upload it for you, and also tried uploading it to imgur then linking it from there, it just doesn't seem to want to work! Edit: It may be because the forum is automatically resizing it, Owen, if you could re-upload the gif with a max height/width of 80x80, could possibly solve it. Not sure though.
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