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  1. All of you have too much time on their hands. That's all I get from this thread.
  2. Agreed, want to see the bonus at the end of the wave! +1
  3. Suggestions apply to PC only for now. Let's start with the TL;DR part: [LIST=1] XP and Mana summary in end game screen From running Session: Option to return to the server browser instead of Main Menu Be able to set a char level range for own games hold-LMB-Squire/Monk repair/upgrade control improvement direct number input in Trade screen Dedicated Trade Object in Tavern Categories [Forum, Game Sessions] I'm sure 5-7 have been brought up before, didn't find the old threads tho. Can't hurt to write a little reminder I guess. If you are the Author of one of these threads or just ha
  4. Regarding your question, yes, things changed a bit. Especially high-end Item drops changed in the latest patch, quite possibly changing your mana farm volume for several maps. Don't have anything to back this up, but I think things should have gotten better for mana farming, actually. And now, as H3xer1n said, you could start looking for alternatives. edit: It's definitely evangelyne, hell yeah! Need a wakfu skin mod for DD.
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