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  1. I want to talk about coals farm. The way to earn some nice pets call : Diamond. Most of us know that we can run 2 differents to gain coals, Winter Wonderland and Silent Night. We do all farm some at some point from Winter Wonderland since the map can be run way faster and easier than Silent Night, but could we get a 3rd map that can be run under 30 minutes to diversify a bit the way to earn them. Because let's not lie, it is clearly not nice to run more than 20 times in a row the same map. I just want to point out the idea, I want to hear your thoughts about it :) !
  2. I'd just disable in tavern, but that method seems nice in a map
  3. the coolest thing would be, disable for example, cursed , torn, etc in the files by setting them On or Off, so we can focus on what we are really looking for, and a bit more space on screen. Other than that, i like it !
  4. retract, bought one for less
  5. #typical masterplays some people need glasses in here ;)
  6. I'd agree to take out the outside of the tavern, just keeping the big inside is totally fine !
  7. I'd defenetly use a red moon :P I agree with that !
  8. is the 200cv real or you are kidding like them? lol
  9. I doubt I'll manage to sell that but yeah, I'm auctioning a Rainmaker, he slept in my storage box for too long. And yes it is traced. I keep the right to cancel the auction if the items aren't interesting me much, since i doubt someone own over 150 cubes. I'm accepting only events items traced, cubes and double cap diamonds ( 15cv each ) I doubt y'all need a picture of the item ^^ Miniumum bid is 180cv. C/O: 200cv By: . End date: ??
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