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  1. Hello everyone, I've been playing the game about 1 week or so now and I'm loving every min of it. Defo a game I would spend money on and have hours of fun on. I know it's in Alpha phase but here is a few things I think would greatly improve the game play for PS4 and even control pad players. 1. Lock on Targets. While roaming around and looking for the next mob to smash into the ground I like a lock onto them so my sight is set on them and my aim/view is adjusted as I go towards them and I think this would make it easier for Range defenders to attack flying or moving enemies. 2. Keep repair/upgrade on Each wave you'd start repairing or upgrading all your defence's. I think it would be better if we choose repair/upgrade option once then can keeping upgrading/repairing on as we go through of defences without having to keep turning the repair/upgrade on. 3. Defence Icon showing health and if need repairing. It's quite dawdling going around the whole map to see what defence needs repairing by going up to them or during battle not sure how much health a Defence has. For Defence health indicator I think going from Green, yellow, orange then Red to show how healthy a tower is during battle. Out of Battle if a tower is less then 100% Health it will change colour, or stay yellow or lower, or have a Hammer icon on it. So far that all I have, I shall continue playing and relay feedback for this great game.
  2. Thanks for the welcome, just had a quick play on it this morning and so far I'm loving it. The HUD layout and inventory screen feels a lot more easier to navigate on the PS4 compared to DD1. PLenty of new features as well to boot! Haven't explored all the new aspects yet but can't wait to dive further into it.
  3. Hey all Martin Arcainess here but you can call me Arcainess, just recently brought the Aplha access to DD2 and downloading it right now even as we speak and safe to say I'm quite hyped. I've played DD last year on my PS3 with my wife and it's been one of our most played games since and were are so excited to be playing on the 2nd one and when it done downloading and on full release. So with this being the lovely squeal I expected some changes, what are they and anything friendly newbie tips I should know about?
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