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  1. I noticed i can no longer see my huntress traps after i place them. Anyone know a fix?
  2. What about an option to automatically sell low tier gear during a wave. For example if you don't want anything less than transcendent as soon as it drops it will be sold. The option could include settings for all the tiers, Mythical Transcendent, Supreme, ect. This would help prevent there from being to much gear on the map as well as stop massive piles of gear from blocking that one piece of armor you are trying to find.
  3. I was wondering how do I report a player for cheating. His name was Jackman and I met him on the trendy net servers. He admitted in chat that he had hacked and was even encouraging the other player to try hacking. I have plenty of screenshots to prove this, I just want to know what I can do to stop all the cheating. Screenshot - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sSNHnqhvsCekJhW9GJZRD0YI2AmlKsfPuYhFQNwfEgk/edit?usp=sharing
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